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Doctor Who (1963)

Season 14 Episode 21

The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Part One

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Feb 26, 1977 on BBC
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Episode Summary

London, the 1890s. As magician Li H'Sen Chang captivates audiences, a spate of disappearances amongst young women goes largely unnoticed. But almost upon their arrival, the Doctor and Leela find themselves confronting the feared Tong of the Black Scorpion, and a menace from another time. And there's something fishy in the sewers, too...moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • You can make out modern electrical outlets on the walls of Litefoot's lab, despite the stagehands' attempts to cover them with tape.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Chang: In my country, we have saying. "Man who go too quickly may step in bear trap."

      • Leela: This is a big village?
        The Doctor: Yes.
        Leela: What's the name of the tribe here?
        The Doctor: Cockneys.

      • The Doctor: We were attacked by this little man and four other little men.
        Sergeant Kyle: When I got here, sir, he was being strangled with his own pigtails, sir.
        The Doctor: Really? Girlish enthusiasm, officer?
        Sergeant Kyle: You might call it that, sir. I call it making an affray.

      • Casey: Are we going to look down the cellar, Mr. Jago?
        Jago: Of course, Casey, of course! When I promise to do something, determination, character… After you.

      • The Doctor: What's this?
        Leela: A janis thorn.
        The Doctor: Yes, I thought I told you not to carry…
        Leela: He was trying to kill you!
        The Doctor: Oh. Oh, well in that case, you'd better come along.

      • Jago: Courteous coves, these Chinese. I'd have propelled him onto the pavement with a punt up the posterior.

      • Sgt. Kyle: You do have a permanent address, don't you?
        The Doctor: No, sergeant, we're travellers.
        Sgt. Kyle: I see, persons of no fixed abode.
        The Doctor: No no no, we do have an abode. It's called a TARDIS.
        Sgt. Kyle: A… TARDIS.
        The Doctor: But it's not fixed.

      • Jago: You've been drinking!
        Casey: Not a drop, sir!
        Jago: Then it's time you started!

      • Leela: Doctor, you make me wear strange clothes, you tell me nothing: you are trying to annoy me.

    • NOTES (6)

      • DVD: Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang (BBCDVD 1152) released in April 2003. Released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1814) in October 2003.

        Video: Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang (BBCV 4187) released in omnibus format in November 1988. Released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1153) in November 1988.

      • Novelisation: Doctor Who and the Talons of Weng-Chiang by Terrance Dicks (ISBN 0 426 11973 8) first published by W H Allen in 1977.

      • This episode's working titles were "The Talons of Greel" and "The Foe from the Future".

      • The conductor of the theatre orchestra in the opening shot is Dudley Simpson, the composer of much of Doctor Who's incidental music.

      • There are several Sherlock Holmes in-jokes/references scattered throughout the episode. Litefoot has a housekeeper named Hudson, just as Holmes did. The Doctor wears what is often considered Holmes' standard clothing of a deerstalker and cloak (although Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself never described Holmes as wearing such clothing). The mutated giant rats are a reference to one of Holmes' "undocumented cases" dealing with Giant Sumatran Rats.

      • Based on an idea by Robert Banks Stewart, The Foe from the Future, for which Stewart received no credit after Holmes worked it up into a full-length story.

    • ALLUSIONS (0)