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  • copay

    I'm Robert I went to the hosipal on oct 20 and had to pay $150.00 copay with out knowing what the bill was
  • help needed fayetteville

    Have a friend had weight loss surgery 7 years a stressful job has keep her weight off for 7 years .she has great a great had a near death experience because of a allergic reaction to a medicine in canada was in a coma and on a vent for nearly a never takes life for granted would love to see her get a skin removal you guys could help would be great.
  • Doctor Bermann

    I really miss Dr. Lisa. Wish she would come back. However, I like most of the new doctors on the show. Love Dr. Ian Smith and Dr. Rachel. However Dr. Bermann has to go. I don't know why she was hired on the show. Just hearing her voice annoys me. She overpowers any other doctor speaking to get her point acrossed. She needs to learn when to SHUT UP!!!!!
  • Narrator not needed

    In my opinion, Doctors has been ruined since introducing that annoying voice giving a commentary on what the characters are up to. For me, after watching for many years, I'm afraid I will not continue to watch while the program continues to produce this irritating feature. I endorse my feelings with all programs that are following this trend. What a wonder how the actor's feel on this subject? It reminds me of a

    children's The actor's are more than capable of telling & playing their part. Please help.
  • What Self Indulgent Rubbish!

    I have enjoyed watching the daily episodes of Doctors up until today. Who is responsible for this self indulgent rubbish? What has it got to do with Doctors? Gave up half way through and will certainly skip tomorrows episode.

    Nothing against Jane Austen. She must be turning in her grave. Can't wait for you to get back to the 'real' story. I put 'real' because we all realise this is nothing like a real doctors' surgery. They have to much spare time on their hands for one thing. BUT I do enjoy it, NORMALLY.
  • Huge fan!

    Doctors is a brilliant tv show,and is far better than any of the other soaps,you get a different story each day as well as being kept up to date with the main characters!The recent storyline with Al stalking Jas is gonna be great too!
  • biggest fan

    I love this show so much although im a series behind. I cannot believe why it cannot be on at prime time as it beats all the soaps. and why does it have to go against the soaps at the soap awards? Its not a soap!! the story lines are brilliant! I love tara she is my guilty pleasure, please dont tell me shes not in it any more?
  • UK Soaps

    I miss this show and all of the BBC shows that entertained me when I live in Iraq. I wish that they were available in the US.
  • rubbish

    it is a very bad daytime show whenever im at home my mum makes me watch it and i have to seeing as it is on in between neighbours and diagnosis murder two shows i genrally watch!the storylines are pointless and they just drag on...ok i'll can be ok at sometimes but thats very rarely!!
  • i think doctors should get a prime time slot.

    keep it up cast bring us more great story lines.u should be in for awards for best tv program.this must be the best thing the bbc have done for ages happy 10th birthday doctors.hope u run for ever heres to the next 10 years.julia and ruth and michelle and jimmi are great actors.dont care much for danial hes shifty.i like nick west why did he leave.bring mac back a a special guest appearance would love him and julia to get together and tell each other a few home truths.well done to all of the cast members and crew.hope jimmi is reunited with eva
  • An ensemble cast of about a dozen regular characters interspersed with an endless supply of episodic actors who supply the medical stories for the medical staff at the Mill Health Centre & Campus surgery.

    Consistently one of my top programmes.It's entertained & informed me from the beginning,with believable characters & storylines.I like the idea of the regulars having their individual & group story arcs, whilst each episode has guest actors, with their medical problems/stories resolved. There's always an element of excitement for me to see who the actors will be.Will they be someone you haven't seen for years on TV,or someones first foray in a new role after a lengthy time in drama,or a former TV star almost forgotten,or an old time film star. One of my favourite storylines was the Vivian rape story & the effect on her,spread over months.Truly moving.Another long & slow burner,was Ruth's breakdown,recovery & how it affected Michelle. Many truly memorable & moving moments in a drama which if shown during the evening would have several million more viewers, I'm sure.
  • I watched with interest for the first time today. I was surprised and disappointed with some of the advice that was being dispensed. I would ignore some of these doctor's advice.

