Doctors - Season 10

Weekdays 12:00 AM on BBC Premiered Mar 26, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • A Kind of Hush
    A Kind of Hush
    Episode 55
    Jimmi comes to Vivien's aid when she doesn't show up for her driving test.
  • The Transfer Season
    The Transfer Season
    Episode 61
    Eva investigates the suspicious death of a famous Italian footballer. Ruth makes a discovery about Melody and Daniel.
  • The Honeytrap
    The Honeytrap
    Episode 159
    An old friend of Julia's wants to involve her in an outrageous plan to find out if her potential fiance can be trusted. Meanwhile, Daniel takes baby Isobel home, and is left with the unenviable task of asking Lily if she minds her staying the night.
  • A Room Full Of Strangers
    It is the first day of Vivien's rape trial and, dwarfed by the imposing court surroundings, she is left feeling vulnerable. Will she find the composure to stand up and secure a conviction by speaking from the heart?
  • The Lost Letter
    The Lost Letter
    Episode 65
    A reformed young offender finds a letter that has serious implications for one of Archie's elderly patients. Julia and Marcia arrive in Spain.
  • Walking On Sunshine
    Walking On Sunshine
    Episode 109
    Nick is invited to contribute to a 'celebration' of a patient's life but the eulogy he writes is badly misjudged. Bracken's life is put in danger at the Mill. Eva has established herself well in her new world but makes an enemy of Jack's son Callum.
  • Making An Argument
    Making An Argument
    Episode 140
    Heston shares his drug trial plans with his fellow partners at the surgery, but is is faced with mixed views on the subject, especially when George tracks down a PhD arguing against such plans. Meanwhile, Vivien fears facing the defence barrister on the second day of her rape trial.
  • The Lollipop Man
    The Lollipop Man
    Episode 113
    Graham Capelli, an actor who once played the title role in 'The Amazing Lollipop Man', a series about a mysterious traveller through time and space. He has been given a second chance for stardom, but is everything as it appears? Mike has to deal with the health worries of his childhood hero. Elsewhere, the Mill staff attend an unconventional funeral, Mike tries to make amends with Michelle, and Jimmi is concerned over Eva's absence.moreless
  • Inside Out
    Inside Out
    Episode 53
    Daniel faces dinner at the Woodsons' while Archie and Melody deal with the fallout from JJ's arrest.
  • Dare, Double Dare, Truth
    A teenage girl will do anything to get in with her twin sister's gang, but what is really behind her actions? A face from Julia's past returns.
  • Past Imperfect
    Past Imperfect
    Episode 227
    Archie is accused of kidnapping when an elderly woman does a runner from the care home her son is sending her to, but where has she gone, and why? Ruth is looking forward to a girly night out, but is unprepared for an extra guest. Everyone is perturbed by some unusual behaviour from Vivien, until the cause is revealed.moreless
  • The Visit
    The Visit
    Episode 149
    Jimmi is almost duped by an elderly con artist and thief when he mistakes her for the mother of a patient. Archie's relationship with Kirsten begins to bloom when he opens up about his past, while a suggestion from an unknown work colleague gives Heston an opportunity to get closer to Lily.moreless
  • Who Do You Think You Are Kidding?
    Nick gets more than he bargained for when he gives evidence on behalf of a patient. Michelle and Ruth go shopping while Vivien pays an emotional visit to the hospital.
  • Words Left Unsaid
    Words Left Unsaid
    Episode 3
    Joe meets three sisters whose bitter rivalries overshadow their father's impending death. Emily has lunch with Nick, while Archie's jealousy of Daniel finally reaches boiling point.
  • Tuning Out
    Tuning Out
    Episode 1
    As the voices in his head increase, a teenage boy struggles to cope. Emily visits from Boston to deal with an important matter while Julia and Melody are missing Vivien.
  • Endless Love
    Endless Love
    Episode 52
    An old school friend of Ruth's asks for help in locating the man she thinks may be her father after her mother dies. Archie is in turmoil - did he do the right thing?
  • Dear Diary
    Dear Diary
    Episode 196
    A schoolboy tells George that he has whiplash from crashing the headteacher's car into his school, and he wants to sue! Meanwhile, Vivien starts writing in her diary, but it becomes clear that her true feelings are not being expressed on the page at all. And Daniel gets to spend some time with Izzie.moreless
  • Spice Wars
    Spice Wars
    Episode 46
    Daniel helps a charming headhunter to give her candidate a clean bill of health but can he do the same for her? Archie gives JJ an ultimatum.
  • The Cuckold King
    The Cuckold King
    Episode 157
    Blaming himself for his impotence, a timid man allows his wife to humiliate him. Meanwhile, Archie has his first real row with Kirsten, and Daniel is suffering with a hangover after celebrating his news that Ruth is not pregnant.
  • Facing The Music
    Facing The Music
    Episode 169
    A talented young pianist finds himself in trouble when he rebels against his parents' requests and takes on private tuition. Meanwhile, Archie conjures up the courage to break into the Trelawney Wells laboratory with Kirsten, in broad daylight.
  • Geraldine Mooney's Departed
    Jimmi has an eventful day when an unusual woman reports that her dead husband is blocking the hallway. Vivien takes her driving theory test, but will it all end in tears?
  • Eat For Two
    Eat For Two
    Episode 90
    A man obsessed with his pregnant wife's weight enlists Melody's help. Joe makes Daniel tell the truth about Kay.
  • Eye Of The Beholder
    Michelle goes to treat a reclusive spinster and makes a surprising discovery. Maisie, the only lead Eva has in a murder case, goes missing.
  • Click part 1
    Click part 1
    Episode 209
    A teenage boy who is being cyber-bullied attempts to kill himself, prompting Melody to investigate further. Elsewhere, a new enthusiasm for a social networking site backfires for Ruth, who is plagued by an unwanted face from the past.
  • Hearts Will Go On
    Hearts Will Go On
    Episode 29
    Melody learns the difference between a Rom Com and a Tragedy when she helps a film lecturer and his student. Jimmi seizes the moment when he discovers Eva will be attending a Police Retirement Party.
  • Making A Splash
    Making A Splash
    Episode 25
    When Eva generously agrees to take a colleague's place she finds herself up against Ronnie in a radio debate on modern policing. Meanwhile, Julia has trouble with the painters.
  • The Last Time
    The Last Time
    Episode 117
    A panicked Poppy runs to the Mill for help, and Jimmi helps to calm her. Later, at the police station, she is forced to decide what is best for her baby. Fearing for Eva's safety, Jimmi decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Jack learns of Callum's murder, and vows revenge.moreless
  • Destiny Day
    Destiny Day
    Episode 67
    Nick and a devastating horoscope force a young bride-to-be to question her true destiny. Nick overreaches and falls flat while Julia has to nurse an overindulgent Marcia.
