Doctor Who (1963)

Season 5 Episode 28

The Web of Fear, Episode 6

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Mar 09, 1968 on BBC



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    • Arnold: I've had enough of your lip for one day. Come on. Follow me. Evans! Come back here!
      Evans: Not on your nellie! Cheerio, Staff!

    • The Doctor: Well, never mind, I want you to take this microphone and keep on calling our Yeti to you.
      Jamie: How will I know I've got the right one?
      The Doctor: You'll soon know if you haven't got the right one, won't you?

    • Lethbridge-Stewart: Evans, where the devil have you been?
      Evans: Didn't Staff Arnold tell you, sir?
      Lethbridge-Stewart: Yes. Sounded very like desertion to me.
      Evans: Desertion? Me? Oh, good heavens, no. No, I thought I'd try a single-handed and desperate attempt to rescue Professor Travers and the girl. Isn't Staff Arnold about?
      Anne: No.
      Evans: Good.

    • Anne: You were marvelous.
      Lethbridge-Stewart: Yes. Great victory.
      The Doctor: I doubt it.
      Anne: No, you were a hero, and you know it.
      The Doctor: You don't really think so, do you?
      Anne: Yes, yes, I do.
      Chorley: You've got to face facts, old man. By tomorrow morning you're going to be a household word, a national figure.
      The Doctor: Oh, no. Oh, no.
      Chorley: Yes. I want you on my television program, and...
      The Doctor: Oh, no!
      Chorley: ...and I want to organize a big press conference, and...
      The Doctor: Jamie! Victoria! Come along, it's time we left.
      Chorley: But the press conference, Doctor.
      The Doctor: Goodbye!

  • Notes

    • The master copy of this episode was wiped in or shortly after September 1969. A 16mm telerecording of the episode was recovered from Nigeria in 2013.

    • A third Yeti story was planned, but when the BBC used Quarks from The Dominators in merchandising and comic strips without consulting writers Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln, they cut off their ties to the show completely. The final defeat of the Intelligence thus had to wait for Downtime, a straight-to-video production in 1995 by independent Dreamwatch Media.

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