Doctor Who (1963)

Season 16 Episode 1

The Ribos Operation, Part One

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Sep 02, 1978 on BBC
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The Magellanic Clouds, the planet Ribos, an unknown time. Ordered by the White Guardian to collect the pieces of the omnipotent Key to Time, The Doctor, K-9 and his new assistant Romana arrive. Collecting the first segment is not going to be easy…

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    Cyril Luckham

    Cyril Luckham

    The Guardian

    Guest Star

    Iain Cuthbertson

    Iain Cuthbertson


    Guest Star

    Nigel Plaskitt

    Nigel Plaskitt


    Guest Star

    John Leeson

    John Leeson

    Voice of K9

    Recurring Role

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      • Romana: What would you like me to do?
        The Doctor: Well… I'd like you to stay out of my way as much as possible and try and keep out of trouble. I don't suppose you can make tea?
        Romana: Tea?
        The Doctor: No, I don't suppose you can. They don't teach you anything useful at the Academy, do they? Gadgets and gimmicky. Never touch, never trust gimmicky gadgets!

      • Unstoffe: Why is it always me? Why do I always get these jobs?
        Garron: You're young. I'm too old to go down there.
        Unstoffe: I want a chance to be old, too.
        Garron: Unstoffe, do you think at your age I would have climbed down there without the ladder? I would have gone. I loved danger.
        Unstoffe: Hah! Now you admit it. It is dangerous!

      • Romana: You're sulking.
        The Doctor: I'm not sulking.
        Romana: That's ridiculous for someone as old as you are.
        The Doctor: I'm not old. What?
        Romana: 759.
        The Doctor: 756! That's not old! Just mature.
        Romana: You've lost count somewhere.
        The Doctor: Well, I ought to know my age!
        Romana: Yes, but after the first few centuries, I expect things got a bit foggy, didn't they?

      • Romana: Of course, now I realize that you're behaviour simply derives from a sub-transitory experiential hypertoid-induced condition aggravated by multi-encephalogical tensions.
        The Doctor: What is that supposed to mean?
        Romana: Well, to put it very simply, Doctor, you're suffering from a massive compensation syndrome.
        The Doctor: Is that the sort of rubbish they're pouring into your head at the Academy?
        Romana: Do you know, I might even use your case in my thesis when I…
        The Doctor: I'll show you whether I'm suffering from a massive compensation syndrome. And you're not going back to Gallifrey, not for a long time yet, I regret to say!

      • Romana: Very exciting, isn't it?
        The Doctor: Yes, I suppose it must be, for someone as young and inexperienced as you are.
        Romana: I may be inexperienced, but I did graduate from the Academy with a triple first.
        The Doctor: I suppose you think we should be impressed by that too?
        Romana: Well, It's better than scraping through with 51% at the second attempt.
        The Doctor: That information is confidential! That President! I should have thrown him to the Sontarans when I had the chance!

      • Romana: My name is Romanadvoratrelundar.
        The Doctor: I'm so sorry about that. Is there anything we can do?

      • The Doctor: Look, I'm sure there are plenty of Time Lords who would…
        The Guardian: I have chosen you.
        The Doctor: Yes, I was afraid you would say something like that. Ah, you want me to volunteer. Isn't that it?
        The Guardian: Precisely.
        The Doctor: And if I don't.
        The Guardian: Nothing.
        The Doctor: Nothing? You mean nothing will happen to me?
        The Guardian: Nothing at all. Ever.

      • The Doctor: One more thing. Your name.
        Romanadvoratrelundar: What about my name?
        The Doctor: It's too long. By the time I've called out, "Look out... " What's your name?
        Romanadvoratrelundar: [slowly] Romanadvoratrelundar.
        The Doctor: By the time I've called that out, you could be dead. I'll call you "Romana".
        Romanadvoratrelundar: But I don't like "Romana".
        The Doctor: It's either "Romana" or "Fred".
        Romanadvoratrelundar: All right, call me "Fred".
        The Doctor: Good. Come on, Romana.

    • NOTES (5)

      • DVD: Doctor Who: The Ribos Operation released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1692) in September 2002. Released as part of the Doctor Who: The Key to Time box set (BBCDVD 2335) (limited edition) in September 2007 and re-released (BBCDVD 2754) in November 2009.

        Video: Doctor Who: The Ribos Operation (BBCV 5607) released in April 1995. Released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1336) in September 1996.

      • Novelisation: Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation by Ian Marter (ISBN 0 426 20092 6) first published by W H Allen in 1979.

      • The Doctor is 759 (or 756) years old in this episode.

      • Producer Graham Williams initally wanted the Doctor to be assisted by Sarah Jane Smith in his quest. But Elizabeth Sladen had other commitments.

      • First appearance of Mary Tamm as Romanadvoratrelundar.

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