Doctor Who (1963)

Season 14 Episode 2

The Masque of Mandragora, Part Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Sep 11, 1976 on BBC

Episode Recap

As the executioner prepares to bring down his sword, the Doctor gets him to pause for a moment to adjust his scarf, then uses it to trip the man. He leaps onto a horse and rides off briefly, then lets it go as he runs off. He passes by two men who are examining the dead soldier. The Doctor makes it to a market and hides as the guards go by, but others pursue him. The Doctor is forced to flee into a cave entrance and the guardsmen refuse to enter, fearing the Brotherhood of Demnos

The Brotherhood cultists place a silver dagger on their altar in the ruined temple as the Doctor makes his way through the catacombs. He spots a Brotherhood member and follows him up to a secret passageway. The Brotherhood's purple-clad leader prepares to sacrifice the drugged and passive Sarah Jane and the Doctor quietly slips her out and escapes. The Brotherhood prepare to follow but the Helix fragment arrives in the cavern and enters the altar.

Giuliano examines the guard's burned corpse and doesn't believe the supernatural was involved. The Doctor and Sarah Jane wait for the guards to leave before they exit and discuss how the Cult of Demnos supposedly died out twelve centuries ago. The Doctor explains that they brought back a bit of Mandragora energy and wonder what it's up to. They're interrupted when two guardsmen take them prisoner.

The Brotherhood kneel before the Helix energy at the altar and their leader steps into the light as it promises him supreme rulership of Earth. The energy fades away and the leader tells the Brotherhood to go. Once they depart, he removes his mask to reveal the face of… Hieronymous.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane are brought before Giuliano, who apologizes and is eager to meet with another man of learning. He shows the Doctor the guard's corpse, who identifies it as the result of exposure to Helix energy.

The guard captain, Rossini, reports to Federico that the Doctor has disappeared. He orders more men to the search and the guard captain gives him a list of guests Giuliano has invited to his coming-out party. Hieronymous is contemplating his dreams of power when Federico barges in over the astrologer's objections. Hieronymous reins himself in and Federico demands that he poison Giuliano now. The astrologer is upset when Federico dismisses his star-seeing as nonsense and warns there is nothing he can do until the stars are in alignment. Federico demands he makes a new fake reading and Hieronymous takes offense but eventually agrees. Later Hieronymous goes back to the altar and demands more power and the Helix agrees but warns that the time is not yet ready.

When the high priest talks to Hieronymous, he reveals that a voice summoned him to San Martino and promised him power, and now his faith is to be rewarded.

The Doctor explains that the Brotherhood provided a ready-made powerbase and the period was chosen because it stands between superstition and reason. The Doctor tells Giuliano that the temple must be destroyed. Giuliano takes them via a secret route to the catacombs, but one of Federico's men secretly notices them. The Doctor insists he must go alone, leaving Giuliano and Sarah Jane behind.

Federico receives word that the Doctor has been spotted with Giuliano and plans to kill them all by framing the Brotherhood.

The Doctor gets to the altar and the Helix launches a psychic attack against him. Giuliano is chatting with Sarah Jane with Federico's guards arrive, swords drawn. Giuliano holds them off while Sarah Jane goes into the catacombs after the Doctor, but the Brotherhood grab her and warn their master will not be cheated again…