Doctor Who (1963)

Season 22 Episode 5

The Mark of the Rani, Part One

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Feb 02, 1985 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: When the Rani leaves the bath house to find the Master, Peri sneaks in, bolting the door behind her. But when the Rani and the Master return, the door has unlocked itself.

    • Revealing Mistake: After the Master steals the Rani's parasites, the unconscious man on the floor moves his legs. At the same time, the shadow of the boom mike passes over his left shoulder.

    • Plot Hole: When the Rani orders her men to kill the Master, Josh leaps forward, then stands perfectly still while the Master destroys the other man. He then leaps forward again until the Rani calls him off.

    • Continuity: Rudge falls down the mine after attacking the Doctor. A later shot still shows three men attacking the Doctor.

    • Continuity: When the Doctor and Peri are left in the office with the guard dog, the dog's position shifts instantly between shots.

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  • Notes

    • DVD: Doctor Who: The Mark of the Rani (BBCDVD 2224) released in September 2006. Released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E2732) in November 2006.

      Video: Doctor Who: The Mark of the Rani (BBCV 5603) released in July 1995. Released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1350) in February 1997.

    • Novelisation: Doctor Who - The Mark of the Rani by Pip and Jane Baker (ISBN 0 426 20232 5) first published by W H Allen in 1986.

    • No explanation is given for the Master's surviving his apparent immolation in Planet of Fire. The novelization contains a line which explains that a late burst of numismaton gas revived him.

    • The working titles for this story were Enter the Rani and Too Clever by Far.

    • Colin Baker performed the stunt where the Doctor rolls downhill on the trolley himself.

    • The Rani was the result of a conscious attempt by the production team to create a new recurring opponent for the Doctor.

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