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    Ok so I was in Birmingham Town Centre on Friday (05/12/0 and I saw Ruth, I couldn't believe it, so I walked over to her and spoke to her and told her I thought she was great, I had told my Mom "There's Ruth." and she said "Who?" "Ruth Pierce." "Don't know her." "From Doctor's The Campus Surgery.", she was lovely, she looks as amazing in the flesh as she does on screen, I just spoke to her for a few minutes and then my Mom asked "So does anyone die again anytime soon." I knew she couldn't really answer that properly but she did say that there aren't any plans to get rid of anyone yet, my Mom then added I love Jimmi, to which she replied "Jimmi certainly seems to be the best loved person in it, he's played by an amazing person so I don't think they'll ever get rid of him to be fair, it's upsetting when actors want to move on but they have to to do other things." I then left her in peace and told her to have a wonderful time, she's amazing to meet and so friendly, that made my day my feet were drenched as my shoes were letting in water but still I met Ruth Pierce, I even got quite a few things from town for myself but still everything paled in comparison after meeting her. So it just goes to show even though they are your best loved afternoon fill, they're still easy to approach and say hello to.
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