    There were several bits of advice I would not take if it were given to me. To discourage the masses from herbal supplements tells me this doctor and the show believes in synthetic pills as opposed to using mother nature. My children had great diets and I used supplements as immune boosters to keep them healthy. It was rare they visited a doctor. Although the exercise Wii was a good choice for the overweight child, at no point did I hear it suggested that the kid actually join a sports team or GO OUTDOORS, getting fresh air with the exercise. My next disappointment was to encourage a C section to bypass the pain of pregnancy. Have any of you ever had a C section and realize there is still a whole lotta pain with that if the mother does the responsible thing, if breast feeding, and not take pain medication?
    My last beef is the encouragement of Botox at a young age to prevent deep wrinkles when older. Are you joking? Sorry folks, I'll keep going to organic markets, take my green drinks and cheering my daughter on at her sporting events. My daughter is a two-sport, Division I athlete who was raised on fresh air, exercise, some herbal supplements when necessary. Anything natural is always better. Botox is a dangerous vanity drug that should be banned.
  • Thwarted love due to parents' – 2 Indian women - expectations. A concealed pregnancy - how will it be dealt with? Concerned doctors who are always on hand to do home visits! Girl's mother sorts the neighbour and supports her daughter.

    I teach English to immigrants and listen with interest to their opinions of this country. Culturally different students comment on the high incidence of teenage/unmarried pregnancies and one was horrified that a mother being interviewed on TV stated how 'proud' she was of her daughter. We discussed the emotions a mother would feel and agreed, 'proud' generally is not at the top of the list. In light of this I was amazed at 'Doctors' yesterday when the storyline of an Asian mother dealing with her unmarried daughter's pregnancy gave her the line 'I am so proud of you'.
  • For people who almost enjoyed Neighbours, but found that show's plots too believable, its acting not wooden enough, and its dialogue too punchy.

    A common TV question is; why put a decent programme on in daytime? Most of the potential audience is working, there are tough limits on violence/sex/langauge, and your main audiences are housewives and pensioners who won't want anything demanding. While this stereotyping is increasingly untrue, TV networks know that it applies generally enough to make programmes like Doctors the staple of afternoon TV.

    The main cast is adequate at best - you can tell that Stephen Boxer is a decent actor, even if the scripts don't let him shine. Most storylines have extremely hokey beginnings, and the one-off characters are usually unbelivable exaggerated steoretypes. Some feel like standalone daytime dramas, often linked to the show's characters by tenuous means. It is excruciatingly common for a staff member to say "I'm really busy today, you'll have to make an appointment" or "can't you sort this out with your brother?", but then make a housecall and stay for hours anyway. Did the creators want to make a show called Social Workers, but fail to convince TV execs of its potential?
  • A surprisingly underrated amazing tv show...only problem is: it is on while I am at school!

    Basically the show follows a group of doctors who work together in a practise and it is generally about their relationships with each other and their families... At the moment Season 9 has just started but I've noticed that Greg isn't in the credits and he was by far the coolest doctor EVER!!!

    Anyway I must always get my daily fix of this show and I reckon I'm going to make more of my friends watch it... then hopefully ratings will go up and they will change it to a more suitable time, say like five o'clock or something like that!
  • This show used to be brilliant!

    Although I'm one of their more younger viewers, I was a big fan of this show a few years ago, mostly during school holidays and such due to it's god awful afternoon slot time. But after recently tuning into it during a day off school I have to be completely honest, this show has gone Downhill! For those of you who are considering watching Doctors on BBC1, don't. Instead, tune into UKGOLD and watch the older episodes, with the more interesting characters and storylines. Episodes from three years ago are far better than the new episodes that are currently airing.
  • It's lost its excitement, the characters, in general, are dull and bland. Pales in comparison to the Doctors of even a year ago. Used to be a daily highlight but now it's become so mundane that it's past the point of no return.