  • Stabbed In The Back
    Daniel is confronted by an angry man with a big truck. Jimmi goes in search of Maisie, Ronnie returns home.
  • Pink Ribbon
    Pink Ribbon
    Episode 153
    Julia helps to arrange a party for a friend who has beaten cancer, but she is filled with concern and distrust over her friend's husband, who has cheated in the past. Archie confronts Kirsten over her involvement in the demonstrations against the drug trials. A refreshed Michelle and Ruth return from their holiday, but their relaxed demeanour is soon quashed when Michelle reveals a shocking discovery about Ruth.moreless
  • Face in the Crowd
    Face in the Crowd
    Episode 59
    George is torn between two women claiming to be the mother of the same child, but the truth reveals a shocking secret. Melody and Daniel find themselves in a compromising position. Vivien confronts Jimmi.
  • Mummy Dearest
    Mummy Dearest
    Episode 56
    Ronnie has to sort out a thorny custody problem. Vivien's desire to behave normally makes life difficult for Jimmi.
  • Changes
    Episode 148
    Heston treats a previously unpleasant man who appears to have undergone a complete personality change following a heart transplant. Melody, meanwhile, does her best to keep things friendly as she absorbs the news about Archie's newfound relationship with Kirsten.
  • Do The Right Thing
    Do The Right Thing
    Episode 150
    Lily encounters a young boy from Africa with a high temperature and cough, and her suspicious are aroused when his mother is reluctant to let him have a blood test. Heston tries to make amends with Lily after falling asleep at the previous night's lecture. Meanwhile, Vivien has her first professional driving lesson, and thinks that her instructor is marvellous.moreless
  • VIP Treatment
    VIP Treatment
    Episode 143
    An imposing gentleman tries to conceal the truth of an accident he caused. Meanwhile at the Mill, Vivien returns to work after her trial, but is not as overjoyed as everyone presumes. This is in stark contrast to Heston, who is busy creating the perfect romantic meal for himself and Lily.moreless
  • Home, Sweet Home
    Home, Sweet Home
    Episode 66
    Ronnie is ill at ease when one of her clients behaves suspiciously about her new home. Julia makes a new friend in Spain.
  • A Woman's Touch
    A Woman's Touch
    Episode 45
    Eva trusts her female intuition as she attempts to solve a murder with a chauvinistic colleague. Archie and JJ bond during football but later JJ's behaviour takes a dramatic turn.
  • Daylight Robbery
    Daylight Robbery
    Episode 160
    Archie intervenes when he suspects an elderly patient is being targeted by an unscrupulous double glazing salesman. Meanwhile, Daniel brings Isobel to the surgery and attempts to track down her mother.
  • Crimes and Punishments
    George and Ronnie go to a dinner party with a difference. Will their love life finally get back on track?
  • The Break Out
    The Break Out
    Episode 161
    Heston has a more eventful day than he expected when he pays a visit to a retirement home, and Daniel starts to warm to the idea of parenthood as he increases his efforts to track down Isobel's mother.
  • Head Case
    Head Case
    Episode 152
    When a husband brings his wife to Daniel, he is worried about her meandering ways, but Daniel uncovers a more complicated problem related to a car crash. Meanwhile, George makes a startling discovery after she realises that she vaguely recognises Archie's new flame.
  • Rebirth Day
    Rebirth Day
    Episode 42
    Julia's friend decides to celebrate her 'rebirth day' by confronting her disturbing past. Michelle is horrified at what Davey has done to Ruth and urges her to leave him.
  • No. 786
    No. 786
    Episode 40
    Jimmi gets caught up in a crisis on the 786 bus. Michelle confides in Melody about Ruth and Davey.
  • Life's a Beach
    Life's a Beach
    Episode 35
    Archie comes up against an arrogant medical student with a bad case of food poisoning, which he discovers is from an unlikely source.
  • Hunky Dory
    Hunky Dory
    Episode 70
    Michelle clashes with a retired teacher who refuses to move on after her father's death. Jimmi is called to a distressing case at St Phil's and makes a chilling discovery.
  • The Front Page
    The Front Page
    Episode 72
    Melody becomes a showbiz doctor for the day and galvanises a young journalist into confronting her tyrannical editor. Nick battles with an alien-hunter who refuses to take heed of the health risks involved.
  • Light Fingers, Loose Tongues
    Michelle gets more than she bargained for when she stands up to two shoplifters. Ronnie is shocked to find Eva in unfamiliar territory, and she warns him not to tell Jimmi. Nick promises Caroline a surprise.
  • Fallout
    Episode 106
    Ronnie helps a mother deal with her daughter who appears to be caught up in drugs, but Julia and George just think the girl needs to be handed over to the police. Nick has a surprise cheerleader at the wheelchair race. Melody has a very constructive assessment meeting with Nick. Michelle and Julia finally agree over Mike.moreless
  • Through the Looking Glass
    Mike gets involved in the case of a child maths prodigy finding it difficult to fit in with his peers at university, and angers Michelle when he is late for a date. Everyone struggles to come to terms with Vivien's announcement. Julia asks Nick to do a charity wheelchair race.
  • Chill Out
    Chill Out
    Episode 132
    A mother's relationship with her son is jeopardised when she takes an ecstacy tablet, mistaking it for a paracetamol. Meanwhile, Heston takes Andy on an activity day, and George aims to get to know Lily better.
  • Don't Try This At Home.
    There's a foul stench coming from the water at the campus surgery, and Archie smells a rat - It's not long before the water board SWAT team arrive. Meanwhile, Eva escapes from the bar with the evidence she needs, hotly pursued by Matt and an enraged Jack. A showdown looms..
  • Daddy Darling
    Daddy Darling
    Episode 131
    George is embroiled in a mystery after an elderly resident dies in a shabby hotel, with the proprietor's daughter claiming that the dead man is her father in order to scare off a potential wife. Meanwhile, Heston brings Andy, the boy he is mentoring, to work. Impressed and grateful when Melody realises that Andy suffers from psoriasis, Heston gladly agrees to be her RCGP supervisor. Elsewhere, Julia and Lily realise they must set their differences aside for the good of the practice.moreless
  • Holding Back
    Holding Back
    Episode 123
    George helps a lazy, self-dramatising man with angina, whose attempts to help his cancer-stricken wife leave much to be desired. Meanwhile, Mike tries to make an effort with Michelle, George and Ronnie struggle to agree on holiday ideas, and Ronnie has a much-needed conversation with Jimmi.
  • Maximum Load
    Maximum Load
    Episode 84
    Three people in denial end up in close proximity with Archie as they all get trapped in a lift. Michelle takes a shine to the new agency nurse at the Mill.
