Doctor Who (1963)

Season 4 Episode 5

The Tenth Planet, Episode 1

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Oct 08, 1966 on BBC

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  • The Tenth Planet is the last series with Hartnell as the Doctor, and it is the first appearance of the Cybermen. The Doctor and his companions materialize at a research base at the South Pole that coordinates space operations.

    Early Doctor Who has very odd pacing. The acting is done well enough, but it is not nearly as refined as any show on television today. Modern viewers will no doubt need to apply themselves to maintain focus. Even though this series is the last Hartnell series, he isn't written as a main role in the scripts. There are a few plot holes in this series, and as I mentioned before the pacing is something to get used to.

    I enjoy being able to let go of my internal demand for flawless effects and realism whenever I watch Doctor Who. That being said, the costumes, props and effects are very primitive in this series.
  • The Doctor arrives on planet Mondos and sees that the Cybermen have knocked a crew off course from Earth.

    The plot really doesn't matter that much as the same story arcs would be repeated (the Cybermen attempt to capture or destroy an earth vessel and then try to capture the earth) but the significance of the episode is the appearence of the Cybermen.

    Creativity-wise though they did everything right in this episode. It had nice buildup, decent acting, actual special effects and that finale with unveiling of the Cybermen trying to get into the Tardis was classic. They used the spinning camera trick (seen in stuff like "Planet of the Apes") to give the impression that the earth crew was knocked of course.

    The only thing I might have done differently is add a bit more violence. The confrontation with the Cybermen here is really silly (the Cybermen basically knock them out with a karate chop!!!). I guess there was a limit into how much violence they could show because in later years we would the Cybermen become more violent. Still this episode is a keeper