Dog Bites Man

Season 1 Episode 1

Assignment Bodybuilders

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jun 07, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • This pilot wasn’t particularly outstanding, although it did have a few laughs. I recommend you take advantage of the free download to see if the show is something that you like.

    I first heard about Dog Bites Man from the commercials for it on Comedy Central. Those commercials kind of gave me the impression that Dog Bites Man would be like a reporter’s version of Reno 911. This comparison is going to be made a lot, which is unfair for this show, because Reno 911 such a strong name to live up to. But to get this out of the way, it has a similar premise and approach as Reno 911, but judging from this episode, it won’t be as funny as Reno 911.

    The pilot sets itself up for an interesting relationship between Kevin Beekin and Tillie Sullivan, who are easily the two main characters. We find out within the first 2 minutes that they used to be in a relationship, which is now over. This sets itself up for many jokes where Kevin tries to make it seem that he is getting many ladies and is doing great without Tillie, all in an effort to impress her. These plans don’t work and Tillie sees right through them, which makes up about half of the jokes in this episode. Hopefully these jokes won’t be overused too much as the series continues, because they’re already feeling somewhat tired.

    As for the other two characters, they are there solely for comedic value and seem to be extremely shallow. Marty Shonson, an intern who’s the production assistant, is perceived as a nerd and homosexual. There goes another fourth of the jokes. The last fourth involve Allan Finger, which is bathroom humor and stuff similar to that kin. Overall, the jokes are forced, and there is a large possibility that they will be stuck in these joke stereotypes throughout the whole series.

    Judging it from a single episode, this episode provided a few laughs but nothing to write home about. It\'s enough to take advantage of the free download on iTunes to see if it\'s something you want to continue to watch, or a series you would want to leave in the dust.

    When considering the outlook of the rest of the series, this episode shows that the show has some potential. I plan on sticking around for at least a few more episodes to see if the show goes uphill or not. However, if the other episodes don’t change up their humor and produce more of the same, then this show isn’t going to last long at all.
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