Doctor Who (1963)

Season 3 Episode 26

The Steel Sky

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Mar 05, 1966 on BBC
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Episode Summary

The Steel Sky
The TARDIS arrives some 10,000,000 years in the future on a giant spaceship. The ship is carrying all of the Earth's surviving plant, animal and human life (and is hence nicknamed The Ark) on a 700 year-long trip to a new home on the planet Refusis. But Dodo is carrying a deadly pathogen from the past…moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Revealing Mistake: When the monoids are shot from behind in bright light (such as when Zentos is speaking at the end of the episode), the zips in their costumes are plainly visible.

    • Equipment Visible: When the sick Monoid is brought into the command center, a clear shadow of the microphone is visible on the wall above him.

    • Other Mistake: When the Doctor is investigating the painting of zebras, the camera jerks and swoops during the subsequent shot of Dodo and Steven.

    • The Commander asks Steven if they "travel in that black box". The TARDIS is blue, not black.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Commander: Only Refusis has the same conditions that we had on Earth. Atmosphere, water, the right temperature.
      Steven: Has anyone ever been there?
      Commander: No. Our knowledge is based purely on audio-space research.
      Steven: Hmm. No wonder you had to bring everything. At least two of each, I suppose.?
      Dodo: Like the Ark.
      Commander: The Ark?
      Dodo: Yeah, Noah's Ark. You know, two-by-two. The flood.
      Commander: I'm afraid I don't know. But we do have the Earth's full population, human and animal.

    • Dodo: Flowers from America, birds from Africa, a snake from Brazil, and now an elephant from India.
      The Doctor: Exactly, my dear.
      Steven: Yes, it's a jungle incorporating things from all over the world.
      The Doctor: Yes, you're quite right, my boy. Yes, and on top of everything else, it's a jungle without a sky.
      Dodo: Hey, look at that, then.
      Steven: No sky?
      The Doctor: No sun, no clouds, merely a metal roof radiating some kind of light.

  • NOTES (5)

    • All four episodes exist as 16mm telerecordings. Negative film prints of all four episodes were recovered by BBC Enterprises around 1978.

    • Novelisation: Doctor Who â€" The Ark by Paul Erickson (ISBN 0 426 20253 8) first published by W H Allen in 1986.

    • Video: Doctor Who: The Ark (BBCV 6609) released in October 1998. Released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1046) in March 1999.

    • This production is of two separate stories detailing cause and effect. The first two episodes tell a self-contained story; the next two episodes deal with the consequences as the Doctor revisit the Ark 700 years later.

    • Paul Erickson in fact wrote the script by himself, but named his ex-wife as co-writer as part of his divorce settlement.