  • Fragile Minds
    Fragile Minds
    Episode 138
    Archie and Heston argue over an unstable youth who has taken refuge on the roof of the surgery. Meanwhile, tensions run high as Vivien's rape trial approaches, and Heston tries to interest Julia in the idea of implementing a new drugs trial at the surgery.
  • Old Green Eyes
    Old Green Eyes
    Episode 74
    Archie unwittingly becomes embroiled in the love life of a fellow cyclist. Eva has more questions for Vivien about the burglary.
  • Distractions
    Episode 96
    Vivien clashes with an agency nurse whose apparent incompetence hides something darker. To Archie's delight, Daniel is mortified to get caught out.
  • Safe Haven
    Safe Haven
    Episode 134
    Archie's generous demeanour is shattered and his life put at risk when he helps a woman with agoraphobia. Meanwhile, Lily confronts Daniel about his lack of housekeeping duties, and takes drastic measures to put him right.
  • True Colours
    True Colours
    Episode 91
    Ruth helps a graffiti artist confront the cause of his frustrations. Michelle ups her game to her man.
  • The Hex
    The Hex
    Episode 19
    Archie encounters a teenage witch who puts a spell on her mother's boyfriend then changes her mind. Is she too late?
  • My Other Life
    My Other Life
    Episode 164
    Michelle tends to the baby of a single mum and discovers that she has had enough of living a life of lies. Meanwhile, Archie has a shock with Layla Darwish visits Heston to talk about the lab break-in, and Daniel continues his quest to find childcare for Isobel.
  • Towards The Light
    Towards The Light
    Episode 207
    Heston's excitement at an unusual case blinds him to how his patient is really feeling. Things are a bit awkward between Michelle and Ruth, and Vivien encourages Ruth to enroll in some kind of evening class as a way to meet new people. And George surprises Ronnie with an unusual gift to help them conceive, causing them to argue over baby names.moreless
  • Click part 2
    Click part 2
    Episode 210
    With time running out for the cyberbully, Melody must find the truth and stop tensions from escalating to boiling point. And can Ruth finally face up to Diane?
  • First Love, Last Love
    First Love, Last Love
    Episode 206
  • Window
    Episode 215
    Ruth gets caught up in a waitress' struggle to deal with her seemingly oppressive relationship as she dreams of a better life. Meanwhile, George's desire for a new baby comes close to being an obsession, and Lily puts paid to Heston's attempt to play Cupid.
  • A Plague On Both Your Houses
    Dorothy finally finds her feet when she is teamed up with a streetwise and ambitious PC, but enlists Jimmi's help when one of the gang members is arrested and all is not as it seems. Meanwhile, Ruth and Lenny become closer, but will it last?
  • School's Out
    School's Out
    Episode 2
    When a school boy is attacked, his teacher has to make a tough personal decision. George and Ronnie attend counselling while Nick faces a new challenge.
  • Tear Away
    Tear Away
    Episode 14
    Archie gets involved in a dispute between a loutish OAP and his neighbour. Julia and Nick clash over the bid for the campus surgery.
  • Hidden Demons
    Hidden Demons
    Episode 15
    George becomes convinced that acupuncture may have released a patient's old demons. Julia, Nick and Michelle find chaos at the campus surgery.
  • Cry Wolf
    Cry Wolf
    Episode 168
    News of a recent attack published in the local paper pushes a mother to take action against her own flesh and blood. Meanwhile, Heston is still in a foul mood over his disastrous evening with Lily which Layla gatecrashed, and Archie tracks down Kirsten to discuss the poison pen letters that Layla has received.moreless
  • Widow-To-Be
    Episode 170
    Julia meets a patient who wants to declare her missing husband dead. She is put in a tricky position, however, when she discovers that he is still alive. Meanwhile, Vivien stops a vicar's daughter from running away from home.
  • Vantage Point
    Vantage Point
    Episode 195
    Daniel lies to help a man desperate to see his son, but can he do the right thing before his intervention makes a bad situation even worse? Ruth is delighted when Michelle pays her a compliment, while Vivien gets a fright when she is reminded of her attack, and she finds a friend in Lily.moreless
  • Silently Screaming
    Silently Screaming
    Episode 197
    Secrets are shared and fears are revealed when Vivien and Lily find themselves working late at the surgery. Vivien is haunted by memories of her rape ordeal, but as Lily tries to help her move on, she is forced to confront some demons of her own.
  • Heston C In Da House
    Heston C In Da House
    Episode 122
    Heston becomes the target of Ruth and Michelle's tomfoolery, with potentially disastrous results for his patients. Ruth and Michelle later have a girly chat, and Michelle is left with a lot of thinking to do when Ruth reveals some shocking information.
  • Aladdin's Cave
    Aladdin's Cave
    Episode 121
    Melody tries to root out the cause of an old woman's out of control obsession with hoarding, hoping that she can save her from being evicted. Meanwhile, Jimmi surprises everyone when he returns to work - is it too soon? Michelle is concerned when she sees Ruth and Mike together on a group outing.moreless
  • Baby I Love You
    Baby I Love You
    Episode 120
    Jimmi is called in when Vivien finds an abandoned baby with a high temperature on her doorstep - When the mother arrives, can she be persuaded to stay? Meanwhile, Ronnie must resist temptation when a property developer offers him a large sum of money to get his plans passed. Will he do the right thing?moreless
  • Brick Teasers
    Brick Teasers
    Episode 119
    Ronnie is dragged into a jealous couple's relationship troubles when the woman is convinced her husband is cheating on her. The husband, however, has his own suspicions, leading Ronnie to end the day with a bloody nose and the trauma caused by a red thong to show for his troubles. Meanwhile, Jimmi is inundated with messages of sympathy from his colleagues at the Mill and the station, but Julia is concerned - Is he hiding his grief?moreless
  • Reasons To Be Cheerful
    Waking up in the class geek's bed is just the beginning of a hellish day for one female student, and it ends with a trip to the campus surgery. Meanwhile, Michelle and Mike struggle to work together, Heston dresses up for a very special appointment, and Ronnie talks Vivien through the trial.moreless
  • Altered States
    Altered States
    Episode 125
    A man with a frontal lobe tumour refuses to have the operation which could save his life, much to Daniel's annoyance, while Heston calls a meeting of all the doctors, but doesn't quite get the response he hoped for. And George's solution to the holiday problem surprises Ronnie.
