Doctor Who (1963)

Season 22 Episode 9

The Two Doctors, Part Three

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Mar 02, 1985 on BBC

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  • Had high hopes here but they were soon dashed in a sloppy, unfunny story.

    The presence of Patrick Troughton's 2nd Doctor is welcome during the woeful tenure of Colin Baker but unfortunately he is missing during much of the story. His best soslo part in the story is him camping it up as an Androgum which was his career nadir. Jamie looks a bit too old but nice to see him again too. Peri's back to being half naked and whining. Good thing they went to Spain or she'd freeze to death. This was the first equivalent of a six part story since season 16 but it falls into the padding trap that most six parter have. The Sontarrans seem to be added as an after thought and their masks and costumes are terrible. The worst parts was the useless character of Oscar and even his death was supposed to be funny, perhaps the worst comic relief the show ever had. Colin's Doctor once again seems overly violent with his killing of Shockeye. I didn't mind Shockeye's "cannabalism" but the meat tenderizing scene was too much. The stuff about how time travel actually works was neat although I'm sure it doesn't mesh with other stories explainations. Chessenee was a good villainess but basically just a reworked Servalan. Dastari was lame. The continuity errors don't bother me that much, the old 2nd Doctor set up wouldn't work for this story. This story had some good elements but once again, falls short in this very poor season of JNT's era.