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  • Season 3
    • Herr Ober! Mein Happy End ist kalt!
      Dr. Meier's old kindergarten teacher is admitted to the hospital which visibly upsets him. Apparently, Frau Schnippel holds a long held secret from the time of Marc's childhood.
    • Endlich! Ein Kind von Marc!
      A misunderstanding makes Gretchen's boss believe she and Dr. Marc Meier have a baby together. Marc just applied for a better position so he asks Gretchen to play along for a little longer.
    • Autsch! Sturz von der Karriereleiter!
      Dr. Meier and his old friend compete for a heart transplantation. Before the competition gets out of hand, Gretchen gets involved, but just before the surgery is about to get started, Gretchen makes a horrible discovery.
    • Oh je! Dein Ex auf Wein, das lass sein!
      A young patient named Kevin who seems to be the victim of a neurosurgical experiment worries Gretchen. A clue takes her to a patriarchal fraternity.
    • Mist! Wieder einen Frosch erwischt!
      A short message from Dr. Meier does not only mess up Gretchen's feelings, but alarms her parents as well.
    • Oh Gott! Mein Mann hat mich nackt gesehen!
      Even though Gretchen just got married, she is still torn between two men: On the one side her new husband Alexis, on the other side there is her first love Dr. Meier.
    • Skandal! Hochzeitsnacht zu dritt
      A tropical virus puts an end to Gretchen's wedding and the newlyweds and guests end up in quarantine. It gets even worse when Gretchen's wedding night falls through because she and her husband Alexis have to share a room with her colleagues. When the patients get worse, Gretchen starts looking for the cause.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1