  • Miss Letherbridge
    Miss Letherbridge
    Episode 129
    Melody helps an entrant in a beauty contest, who is recovering from a bad accident. When she meets the girl's rival, Melody becomes horrified at the lengths the pair will go to in order to win, and tries to dissuade her from entering. Meanwhile, Julia returns to the Mill and is unhappy to discover that Lily is now a member of staff, and Ruth receives the brush-off when she asks Daniel out on another date.moreless
  • A Spot Of Comedy
    A Spot Of Comedy
    Episode 128
    It is Comedy Week on campus, and Archie and Ruth go to see a struggling standup comedian. Fearing for his health, Archie meets him backstage and discovers that he is on the verge of losing everything, and must choose between his comedy and his wife. Meanwhile, Ruth and Lily deal with the aftermath of the party, and Heston and Vivien clash over the new systems he has implemented at the Mill.moreless
  • Here Be Monsters
    Here Be Monsters
    Episode 127
    As Halloween descends upon the Mill, Jimmi treats a young boy who arrives at the police station, traumatised and refusing to speak. It takes all of Jimmi's skill to coax out the truth, and when an overzealous policeman puts the boy's life at risk, it is up to Jimmi to save him. Meanwhile, Heston hosts a Halloween party, and his choice of outfit seems to confirm everybody's suspicions. While Heston fails to chat up Lily, Daniel has more success with Ruth.moreless
  • Kiss of Death
    Kiss of Death
    Episode 126
    A new doctor, Lily, arrives at the Mill, and the team are intrigued when Jimmi reveals that her nickname at the police station is Morticia. Having taken over Daniel's consulting room, Lily is faced with a woman, Rowena, who keeps dreaming of her fiance's death. When he visits Lily complaining of chest pains, Rowena cancels the wedding, and it is left to Lily to try and save the day. Meanwhile, the girls see Heston with a teenage boy, and assume the worst.moreless
  • Anger Management.
    Anger Management.
    Episode 116
    As Heston faces his first day at The Mill, a bus driver is forced to face his fear of doctors. With Heston's methods proving somewhat unorthodox, has Julia made a terrible decision? Meanwhile, Poppy is in hot water with Callum, who is demanding more than an apology. Unable to stand by any longer, Eva intervenes, and the result is a struggle which ends in a gunshot... Is this the end for Eva?moreless
  • Pokerface
    Episode 115
    The truth proves elusive when Daniel meets a father and daughter who are even bigger players than he is. Meanwhile, Eva secretly meets with a stunned Jimmi, who demands to know what's going on, and Viven discovers that she knows Heston of old - And it's not good news!
  • Wooden Heart
    Wooden Heart
    Episode 114
    When Ruth visits a dentist, she ends up dealing with a lot more than toothache - It turns into a counselling session, and she even ends up trying to play Cupid for him! Meanwhile, Julia interviews an enthusiastic surgeon who wants to move into General Practice - Could he be the new partner at the Mill?moreless
  • A Lesser Man
    A Lesser Man
    Episode 105
    Jimmi tries to improve the relationship between a bereaved father and his difficult stepdaughter. Julia and Michelle disagree about Mike, who upsets a young girl at the campus. Nick speaks to Ed.
  • Downsizing
    Episode 104
    Julia offers the doctors' services in a fitness fair and Melody gets caught in a discussion between a husband and wife regarding breast sizes. George has a birthday surprise for Ronnie. Ruth spends the evening chatting to Archie after her partner on her double date with Michelle doesn't show.
  • Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
    Eva is sent out with a serial killer to find the final body she buried. Vivien makes an announcement.
  • Seeing Red
    Seeing Red
    Episode 101
    Mike investigates a chemical rash on the scalp of a teenage girl with red hair. Archie and Melody are forced together by unexpected events while Michelle has some home truths for Nick.
  • Ben and Norah
    Ben and Norah
    Episode 107
    A woman worries that the cancer she has been diagnosed with will kill her. Nick and Caroline realise that they may have something special after spending the night together.
  • Hunger Strike
    Hunger Strike
    Episode 112
    A student stages a hunger strike in protest against the University's partnership with a multinational corporation, but the University's treasurer seems determined to bring the stunt to an end. Meanwhile, the staff at The Mill unite to show Vivien they are thinking of her, and Callum catches Eva and Ronnie in a compromising situation - Will he tell Jack?moreless
  • Under Control
    Under Control
    Episode 111
    Melody, still struggling to cope with the tragedy from earlier in the week, helps a working mother who cannot let go of any aspect of her domestic life. Meanwhile, it is Vivien's first day back at The Mill since her announcement, and Eva's cover at the bar is threatened.
  • Heroes and Villains
    Heroes and Villains
    Episode 110
    The lorry driver must choose between facing up to his actions and starting a new life with his family -Will he do the right thing? Meanwhile, the staff at the Mill struggle to keep it together as the young witness of the accident tries to come to terms with what he saw.moreless
  • Relinquishment
    Episode 130
    Called to the home of an elderly patient who has died, Heston must referee the argument between the three children as they row over her last wishes, which were to allow her body to be used for medical research. Meanwhile, Lily is called to confirm the death of a man found on the edge of a bonfire, and is met by an eager policeman looking for suspicious causes. Can she piece together what really happened?moreless
  • I Know What You Did Last Semester
    Ronnie uncovers a local MP's dark and shady past when he is called to assist in a harrassment case. Meanwhile, Heston and Lily's relationship flourishes, but his excitement is brought down a level when he discovers that his recent mentorship has fallen apart.
  • Minuit
    Episode 158
    Ruth tends to a student who will stop at nothing in his attempts to get to know a beautiful French girl. Meanwhile, Julia is covering reception, but is taken aback when she discovers a baby that has been deserted by its mother.
  • Just Deserts
    Just Deserts
    Episode 156
    A pensioner realises that things are not always as straightforward as they seem when she is confronted by the asylum seeker she is trying to oust. Meanwhile, Kirsten tries to get Archie more involved in bringing down the drug trials, landing him in deep water.
  • Naughty or Nice
    Naughty or Nice
    Episode 162
    To celebrate the last day of work before the Christmas break, Heston throws a festive party for the team. Daniel tries to arrange care for baby Isobel so he can continue his festivities in Greece, while Archie tracks Kirsten down and uncovers her plans to bring down the drugs trials.
  • Forgive Us Our Sins
    Forgive Us Our Sins
    Episode 163
    Jimmi finds himself trapped in the flat of an emphysema-stricken female paedophile. Daniel, meanwhile, desperately tries to arrange childcare for Isobel, and the solution turns out to be much closer to home than he was expecting.
  • Schlock, Stock and Two Smoking Harolds
    George observes a couple who are desperately trying to give up smoking, but discovers that there are larger obstacles for them to overcome. Meanwhile, Daniel is left with the task of sacking his au pair, and Heston calls for an emergency meeting about the drugs trials.
