Doctor Who (1963)

Season 22 Episode 9

The Two Doctors, Part Three

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Mar 02, 1985 on BBC

Episode Recap

Shockeye knocks Peri out and carries her back to the hacienda.

Stike takes Jamies hostage and forces the Doctor use the time machine. Stike intends to kill Jamie anyway, but Jamie stabs him in the leg and they run free. Chessene doesn't believe Stike was attacked by a Time Lord until Dastari recognizes Jamie's knife.

The Sixth Doctor and Jamie escape into the house and find the second Doctor. They are about to free him when Shockeye returns.

Stike decides that, with an operational time machine, he can dispose of Chessene. Chessene also decides to change plans. Fearing a Time Lord reprisal, she tells Dastari to change the Doctor into an androgum. She interrupts Shockeye before he can slaughter Peri so that they can use his genetic material. When they return to the basement, Chessene knocks out Shockeye with a blaster.

Stike tells Varl to set the craft to self-destruct while they return to their squadron in the time machine. Chessene decides to destroy the Sontarans with acid.

The Doctor revives Peri and they escape from the house. He tells her and Jamie that he stripped a component from the time machine so that it will fail if Stike tries to use it. He is hoping that they will destroy Chessene and Dastari before leaving.

Shockeye wakes from the operation. Angry at Chessene's betrayal, he intends to destroy the Doctor but stops when he sees the Doctor has become an androgum. The Doctor explains that he knows all about terran cuisine and they decide to go to Seville together.

Dastari tells the Sontarans that the Doctor has returned to the cellar. When they climb through the ice house, Chessene drops acid bombs on them, killing Varl and badly wounding Stike.

The Doctor, Peri and Jamie follow the second Doctor and Shockeye. Chessene and Dastari find the operating theatre empty and head to Seville as well. The Doctor begins to feel changes from his androgum self.

Stike tries to operate the time machine but is almost killed by it. He stumbles out to his spacecraft, which self-destructs.

The Doctor and Shockeye find Oscar's restaurant and settle in for a massive meal. When they finish, Oscar tries to make them pay. But when he refuses androgum money, Shockeye flies into a rage and stabs him. The Doctor, Peri and Jamie arrive as Oscar is dying. They watch as the second Doctor's androgum features fade and escort him out. But they are captured by Chessene and Dastari.

When they return, Chessene demands the time machine component the Doctor stole. She tests the machine with Peri, who returns safely. Dastari chains the Doctors and Peri up while Shockeye takes Jamie for slaughter.

The sixth Doctor admits he set the machine to only travel safely once, expecting Chessene to test it. Left alone, they use a wheelchair to retrieve the keys from a nearby table.

The sixth Doctor frees Jamie but is caught and wounded by Shockeye. He runs into the woods with Shockeye in pursuit.

Chessene, seeing the Doctor's blood on the ground, begins to lick it up. Dastari watches in horror before returning to the cellar, where he catches the second Doctor and Peri.

The sixth Doctor stumbles into the valley where Oscar left his moth-catching materials. He douses a rag with cyanide, slips behind Shockeye and kills him.

Dastari, shaken by events, finally listens to the Doctor. He intends to let them free but is caught by Chessene. She guns down Dastari but Jamie throw a knife at her, knocking the weapon from her hand. She tries to escape in the time module, but it explodes, killing her and reverting her back to an androgum.

The second Doctor uses a remote control to summon the TARDIS and departs with Jamie. The sixth Doctor and Peri walk back to his TARDIS, deciding that they will have a vegetarian diet from now on.