Doctor Who (1963)

Season 11 Episode 20

The Monster of Peladon, Part Six

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Apr 27, 1974 on BBC

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  • Disappointing sequel to Curse of Peladon

    Here's a great example of why 6 part stories were cut to one a season and then gone for good. Way too padded, too much running here & there, the Doctor's in trouble-no he's OK to move about-no he's captured, etc. The plot retreads Curse of Peladon making the whole thing seem unnecessary. Plot holes and dropped threads abound. The Ice Warriors somehow come off lame in color, of course it doesn't help that they are old costumes being reused and worn by actors too small or big for them. The Ice Lord comes off as a great villain. I suppose this makes up for the goody turn they took in Curse. Sarah is a lot more spunky here than in her episodes with Tom Baker. Sladen does a good bit of acting when she thinks the Doctor is dead, foreshadowing of the next story? Overall, one of Pertwee's weakest. Usually even a padded Pertwee 6 parter keeps your interest but it seems the Letts-Dicks team was getting tired by this season and ready to move on.