Doctor Who (1963)

Season 23 Episode 7

The Trial of a Time Lord, Part Seven

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Oct 18, 1986 on BBC

Episode Recap

Peri knocks Yrcanos' weapon away and the Doctor flees. She explains that she couldn't help it - the Doctor wasn't always like this.

The Valeyard contends that the Doctor always was like that - a coward. The Doctor claims that the events are not as he remembers them. The Inquisitor suggests a delay in the trial, but he resists.

Crozier has a dead mentor's body brought to the operating theater as a temporary body for Kiv. They begin the surgery. Kiv's guards have orders to kill everyone if he dies.

Yrcanos begins to look for resistance fighters to lead against the mentors. He claims that they are destined to work together but Peri does not believe in destiny.

The surgery proceeds. At first it fails and Kiv's guard prepare to kill. But the Doctor and Crozier manage to save Kiv.

Tuza and his resistance fighters find Yrcanos, Peri and Dorf. They take them prisoner.

Crozier is delighted with his success. Sil invites the Doctor to join him in making money.

Tuza is about to kill his captives when Peri reasons with him. Yrcanos offers to lead them and Tuza begins to listen.

Kiv goes into arrest and Crozier revives him.

Tuza tells his warriors to find weapons with which to launch their attack.

Sil begins to work the financial markets. The Doctor advises him based on his knowledge of time.

Tuza finds a slave dying - Crozier's experiments have aged him to death. Yrcanos worries when he finds out that he was guarding the weapons stash.

Kiv again begins to fade. The Doctor, Crozier and Matrona are finally able to bring him to consciousness.

Tuza finds the weapons have been covered by a rockfall. Peri persuades Yrcanos to retreat but they are captured by Frax. Yrcanos attacks Frax and is shot. Tuza, Peri and Dorf are all gunned down.

In the courtroom, the Valeyard claims that this too is the Doctor's fault…