Dog Bites Man

Season 1 Episode 2

Assignment: Undercover Homosexual

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jun 14, 2006 on Comedy Central
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Assignment: Undercover Homosexual
In order to expose some of the prejudice in America, the news team investigates how homosexuals are treated. To do this, Kevin goes undercover as a homosexual.

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  • Personally I expected a lot more out of the episode. And the camera angle is kind of awkward as if it was a documentary type mentality.

    Overall the episode had its moments, like the screw up at Subways, the hidden camera in Tillie’s room, and at the end when Marty has sex for a very brief moment. The show can do better and it has potential to become a better show. But right now it hasn’t reached it.

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    • Kevin: He was a gay guy, in a wheelchair, you know, and he had a great sense of humor.
      Tillie: He was great.
      Kevin: Yeah, yeah.
      Tillie: He was a really fun guy.
      Kevin: We called him "Roll-AIDS".

    • Marty: Busted!
      Hotel Woman: I didn't mean it as a homophobic remark!
      Marty: Still, it's a major bust.

    • Marty: Look at her, she's just holdin' her boob!
      Kevin: She found a lump!
      Marty: Yeah! She found a lump!
      Kevin: No, Marty! Tillie might have breast cancer!
      Alan: Can we watch Dharma and Greg?

    • Tillie: Ask him how many times he thinks a woman has to experiment before she's considered a lesbian.
      Kevin: Speaking on behalf of the lesbian community, how many acts... of lesbianics, I don't know the word. How many acts of lesbianics does it take before she's considered a lesbian?
      Gay Man: Without making anyone uncomfortable... I'd rather not try to speculate on that question.
      Tillie: I heard it was five.
      Gay Man: I would agree with that, yeah.
      Kevin: Isn't it no longer considered experimenting once you know what it is?

    • Kevin: Does that make me a modern-day Martin Luther Queen?

    • Tillie: Maybe you can ask Ben how many times you have to experiment in college in order to be considered a lesbian...

    • Kevin: I don't know if I'm believable as a gay.
      Marty: Well, a lot of your fan mail does say, 'Kevin Beekin is a *beep*.'

    • Kevin: Can I ask why you brought a razor?
      Alan: I thought it was a discussion on facial sensitivity...

    • Tillie: There's no puss in my boob, Marty.

    • Alan: Parts of me, sometimes, I feel like... i'm a black guy.
      Counselor: Say more.
      Alan: I'm just a really good freestyle dancer.

    • Kevin: I don't know why we need a racial sensitivity seminar. We are all pretty sensitive.
      Tillie: Well, evidently there was a complaint filed against us. Maybe because we didn't celebrate Ramadan or something.
      Alan: We stayed at a Ramadan once in Seattle.
      Tillie: That's Ramada Inn, Alan.

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