Doctor Who (1963)

Season 21 Episode 4

Warriors of the Deep, Part Four

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jan 13, 1984 on BBC
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The Silurians put in motion their plan to wipe out humanity. The Doctor works to find a way to save both species. This time, however, there may not be a solution…

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  • A blown opportunity as the Silurians and the Sea Devils return together to conquer the surface world.

    What on paper looks like a sure fire action packed Doctor Who story falls extremely flat. The set up of the underwater base is dated with it's Cold War tensions and paranoia. Why is the Docotr leaving the Tardis unlocked? Before the JNT era, ther Doctor wanted to keep the tardis a secret. Since JNT took over, he allows all kinds of people inside and even leaves it unlocked for anyone to stumble in! The Silurians look like they need to lose some weight and no longer use their third eye as a weapon. The Sea Devils are made to look like samurais and can actually blink unlike those from the Pertwee era. The Doctor must have had other adventures with these two races as what he says through WOTD doesn't jibe with the events of the previous meetings. The Myrka is embarrassing but I've seen just as bad in other stories. Holding on it and having it be the focus of a whole episode was a mistake. The rubber doors were laughable but not as much as Ingrid Pitt trying to kung fu fight the Myrka. We know in part one that the Doctor has a means of killing the invaders when he finds some kind of anti-reptile spray in the base (very convenient). The battle scenes are unconvincing and the reptiles move so damn slow! They would better this with Resurrection of the Daleks later in the season. They try once again (and fail) to make Turlough complex by having him want to abandon his friends when all seems lost. The sea base is too blight and has none of the atmosphere of similar sets from the Tom Baker era. Peter Davison is worth watching, a very underappreciated Doctor. The whole can't we all get along theme lifted from Malcolm Hulke's 70s work isn't amde very clear here and rings false. Basically, the reptiles are just this week's baddies who deserve to get killed along with everyone else in sight except our regulars.moreless

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