  • A Bit Of What You Fancy
    The teenage daughter of a recent divorcee must try to cope with her mother's newfound hedonism. Meanwhile, Daniel hires an au pair to look after baby Isobel, and Heston tries to make amends with Lily after their disastrous dinner.
  • Little By Little
    Little By Little
    Episode 165
    Julia finds herself on a quest to save a couple's marriage when she attends a friend's retirement dinner, while Heston bites off more than he can chew as he prepares for his date with Lily. Daniel, meanwhile, eagerly awaits baby Isobel's paternity test results.
  • Testing Times
    Testing Times
    Episode 155
    Kirsten reveals to Archie the real reason she took part in the drug trial demonstrations. Daniel fights to resolve matters with Ruth and her suspected pregnancy, while Michelle tries to comfort her. And Vivien takes her driving test, but her confidence is at an all-time low.
  • The Perfect Couple
    The Perfect Couple
    Episode 154
    Melody must help an active woman come to terms with her eating disorder so that she can become pregnant, while Michelle comforts Ruth when her attempt to confront Daniel about her pregnancy does not go as smoothly as planned. And Vivien is literally firing on all cylinders when she has her last driving lesson before the test.moreless
  • Sandra's Grotto
    Sandra's Grotto
    Episode 151
    George diagnoses a small child with a virus, but her mother becomes hysterical when she spies a rat in their neighbour's garden. Meanwhile, Heston steps up his efforts to win Lily over, but becomes entwined with an angry patient.
  • Trapped In Space
    Trapped In Space
    Episode 137
    A patient has to overcome his claustrophobia when he fears that it is ruining his relationship. Meanwhile, Heston has to apologise to Julia when his lack of experience as a GP could have had dangerous consequences, and Lily and Julia manage to find some common ground.
  • What's Love Got To Do With It?
    Jimmi and Lily find themselves at the heart of a hostage situation, with the future of a doting sister at stake. Meanwhile, Michelle opens up to Ruth about her previous relationships, leaving Ruth happy that Michelle has bared her deepest secrets to her.
  • Hearts and Minds
    Hearts and Minds
    Episode 135
    Melody visits a friend undergoing cancer treatment, who fears her secret past will endanger an admirable relationship. Meanwhile, Vivien returns to the surgery, feeling alone in dealing with her rape trial, and tensions escalate between Lily and Julia, leaving Heston caught in the middle.
  • The Power of Three
    The Power of Three
    Episode 141
    At the Mill, Lily, Heston and Daniel find themselves tending to three women who have all fallen pregnant by the same man. Meanwhile, proceedings are coming to a closeat Vivien's rape trial. Jimmi is called to the witness stand, unconvinced that his words will have an impact.
  • My Son The Guinea Pig
    My Son The Guinea Pig
    Episode 142
    Michelle supports the first 'casualties' of the new drugs trial over at the university campus. Meanwhile, Vivien cautiously awaits the verdict from her rape trial, and is trying to re-organise everything in order to alleviate her agitation.
  • Buried
    Episode 147
    After a shocking discovery is made in an old house, Lily helps a woman who is trapped by her past. Melody anxiously over-prepares for her RCGP accreditation meeting with Heston, while Archie has a date with his new love interest.
  • From The Ashes
    From The Ashes
    Episode 146
    Vivien becomes entangled in a bitter feud as she awaits news from Ronnie about the final sentencing of the rape trial. Meanwhile, Archie deals with a ditzy temp who is covering for Ruth while she is away on holiday with Michelle.
  • A Second Chance
    A Second Chance
    Episode 145
    Melody finds herself helping a family come to terms with depression, and discovers a dark secret that the family has been harbouring for 16 years. Vivien, meanwhile, is on edge as she awaits the final sentencing for her two attackers.
  • The Milky Way
    The Milky Way
    Episode 144
    George helps two women fight for mothers' rights when she discovers that traditionalist views are not always the best policy. Melody finally confronts Archie to settle their rocky friendship, and Michelle is in desperate need of a much deserved holiday.
  • Sins of the Father
    Sins of the Father
    Episode 100
    Jimmi helps a politician who is forced to face the truth when his daughter discovers his secret. A school bully of Julia's shows up at the Mill, keen to make amends.
  • The Watcher
    The Watcher
    Episode 99
    When a flirtatious older woman sets her sights on Archie he gets drawn in when he realises she is being followed. Dinner with Caroline and Ed goes badly wrong for Nick.
  • A Step Too Far
    A Step Too Far
    Episode 51
    Nick and Jimmi come into conflict over the treatment of an anxious young mum. Melody learns the truth and a visitor interrupts Jimmi and Eva's move into their new house.
  • You'll Be a Man, My Son
    Archie tries to help an Alzheimer's patient who thinks he is Archie's dad. A father and son give Michelle some trouble.
  • Fall Upon Your Sword
    Julia helps a couple come to terms with a change in circumstances. Everyone suffers when Vivien is in a particularly savage mood. When Melody asks George to look at Nick's assessment, George agrees with Nick.
  • Big Momma
    Big Momma
    Episode 64
    Ruth is forced to take charge when a deadly spider escapes in the campus surgery. Daniel makes a new acquaintance at Gamblers Anonymous.
  • Stranger on a Bridge
    Melody becomes concerned when a mysterious woman enters the life of a wealthy family friend.
  • Served Cold
    Served Cold
    Episode 60
    Nick is faced with a woman scorned and her potentially dangerous form of revenge. Things go badly when Vivien attempts to take her driving test. Melody worries about what happened between her and Daniel.
  • Expectations
    Episode 50
    Michelle helps a surrogate mother in a difficult situation. George gets closer to Daniel while Archie tries to make peace with JJ.
  • The One
    The One
    Episode 49
    A teenage girl, inspired by her parents' perfect marriage, is convinced she's found 'the one' - until she makes a visit to the surgery. Archie tries to get hold of Melody while Vivien looks forward to her driving course.
  • My Cup Runneth Over with Love
    A musical performance outside a florist's leads Julia to help an elderly singer and miserable shop owner. Jimmi takes Vivian for a driving lesson in the country and Melody is in a dilemma when Archie tells her about JJ.
  • Walking Wounded
    Walking Wounded
    Episode 38
    Archie helps a troubled student confront his sinister past. Davey makes a bad impression on Michelle.
  • Need to Know
    Need to Know
    Episode 37
    An ex-girlfriend of Nick's turns up at the Mill, eager to turn the clock back. Vivien has a disastrous driving lesson when Eva comes along for the ride.
  • It's a Sin
    It's a Sin
    Episode 36
    Michelle intervenes when a young couple disagree over the morning-after pill. Jimmi tries to squirm out of being Vivien's driving instructor.
