Doctor Who (1963)

Season 16 Episode 9

The Stones of Blood, Part One

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Oct 28, 1978 on BBC
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Episode Summary

The Stones of Blood, Part One
England, the late 1970s. The Doctor and Romana arrive in search of the third segment. But the Tracer readings are erratic and something ominous is happening with an ancient stone circle…

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    Beatrix Lehmann

    Beatrix Lehmann

    Professor Rumford

    Guest Star

    Susan Engel

    Susan Engel

    Vivien Fay

    Guest Star

    Nicholas McArdle

    Nicholas McArdle

    De Vries

    Guest Star

    John Leeson

    John Leeson

    Voice of K9

    Recurring Role

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    • QUOTES (7)

      • The Doctor: I always thought druidism was invented by a man named John Aubrey, in the seventeenth century, as a joke. He had a great sense of humor, John Aubrey.

      • Romana [ changing her clothes ]: Not yet!
        The Doctor: Oh, sorry. What does she mean, not yet? What do you mean, not yet?
        Romana: I'm not ready yet.
        The Doctor: Oh, oh, sorry.

      • The Doctor: Who are you?
        Amelia: Professor Amelia Rumford. Author of Bronze Age Burials in Gloucestshire.
        The Doctor: Ah. The definitive work on the subject.
        Amelia: You're too kind, Doctor. Of course, you're perfectly right.

      • The Doctor: How would I see this Mr. De Vries?
        Amelia: Oh, he lives over the hill in the big house.
        The Doctor: I think I'll look him up.
        Romana: What, now?
        The Doctor: Yes.
        Amelia: I warn you, Doctor, he doesn't like scientists.
        The Doctor: Well, very few people do, in my experience.

      • Romana: K9, what is tennis?
        K9: Real, lawn, or table, Mistress?
        Romana: Never mind. Forget it.
        K9: Forget. Erase memory banks concerning tennis. Memory erased.

      • The Doctor: That's your surprise, we've landed!
        Romana: Where?
        The Doctor: Come here. [whispers] Earth!
        Romana: Earth?!?
        The Doctor: I thought you'd be pleased.
        Romana: I might have guessed, your favorite planet.
        The Doctor: How'd you know that?
        Romana: Oh, everyone knows that.

      • The Doctor: Anyone for tennis?
        Romana: Tennis?
        The Doctor: Yes, it's an English expression, it means, "Is anyone coming outside to get soaked."

    • NOTES (4)

      • DVD: Doctor Who: The Stones of Blood released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1692) in September 2002. Released as part of the Doctor Who: The Key to Time box set (BBCDVD 2335) (limited edition) in September 2007 and re-released (BBCDVD 2754) in November 2009.

        Video: Doctor Who: The Stones of Blood (BBCV 5610) released in May 1995. Released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1314) in March 1996.

      • Novelisation: Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood by Terrance Dicks (ISBN 0 426 20099 3) first published by W H Allen in 1980.

      • Filming locations: Location scenes were recorded in north Oxfordshire. The stone circle is the Rollright Stones off of A3400. Reed College stands in for De Vries' house.

      • A scene involving the Doctor, Romana and K-9 celebrating the Doctor's 751st birthday with a party and cake in the TARDIS was written to commemorate this, the 100th Doctor Who serial, and got as far as rehearsal before being vetoed by producer Graham Williams.

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