Season 7 Episode 68

Herbaceous Borders

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Oct 13, 2005 on BBC

Episode Recap

At reception Jimmi groans at Sarah's continuing mission of handing out literacy leaflets to patients, pointing out that clients may not be able to even read them. Sarah takes the mickey out of Greg's Police liaison over their drugs search. Julia has devised a roster for emergency visits, and Mac tries to call a quick meeting to discuss, but Sarah is going to be out this afternoon at the 'learning for living' class, and Greg has a Police Station appointment.

George heads out on a house call, getting info about the case from Faith beforehand, and although George has agreed with Ronnie to be grounded to the Centre with her pregnancy, reminds Faith that Ronnie won't know she's doing the odd house call.

Whilst at the Police Station, Greg is excited to be invited to tag along with Di Baxter on another drug related robbery report.

George is caught out on her house call by Ronnie, who coincidentally is visiting the same house on business. Ronnie is annoyed, but simply cares about George and the baby. They make up and go for lunch.

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