Doctor Who (1963)

Season 22 Episode 4

Vengeance on Varos, Part Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jan 26, 1985 on BBC

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  • A story with some great ideas that fails to explore them and commits the usual season 22 sins.

    The seasons 22 sins are: the Doctor shows up very late to the proceedings (due to 45 minute eps), the Doctor and Peri argue constantly & are in a bad mood most of the time, the plots are over stuffed and rush the climax, the Doctor not having anything to do with the out of left field solution to the crisis, the Doctor is much more callous and violent than we've seen him before. Now that last one could have been a plus if Colin Baker's Doctor had a stronger companion than Peri. She doesn't have the ability to question and challenge the Doctor now more alien morality. JNT made her too girly, too damsel in distress. This story has some good stuff going for it but is a bit too ambitious. The idea of a society addicted to watching violence is great, too bad the terror dome is underwhelming. The governor having to survive the vote was great (wish we could really do that). The Greek chorus couple & Sil were neat concepts. But this one loses track and can't recover. Why doesn't the Doctor know anything about Varos if it's the only place to get Ziton 7? How lucky that Sil's invasion fleet is called off at the end, the Doctor certainly had no plan to stop them & didn't seem too concerned before he heard the news. The Doctor kills several people here quite deliberately. The guards in the acid bath are accidents although he treats their fate as a joke a la James Bond. But he does set a trap with the laser gun that kills a guard and uses poison vines on the main baddies at the end. I suppose in another series, we'd be OK with any of those actions but the Doctor has always tried to avoid killing anyone even villains who deserve it. Apparently, by the mid-80s times had changed and even Doctor Who had to be a kick butt kind of guy like Arnold Schwartzsenegger.