Doctor Who (1963)

Season 6 Episode 44

The War Games, Episode Ten

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jun 21, 1969 on BBC

Episode Recap

The Doctor and Jamie manage to get the TARDIS door open. They barely manage to take off.

The Doctor explains that he got bored with Time Lord society. They are immensely powerful but merely observe the universe. He wanted to explore and get involved.

He tries to escape to a distant planet but instead materializes in the sea. Water begins to leak in as the Time Lords break down the defences. He takes off again into outer space. But a voice sounds through the console room, telling him there is no escape. They want him to return for trial. He tries one more jump but the Time Lords finally take control and bring the TARDIS back to their planet.

The Doctor and his companions exit the TARDIS. A robed Time Lord leads them into a trial hall, where the War Lord is being prosecuted. The war game survivors have been returned home but thousands have died. They outline the list of horrifying crimes committed by the War Lord. The War Lord refuses to speak in his defence but the Time Lords torment him into compliance.

He refuses to admit to their authority. He says the humans in the games would have died anyway and cites the War Chief as a Time Lord accomplice.

The War Lord's guards launch a raid on the citadel, gunning down Time Lords on their way. They arrive in the chamber just as the War Lord is found guilty. They take the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe hostage and try to escape in the TARDIS. The Doctor fills the TARDIS with light and escapes. When the War Lord pursues, the Time Lords cut him and his entire planet off in a force field. The War Lord and his associates are wiped from time and space as though they never existed.

Now the Doctor is put on trial for interfering in the affairs of other planets. The Doctor is proud of the accusation. He shows them images of the Quarks, Yeti, Ice Warriors, Cybermen and Daleks. He says he has fought them while the Time Lords have failed to use their powers to help those in need. The Time Lords are troubled by his words.

The Time Lords want to send Jamie and Zoe home but they insist on seeing the Doctor first. They want him to flee from his people again. The Doctor tries but is stopped before he can reach his TARDIS. He is forced to bid his friends farewell. They are sent back to their own times with only the memories of their first adventure with him. The Doctor is allowed to watch them return.

The Time Lords accept the Doctor's plea that he must be allowed to fight evil. However, they decide they will exile him to 20th century Earth for a time, taking away his knowledge of time travel. They will also change his appearance. When he refuses to pick an appearance, they decide for him. He begins to fade out and his features begin to change…
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