Doctor Who (1963)

Season 22 Episode 6

The Mark of the Rani, Part Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Feb 09, 1985 on BBC

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  • This one is now my favorite of season 22 which isn't saying much.

    The good: The Rani is a great character who unfortunately never got her due. She isn't interested in defeating the Doctor once and for all, just doing her own evil schemes. Her later outings were awful. The Master is tolerable here. The historic setting is welcome along with those great locations that have preserved early 1800s works. Peri doesn't have her boobs hanging out. The Doctor meets a real person of history for the first time in a while. The Master/Rani banter is clever. The Doctor defeats his foes rather than having something else do it out of left field like most of season 22's other stories. The bad: Peri's dress. Having the master once again survive a death trap and once again have a vague plan that he completely fails to even get started on. He doesn't realize the Doctor picked his pocket? He really started to get annoying and useless here. He appears as an add on rather than as the main baddie. The land mines that turn you into tress was silly especially a tree saving Peri. Another rushed, anti-climatic ending. Did we really need bady T-Rexes?
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