  • Holding On
    Holding On
    Episode 34
    Melody helps a woman come to terms with her daughter's death but not before she is hospitalised. Julia and Vivien have an eventful driving lesson.
  • Love and War
    Love and War
    Episode 39
    George steps in when a couple who normally thrive on bickering and insults break up. Michelle sees Davey's true nature.
  • The Appointed Hour
    The Appointed Hour
    Episode 41
    Vivien confronts a woman who believes she can predict the hour of her death. Ruth has to face the consequences of getting a makeover from Melody and Michelle.
  • Head and Heart
    Head and Heart
    Episode 47
  • Pass The Parcel
    Pass The Parcel
    Episode 44
    George clashes with a mother refusing to give her toddler the MMR jab. Ruth returns to her and Davey's house.
  • Creature Comforts
    Creature Comforts
    Episode 43
    Nick helps a patient who believes that her husband is having an affair. Ruth steels herself to confront Davey. Melody has a surprise guest for dinner.
  • Forbidden Fruit
    Forbidden Fruit
    Episode 68
    When an old flame reappears in Eva's life, she struggles with temptation. Julia and Mal share a kiss but Julia soon has doubts.
  • Girl X
    Girl X
    Episode 89
    Ronnie forces his journalist friend to face the consequences of his unsavoury actions. It's George's 40th birthday and she's expecting a big surprise.
  • The Horrors
    The Horrors
    Episode 88
    Mike helps a student with a drink problem, whilst Mal helps out at the campus.
  • The Universe Provides
    George is taken in by a spiritual conman who threatens to sue after a homeopathic remedy causes an allergic reaction. Nick is asked out on a date, while work pressures take their toll on Joe.
  • Kiss My Asp
    Kiss My Asp
    Episode 92
    It's the day of George's party, but she's not the only one with a surprise in store.
  • In The Dark
    In The Dark
    Episode 93
    A woman struggling to trust her previously adulterous husband turns to Nick for solutions. The gossip from George's party spreads fast, but what will Julia decide?
  • Smokescreen
    Episode 98
    A woman asks George for help when it appears her partner's smoking is going to ruin her 40th birthday. Michelle regales everyone with details of her date with Mike.
  • After Celia
    After Celia
    Episode 97
    Following the suicide of a student, Julia meets three people struggling with their guilt. While Daniel is the unwilling centre of attention at the Mill, Nick struggles with his own performance.
  • Action Replay
    Action Replay
    Episode 95
    Following a car accident, a woman suffering from mental distress asks Ronnie to help her sue the boy she hit and paralysed. Vivien is left shaken after an unexpected visitor to the Mill.
  • Everything Counts
    Everything Counts
    Episode 94
    It is a momentous day for Michelle's friend, but will a hamster and a toddler ruin her chance of future happiness? Daniel pushes Melody's sympathetic nature a little too far. Julia makes her decision.
  • The Third Challenge
    The Third Challenge
    Episode 86
    Ruth finds herself getting too close to a handsome young patient. Joe discovers that Daniel is still seeing Kay.
  • Observation
    Episode 85
    Eva discovers that crime and exploitation are closer to home than she thought. George and Ronnie attempt to interrogate Mal at their dinner party.
  • Number One Fan
    Number One Fan
    Episode 83
    The reported death of a French film star causes a lonely woman to have delusions. Nick meets a flirtatious new patient.
  • One Dog Day
    One Dog Day
    Episode 75
    Eva gets a break in the burglary investigation. Daniel struggles to resist Kay.
  • Witness to a Wedding
    George and Ronnie accidentally get caught up in a very surreal wedding. Kay sets Daniel his biggest challenge yet.
  • Everything But the Girl
    Ronnie discovers a disturbing truth when he visits a client's home. Kay ups the ante with Daniel at a local launderette.
  • Safe
    Episode 69
    Jimmi puts himself at risk to convince a girl caught up in gang crime that she can be safe. Kay and Daniel's risk-taking takes a criminal turn.
  • A Regular Fare
    A Regular Fare
    Episode 76
    Ruth bumps into an old family friend and uncovers a disturbing secret. Vivien attends the ID parade.
  • Love Rat
    Love Rat
    Episode 78
    Daniel races to prove his innocence after being accused of having an affair with a patient. Jimmi finds himself in an awkward position.
  • Part of You
    Part of You
    Episode 82
    Joe gets caught up in some family politics when a father needs a new kidney. Julia and Mal's picnic in the park is interrupted.
  • Fashion First
    Fashion First
    Episode 81
    Melody helps a fashion-conscious girl to put her health first. Julia is on top of the world, but is all that it seems?
  • Stranger in a Strange Land
    Michelle helps a foreign student with food poisoning. Julia has an unexpected visitor.
  • These Prison Walls
    These Prison Walls
    Episode 79
    Ronnie helps an ex-prisoner accused of arson. Vivien returns to the police station.
  • Wandering Off
    Wandering Off
    Episode 171
    Melody tends to a single mother with a growing self-doubt, and witnesses her desperation for stability and order in her life. Meanwhile, an unexpected arrival brings Daniel's childcare problems to an end, and Archie struggles with his fear of how to expose the truth about the Trelawney Wells drug trials.
  • Tigger And The Gold Digger
    Michelle catches up with an old school friend, who is proud to have become the gold-digging trophy girlfriend of a best-selling author. Meanwhile, Daniel faces up to his overbearing mother, and Kirsten returns to Archie after spending a night in the cells for being caught breaking into a lab facility.
  • Altered Ego
    Altered Ego
    Episode 173
    A bright first-generation student is torn between her background and her future when her boyfriend from home pays her a visit. Meanwhile, Ruth's low demeanour prompts Michelle to cheer her up, and Archie faces his nemesis once more when he tries to expose the truth about the drugs trials.
  • Sweet Good Night
    Sweet Good Night
    Episode 202
    The story behind the stabbing is revealed when Dorothy finds a teenage girl in shock and takes her to the surgery to see Melody. Also, Ruth makes her final decision, while Dorothy talks to Julia about her future.
  • O True Apothecary
    O True Apothecary
    Episode 200
    As the community draws closer together, an elderly woman's daughter tries to get her mother to move in with her. She is reluctant to go, until she discovers something shocking. Meanwhile, Michelle's excitement to meet Lenny is short-lived, as Ruth herself starts to have doubts about him.
  • Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
    As the estate comes to terms with the killing, Heston helps a young teaching assistant through a crisis of confidence, and together they try to help one of the child gang members. Ruth is concerned when Lenny fails to show up for work, and soon finds herself getting sucked into his world.moreless
  • Defining Happy
    Defining Happy
    Episode 203
  • Baby Bliss
    Baby Bliss
    Episode 204
  • Fly By Night
    Fly By Night
    Episode 212
    Michelle finds herself in an uncomfortable position when she is forced to lie for her friend who is cheating on her partner. Meanwhile Ruth, left to hold the fort at the campus surgery, tries on Michelle's uniform. But when an unexpected patient puts her on the spot, Ruth introduces herself as Nurse Corrigan.moreless
  • Limbo
    Episode 211
    Jimmi realises how lonely he is when he helps a woman and her son who are on the run from an abusive marriage. And Vivien's day goes from bad to worse when first a virus causes havoc with her email, and then Karen returns, contrary to Vivien's instructions. But by the day's end, Vivien grudgingly admits that she is impressed with the temp.moreless
  • Mac's Women
    Mac's Women
    Episode 208
    Julia has to eat humble pie when she believes a woman's accusations about Mac, while Karen, the new temp at the Mill, fails to meet Vivien's exacting standards. Archie returns from his trip overseas worried that life at the Mill will not measure up, and Ruth's initial anxiety about her first art class vanishes when she meets the hunky teacher.moreless
  • Amends
    Episode 205
  • Tempt Not A Desperate Man
    Daniel is called to the Junction Estate to see a patient who has a surprising intruder, and he makes a horrifying discovery. Meanwhile, Julia is surprised to see an old friend taking an unexpected job, and Ruth is swept off her feet when she helps a handsome young university cleaner.
  • Wanted
    Episode 194
    Jimmi and Lily work with Eva's replacement, DI Banks, on a rape case where a young girl must risk blowing her family apart in order to get justice. Meanwhile, Daniel is missing Izzie, so he decides to try and find her himself, and George realises how difficult it was for Ronnie to keep Jimmi's secret. Julia goes to apologise to Jimmi, who reveals how desperately sad he is that he will never see Eva again.moreless
  • Don't Say A Word
    Don't Say A Word
    Episode 177
    Jimmi treats a patient at the police station, and is shocked to discover that the arrival of his new baby has pushed him to take extreme measures. Meanwhile, Melody has lunch with her older brother, Felix, and he reveals a softer side, despite a rocky start. Felix also has some news that prompts Melody to visit Milo, a decision which has alarming consequences.moreless
  • We'll Meet Again
    We'll Meet Again
    Episode 176
    Vivien must take an old man to find his lost love after he hijacks her car, while Melody, having slept at Milo's house, arrives at the Mill in the previous night's clothes. Elsewhere, George tries to put an anxious Ronnie's mind at rest over fears that Bracken is not settling in at the nursery.moreless
  • Arranged Family
    Arranged Family
    Episode 175
    Michelle's suspicions are aroused when a Russian girl says she is pregnant to an older patient of hers. Meanwhile, Ronnie is nervous for Bracken on her first day at school, and Melody prepares for her first date with her childhood crush.
  • You People
    You People
    Episode 174
    Archie gets embroiled in an argument over who should be occupying a ground floor flat, while Julia and Heston discuss his future following his exposing of the truth about the drug trials. Michelle makes it up to Ruth for forgetting her birthday.
  • The Old Fashioned Way
    The Old Fashioned Way
    Episode 178
    Heston gives an old-fashioned watchmaker a wake-up call, which helps him realise he does not have to risk everything to get what he wants. Meanwhile, Melody is still very shaken by her encounter, but resists Michell's pleas to call the police, and Milo fastidiously prepares his car for a special journey with his children.moreless
  • Moments In The Sun
    Moments In The Sun
    Episode 179
    A chance encounter on the phone raises Ruth's spirits, and she lets herself be drawn into a romantic fantasy, never realising the sad truth that lies behind it. Meanwhile, a chat with Jimmi fuels Melody's suspicions about Milo, but can she convince Michelle to help her find him before it is too late?moreless
  • The End of the World
    The End of the World
    Episode 193
    When Heston meets an elderly lady living in terror of imminent apocalypse, he goes to extreme lengths to get her to face up to the real problem. Meanwhile, Ruth is being uncharacteristically kind to Daniel, but when he throws her efforts back in her face she snaps at him. And, in spite of Ronnie's misgivings, Julia and George conspire to get Jimmi to open up about Eva, and invite him to dinner at Julia's. But are any of them prepared for his surprise revelation?moreless
  • Love Will Find A Way
    Love Will Find A Way
    Episode 192
    Michelle spots an opportunity to play Cupid when she helps a girl find her long-lost fiance. Meanwhile, missing Izzy finally gets to Daniel, and Jimmi's behaviour on Eva's birthday leaves Julia and George feeling bemused.
  • Voice Control
    Voice Control
    Episode 191
    Vivien's vanity lands her in the middle of two con artists and their scheme to cheat a relative out of some money. Meanwhile, Lily and Heston's appraisal does not turn out the way Heston had hoped, and Lisa has some news that leaves Daniel distraught.
  • Tears of a Clown
    Tears of a Clown
    Episode 190
    Ronnie gets roped into helping at a children's party, and gets more than he bargained for when the children's entertainer comes face-to-face with his past. Meanwhile, Julia is surprised by Heston's enthusiasm for the staff appraisals, and Daniel is shocked to find a surprise visitor on his doorstep.
  • Dem Bones
    Dem Bones
    Episode 213
    A glimpse into the past reveals the people who changed Lily's life, and explains her attachment to the skull. Meanwhile, Heston meets an old friend from medical school and is gobsmacked when this friend reveals a connection to someone at the Mill. Ruth thinks like Michelle, making a daring move during her art class.moreless
  • Old Haunts
    Old Haunts
    Episode 214
    A traffic offence and a DNA test open up a can of worms for Ronnie and his client. Lionel's revelation makes Heston see Vivien in a new light, and he regrets the promise he made him. And Ruth blows Adam away with a new dress and some stolen answers.
  • Over The Cracks
    Over The Cracks
    Episode 226
    Heston gets caught up in a young couple's decorating feud with their grandmother, and discovers a lot more than anyone expected. Ruth is as reluctant to let Michelle meet her new man as he is keen to meet her friends, and when Vivien fails to turn up for work, a concerned Jimmi goes to see her, hoping to help.moreless
  • Road To Recovery
    Road To Recovery
    Episode 219
    Lily gets caught up with a hypochondriac, and a trip to the hospital puts both of their lives in danger. Meanwhile, Ruth is still cagey about her new man, and George and Ronnie break their big news to the team. Heston fails to unite Vivien and Lionel, but finally manages to ignite Lily's affections in the process.moreless
  • The Two Leo Beckfolds
    The Two Leo Beckfolds
    Episode 218
    Vivien wages a one-woman war on a two-faced tearaway, while Lily and Heston seem to be moving further apart as they argue in the surgery. And, having predicted the patter of tiny feet, Julia is shocked by George's actual announcement.
