Doctor Who (1963)

Season 10 Episode 4

The Three Doctors, Episode Four

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jan 20, 1973 on BBC

Episode Recap

The second Doctor persuades Omega to spare the third to preserve his only chance of freedom. The second Doctor provokes Omega and discovers that his temper is his only weakness. Omega explains that although singularity makes him all-powerful, he can not leave the black hole without losing control of the power source. He wants them to take over control of his world so that he can escape.

The Brigadier and the others drive Bessie back to UNIT.

Omega has the Doctors remove his mask, explaining it protects his body from being destroyed by singularity. But to their horror, they find his body has already completely disintegrated. All that is left of Omega is his will.

Omega collapses in sorrow and his world begins to shake and waver. The Doctors run for it. They rendezvous with the others at UNIT HQ.

Omega's energy drain on the real universe has become so bad that the Time Lords are only able to send the first Doctor far enough in to advise his other selves for a brief time. The three Doctors telepathically link and devise a plan to defeat Omega using the TARDIS force field. Inside the force field generator, they find the second Doctor's missing recorder.

The first Doctor reports back on his progress to the Time Lords.

The Doctors contact Omega and he agrees to let them fly the TARDIS to his lair. They offer to give him his freedom if he lets their companions return. He agrees if they stay with him to share his exile.

The others walk though the singularity to be returned to Earth. The Doctors then offer Omega the recorder trapped in the force field and explain it is the only freedom he can ever have. Omega flies into a rage and knocks it over, creating a massive explosion.

The black hole suddenly turns into a supernova, bringing power back to the Time Lords.

The companions return to Earth along with UNIT HQ. Shortly after, the TARDIS arrives with the Doctors.

The Doctors explain that Omega's will was like a stretched rubber band. The recorder had fallen into the force field and wasn't processed into anti-matter. So when it was released, it created an explosion, killing Omega and releasing all of the material within the black hole.

The first Doctor appears and bids farewell. Shortly after, the second Doctor disappears. After the others depart, a new dematerialization circuit appears on the console and the memory blocks fall from the Doctor's mind. The Time Lords have forgiven him and given him back his ability to travel in time and space.

Ollis has returned to his bird sanctuary. His wife asks where he's been and all the man can say is that she'd never believe him…