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  • This show is great, however some people may not get the humor. It's not like any other show on the air, and I wish it was still around.

    Four reporters for a news station in Spokane, WA which I have been to multiple times (fictional news station, but the town is real) are willing to do absolutely anything to get noticed and picked up, or at least not get canceled. The show is full of one liners, and I think the only downfall with the show was they wrote the season to be the beginning and the end. It could pick up where it left off, but I think they knew there was a good chance a lot of people wouldn't appreciate their style of humor, so the finished the season off in a way that doesn't leave anything questionable. Of all the shows I've watched that were canceled, I really hope these guys can somehow start up again.
  • An ignorant group of people that call themselves a news team travel around looking for stories that turn out to be bogus.

    I would say that this show made the status of television mockumentaries go from 'overdone' to 'extremely tired.' With only about 4 good shows remaining on Comedy Central's primetime, this took out the faith I had in the channel's new shows.
    The problem with "Dog" is simply that its not funny. It is obviously inspired by great mockumentaries like the two 'Offices' but fails to imitate it. The characters are poorly developed, and the script is even worse. I'm not that surprised that Comedy Central didn't stop after "Stella" and so many other failures. What's in it for them?
  • This show is about four news corrrespondants that are always rushing to finish the story. With thier racist and predegist views it says what i want to say.

    One of the funnist show on televison, if you dont watch this show you must have a brain tumor. That could be the only explanation. If this show is not on for at least five seasons I will never watch tv again. With thier racist and predegist views it says what i want to say. This show is about four news corrrespondants that are always rushing to finish the story. One of the funnist show on televison, if you dont watch this show you must have a brain tumor. That could be the only explanation. La lala la la la
  • An amazing display of improv skill. This isn't for everyone: it's dry, but if you get their angle of humor you realize it's true comedic genius. I hope it lasts though, it's almost too good for the mainstream.

    Take the daily show, Reno 911!, and the Upright Citizens Birgade. Shake well until you find yourself offended, wierded out, completely uncomfortable, confused, sick, frightened, and/or luaghing hysterically.

    You HAVE to keep in mind that they are interacting with people who do not realize this is a comedy show.

    I'm sure many more influences could be listed, the true genius of this show is the unique synthesis of ideas into a solid concept and the PERFECT execution of that concept.

  • I can't believe this is on the same channel as South Park and The Colbert Report.

    This show is not good (can't make it much clearer then that). It's about these news casters going around doing news on people (Spring Break, etc.). Now, the idea is very good, a comedy on news casting. But unlike other news comedy shows, like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, is done very poorly.

    Sure, it has it's funny moments. But the jokes are not funny. This is not a good show. When your watching a show/special on Comedy Central, you want to laugh until your about to vomit. The biggest problem is the writing, it's shallow and not funny. If this series is going to last as long as South Park, they need to work on smarter jokes. Even some children's cartoons have smarter, funnier jokes than this.

    To sum it up, This is not a good show. When new Reno 911, Chappelle's Show, Futurama (CC will start airing reruns and new episodes in 2008), and Mind of Mencia episodes are about to premeire. And Comedy Central already doing a great job with South Park (and new episodes coming out in the Fall). And when we got better news casting shows like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, there is really no place for Dog Bites Man on CC. Great idea, poor execution.

    Overall Score: 5 out of 10.
  • A masterful display of improv skill.

    When Comedy Central canceled Stella, one of the greatest shows they have ever produced, I was prepared to leave them. Their dedication to trash like Mind of Mencia had me thinking they too were on the way to becoming an MTV-esque cesspool of unoriginality and immaturity. But then came Dog Bites Man.

    This show features four very talented improvisers (Upright Citizens Brigade's Matt Walsh, The State's A.D. Miles, stand-up Zach Galifinakis, and Andrea Savage) doing something I've never seen before: putting on a show with a plot in the midst of the real world. Just about everybody they interact with thinks they're talking to actual members of a news team. That's just part of what makes this show so genuine and funny.

    A combination of The Office, Reno 911, and Da Ali G show, this show is hilarious, original, and easily the best series Comedy Central has to offer right now.
  • Wow... Not Funny At All

    This show sucks. I gave it a try one day and it was so bad. They try to be funny by making fun of gay people. I\\\\\\\'m not gay and making fun of gay people is funny if you do it to a limit but, they crossed that line and it was retarded. This show sucks, and it should be cancelled.
  • Wow...This show is awsome, whyd it take so long to get a show like this!

    This show was hilarious, but a little boring at times, but picked right back up again.This show is laugh out loud funny. And you almost wish your local news was like that. Its almost like a news additon of Reno 911...The actors themselves are funny and cant wait to watch it again.
  • First episode was awesome!

    Well after seeing only one episode i gotta say i like it and for some reason it was starting to remind me of ubc, maybe its just matt walsh's sense of humor, I dont know. And thats a good thing. I know it was only one episode but I was laughing the whole time, and i cant ask for more than that yet. Something about shows with no laugh track also makes them alot better. But i would personally recommend this show, if your looking for a unique type of humor. I hope this show doesnt get cancelled anytime soon, and I will keep watching it right before The Daily Show on Wednesdays.
  • Well that was very disappointing

    They showed basically the only funny scenes in the commercials. I went in thinking the show was going to be a bunch of great dry humor, but it was way too serious. I really can\'t see how this show will make it much futher unless they get a little bit better writing. All of the actors seem to have the potential, they just aren\'t... well... they aren\'t anything unique. The 2 guys actually had some of the bets lines but they were held back and might of talked like 5 times? Overall disappointing, I was hoping for some grade A unimportant news mixed in with solid humor and some dry humor. I guess it\'s worth giving a try, but don\'t expect much unless you want a poor written \"comedy\" drama. I\'ll check out the next episode and see if it\'s any better but until then I can\'t give it more than this..