  • Little White Lies
    Little White Lies
    Episode 217
    Daniel steps in to help a stressed patient whose addictive secret is causing marital difficulties. Meanwhile, change is on the cards for George and Ronnie, and Lily tries her hand at matchmaking.
  • Bad Blood
    Bad Blood
    Episode 216
    Archie helps two young teenagers whose plans to escape to a better life almost prove fatal, while Daniel struggles to gain access to Izzie as Lisa starts to use his own past against him. And as she tries to help Vivien, Lily realises that maybe she should take her own advice and give love a chance.moreless
  • A Life in Pictures
    A Life in Pictures
    Episode 220
    Jimmi reluctantly gets involved in a student film, and ends up helping the director see that the bad news he receives should not thwart his romantic intentions. Heston struggles to comply with Lily's wish that their romance be kept a secret, while Vivien is adamant that her relationship with Lionel should stay firmly in the past. And when George and Ronnie try to tell Bracken about the move to China, they wonder if they are doing the right thing.moreless
  • FlimFlam Thank You Man
    Archie's adherence to the rule of patient confidentiality is stretched to the limit when dealing with a game-playing student who is out to get revenge. Meanwhile, Heston and Lily accidentally start arranging a leaving party for George, Vivien continues to deliberate about seeing Lionel, and Daniel wonders who betrayed his shady past to Lisa.moreless
  • Cows
    Episode 225
    George and Ronnie journey to the countryside to help a burly farmer resolve a difficult family dynamic, while Ruth is upset when Michelle mocks her handmade gift and Daniel accuses her of airing his dirty laundry. Vivien continues to agonise over Lionel's invitation to join him in Bermuda.
  • Heal Thyself
    Heal Thyself
    Episode 224
    Melody fears she has missed something important when diagnosing a patient. Can she make it to him in time? Meanwhile, Vivien finally takes the plunge and phones Lionel.
  • Skin Deep
    Skin Deep
    Episode 223
    After an initial run-in, Julia helps a distressed teenage gypsy plagued by a skin problem. Meanwhile, Heston tries to persuade Julia to help with his matchmaking plans, and Michelle is eager to hear all the juicy details from Ruth's date.
  • The Thirteenth
    The Thirteenth
    Episode 222
    Michelle treats a seemingly harmless patient who claims to see fairies at the bottom of his garden. Heston struggles to enter into the spirit of Lily's romantic camping trip, but ends up getting more than he could have hoped for. And Ruth and Adam's relationship becomes more intimate.
  • What the World Needs Now
    Eva clashes with a charismatic preacher who believes that prayer patrols are the answer to safer streets. As Vivien decides who will give her a driving lesson, the gang meet up to discuss the lack of patients at the Campus.
  • The Ticking Clock
    The Ticking Clock
    Episode 32
    When an older woman discovers she is pregnant by her younger lover the blood test shows that she is HIV positive - is the lover or her ex-husband responsible? Jimmi takes Vivien to the car auction.
  • Interventions
    Episode 23
    Melody helps a couple troubled by alcoholism. Ruth has an eventful day of training with Vivien at The Mill.
  • Larp
    Episode 22
    Michelle aids a barbarian and an elf in their quest for the hand of an elven princess. The team congratulates Daniel on yesterday's heroics - but was it enough to win the pitch?
  • Little Brother
    Little Brother
    Episode 21
    Nick rushes to the rescue when a boy fears his little brother is in mortal danger. It's the day of the pitch and Julia is in need of a knight in shining armour.
  • The Homecoming
    The Homecoming
    Episode 18
    Jimmi and Eva are forced to work together when a baby is kidnapped from St. Phil's.
  • Making Your Bed
    Making Your Bed
    Episode 24
    An overbearing woman drags her impotent husband into the surgery, but that's not all he needs help with. Nick advises.
  • Photo Finish
    Photo Finish
    Episode 26
    The Mill staff find themselves caught up in a murder mystery when the Campus Surgery celebrates its Grand Opening. Jimmi tries to ask Eva out for a drink.
  • Sweet Success
    Sweet Success
    Episode 31
    Nick helps a boy come to terms with working in his mother's chocolate shop. Vivien announces a plan to solve her public transport problems.
  • Hush Little Baby
    Hush Little Baby
    Episode 30
    Ruth helps a desperate young pregnant girl to stand up to the father of her baby. Vivien has been having problems with the buses.
  • Friends Like These
    Friends Like These
    Episode 28
    Daniel tries to help a recovering alcoholic under pressure from more than just his own demons. And the Campus Surgery finally opens for business.
  • Cat Fight
    Cat Fight
    Episode 27
    Archie finds a solution when an asthmatic man refuses to give up his best friend, Thomas the Cat. Julia's day goes from bad to worse as she tries to keep control of the negative publicity.
  • Imitation of Life
    Imitation of Life
    Episode 17
    Vivien is suspicious when her friend is given the chance of a new life abroad by her long-lost brother. Julia gets a nasty shock at the PCT.
  • Standing Up
    Standing Up
    Episode 16
    Melody has to intervene to protect the newfound independence of a disabled woman. Daniel feels isolated when he's left out of the new surgery bid.
  • The Awakening
    The Awakening
    Episode 13
    Reality becomes confusing when recurring dreams start to dominate a man's thoughts.
  • Speak Up
    Speak Up
    Episode 4
    Michelle is shocked to meet a face from the past. Daniel and Archie are called in to explain the fight while Joe makes a big decision.
  • All In A Name
    All In A Name
    Episode 5
    When a teenage boy tries to hire his services, Ronnie uncovers a hidden crime. Joe says his goodbyes to the Mill and Letherbridge while George and Ronnie have a positive counselling session.
  • Lady Muck
    Lady Muck
    Episode 6
    When a shameless gossip stumbles across something serious she enlists Archie's help to save a man's life. An old friend from the Police Station is upset to hear that Jimmi has split up with Eva.
  • Shine a Light On
    Shine a Light On
    Episode 12
    Melody clashes with Julia over a teenage mother who is paranoid about her baby's health. Jimmi has a horrible day when a lecture he is giving goes wrong.
  • A Pain in The....
    A Pain in The....
    Episode 11
    Archie gets embroiled in an argument with a traffic warden who is worried about his future. Julie bumps into an old friend at a PCT meeting who hints there may be an opening for The Mill to expand.
  • Searching
    Episode 10
    Nick helps a young girl in care who refuses to believe that her mother is dead. Eva tells Jimmi she has put in for a transfer.
  • And The Winner is...
    Vivien is the reluctant winner of a competition. Eva finally gets some sense out of Maisie, who then sets up camp outside the station.