    This season of Doctors is unbelievably disappointing and predictable. There has been such a major turnover in the cast from the receptionists (Sarah) to the nurses (Faith) and that's without getting into the new doctor. What was once merited on its consistent high quality of writing and ability to create a family-friendly environment, has been reduced to a sex-obsessed, ratings hungry piece of trash. The departure of Mac was always going to be a make it or break it time for the show and ultimately proved to be the starting point of a creative slump for the show. He was the last remaining link to the old Doctors, and while change is necessary for any long-running drama, I feel the infusion of new blood has left me cold. Seeing Dr. Fenton "in all his glory", searching for a condom in the nurses room is worthy of Eurotrash, not an afternoon mainstream programme. After 6 years, it's a shame to see a show seemingly aiming to alienate its loyal audience who have been patient with the heavy turnover in casting and often far-fetched storylines. Is it any wonder Doctors walked away empty handed at the National Television Awards this week?
  • So very dull

    The real world can be dreary, dull, boring and overacted. Doctors illustrates this perfectly. Vapid, saccarine and tedious. Almost every plot is the same, and any kind of drama between the doctors is either over-acted or off-screen. There is no wit in this show, pale drama at best, repetitive writing and bad acting. The best acting in the show comes from the guest stars, who are C-list british celebrities, who have had their fifteen minutes and are allowed the time to shine for half an hour, before dissapearing back into obscurity. The sad truth is, if these bit-players were hired to centre stage, the programme would bve greatly improved. Any other guest stars are fresh out of drama school, or a cameo on casulty, who are either wonderfully good, or wonderfully bad, normally the latter.But at the end of the day, this show panders to those who have time to watch it, so can\\\'t be all bad.
  • Fabulous! A show i make sure never to miss.

    Doctors is one of the best daytime shows on british television. The characters, both main and guest, face problems that are true to real life. each character has a distinct personality, and are easy to sympathise with. each episodes is interesting with a different problem facing the Doctors.

    recent episodes have featured one of the doctors, Helen played by Corinne Wicks, suffering from depression following the death of her fiancé. Everything seemed real and it wasn't patronising to people who actually do suffer from depression. The best episode to do with this storyline has to be 'Last Last Straw' Corinne's character usually so strong seemed weak and fragile. Young actress Tara Coleman-Starr as her daughter Claire, was heartbreaking especially in the scene with Sarah played by Andrea Green.

    another top recent episode is 'The Anatomy Of Marriage' a rare episode that didn't feature any patients just four of the main characters - Mac played by Christopher Timothy, Julia played by Diane Keen, George played by Stirling Gallacher and Ronnie played by Sean Gleeson. This episode had me glued to the television. the contrast between George and Ronnie's row to Julia and Mac's neighbour problem was fantastic. By the end of the epiosde I wanted to give Ronnie a good slap. The final scene where Stirling Gallacher howls with sadness sends chills down my spine.

    all in all Doctors is a show that is worth watching. i give it a 10/10
  • Doctors is one of the better things to have come out of the BBC in recent years. A real gem in the daily schedules.

    Perhaps the best thing about Doctors is that it, like many other medical dramas, integrates both continuing storylines and single episode ones. The Doctors always remain the same and we gain a real insight into their lives, and as in any Doctor's life, the patients are always different.

    The issues which arise in the show are dealt with in a mature manner, with a level of sympathy that isn't present in other medical shows like Casualty or Holby City. There's very little gore in the show, and there is a lot of focus on the Doctors' home visits.

    The non-recurring characters are developed extremely quickly, but never at a pace which would confuse or turn off the viewer. The programme relies on body language to tell a lot of the story, and this seems to work extremely well. These are especially well used at climaxes in the programme, which are well suited to the daytime slot.

    The characters themselves are well rotated between episodes. Over the course of a normal week, only Sarah, the receptionist makes five appearances. By changing the Doctors on a daily basis, the show is prevented from becoming stale or overcomplicated.

    In my opinion, Doctors is a real gem in the BBC One schedule, not just for daytime viewing but for the whole day. I often feel that this programme should be seen by more people, and is far more entertaining than current prime time shows like EastEnders. A change of slot is something which the BBC should consider for their Birmingham studio's best effort yet.
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