Doctor Who (1963)

Season 6 Episode 42

The War Games, Episode Eight

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jun 07, 1969 on BBC

Episode Recap

The Doctor is taken back to the central zone. The Security Chief tries to get the Doctor to confess to a conspiracy with the War Chief. The Doctor, however, resists the interrogation machine.

Russell has his men set up a machine-gun nest to deal with any returning guards. Zoe and Carstairs decide to contact other resistance groups, starting with Arturo Villar. The guards launch another attack on the chateau. They destroy the machine-gun nest but Carstairs tossed a grenade in the SIDRAT, killing them.

The War Chief stops the Doctor's interrogation and, on the authority of the War Lord, demands to conduct the interrogation himself. He takes the Doctor to the War Room. The War Chief says that, like the Doctor, he is a renegade Time Lord who left their race in a stolen TARDIS. He explains that the war games are designed to produce an elite fighting force with which to conquer the galaxy. They have chosen Earth because of mankind's violent history. He offers the Doctor a share in their conquest.

The chateau is raided by another group of resistors, led by Villar. Jamie pretends to be the leader to persuade Villar to join them. When Villar is told that they can penetrate the alien base, he agrees to a meeting with the other resistance leaders.

The War Chief continues to try to persuade the Doctor to his side. The War Lord agrees to spare the Doctor if he helps them crush the resistance. If he fails, both the renegade Time Lords will die.

The resistors reach an agreement. They will use the barn in the Civil War zone to gather their forces, then hijack a SIDRAT. To keep the aliens busy, they begin attacking and destroying communicators throughout the zones. The assault provoke an increasingly desperate response from the Security Chief, slowly draining the central zone of guards.

The War Chief realizes that they have played right into the hands of the resistance. The Security Chief wants to activate a neutron bomb to destroy everyone in the zones. But the War Lord decides to use the Doctor to stop the resistance.

The rebels are about to destroy the communicator in the barn when they see the Doctor. He tells them he will send a SIDRAT to them so that the resistance leaders can attack the central zone. Villar is suspicious but they agree to go.

They step out of the SIDRAT to find themselves surrounded by guards. The Doctor has betrayed them…
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