Dog City - Season 1

FOX (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • Is It Arf?
    Episode 13
    Artie has decided he has a new detective hero - someone who uses a cool detecting kit to solve his mysteries. Eliot decides that maybe Ace needs a challenge and in his latest story pits Ace against super sleuth Surelick Bones. Mysterious thefts are happening all over Dog City and Ace Hart hasn't caught the culprit. His reputation has suffered so much that, Rosie O'Gravy has called in Surelick Bones, master detective to help with the case. Ace, determined to save his reputation, doesn't give up though, and with his nose on the case we quickly discover that the mastermind behind the well planned art thefts is none other than... tune in to find out!moreless
  • Cats 'n' Dogs
    Episode 12
    Cats are mobbing into Eliot's apartment building. And Bruno will not allow it. This gives Eliot inspiration for his latest Ace Hart Adventure. The Cat gang has decided to take over Dog city and to run the dogs out of town. Unfortunately for them they have Bugsy Vile to contend with. Unfortunately for Bugsy, he can't get rid of them alone. Ace Hart and Bugsy team up in this episode to try to rid the city of all those cats! A twist to the plot however, throws Kitty, Bugsy's 'gal' in with the cat gang. Do the cats claw their way into Dog City? Join us for this hair(ball) raising adventuremoreless
  • Rocketship K-9
    Episode 11
    Bruno is convinced that aliens are invading Dog City. Eliot decides to take this as a cue for this next Ace Hart Adventure. Eliot sends Ace on a high-flying adventure to the moon to find out what happened to Arfstrong, the first mutt on the moon, who disappeared soon after he landed. Once there, Ace gets tangled in a web of espionage that includes both Rottweiller and Bugsy and a cat named Bestov Breed. Who will claim the moon first? Join us as Ace races to save the moon from the clutches of the bad guys.moreless
  • In Your Dreams
    Episode 10
    Eliot falls asleep at his animation table after a long, hard day drawing a new Ace Hart Adventure. Pretty soon a cartoon Eliot joins Ace in his animated world, out of Eliot's dreams. Ace and Eliot reluctantly team up and end up in a wacky, surreal world that's a creation of Eliot's subconscious. As Eliot follows Ace through Dog City, Eliot gets to know all of his characters up close and personal. Our adventure takes a turn for the worse when Eliot disappears and Ace Hart is charged with dogknapping him. How can Ace get Eliot back to Dog City, find the culprit and clear his own name? Join us as we help Ace solve this puzzling mystery!!!moreless
  • Ya Gotta Have Hart
    Episode 9
    Eliot Shag's boss at the network wants a more up-to-date, funky Ace Hart show. At first Eliot tries to please his boss but quickly realizes that he can't change who Ace Hart is - for anyone. Eliot and Ace stand up to the boss to keep the show as it was originally and manage to get themselves fired. To pay Eliot's rent Ace tries working in commercials, French films and fairy tales but he fails in all his endeavors. Ace can't hold a job anywhere. Soon Ace discovers that he can't exist unless he has a job in a cartoon. Join us on a quest to save Ace's cartoon life and to keep Bruno the superintendent out of Eliot's hair and his apartment.moreless
  • 11/28/92
    Colleen Barker, Eliot's neighbor, asks Eliot to puppysit her nephew Pomeroy. Eliot quickly finds out that the previously sweet looking pup turns out to be a paw-ful. However, Pomeroy becomes the inspiration for Eliot's next Ace Hart Adventure. Puppyface Felson, a cute but notorious criminal dog, sets up a plot with Bugsy and his gang to steal Zsa Zsa Gbark's 'Hope on a Rope' Diamond. The plan goes awry when Puppyface is put into Ace's custody until his 'parents' are found.moreless
  • The Bloodhound
    Episode 7
    Eliot's suspicions and fears about Colleen's new friend result in a madcap adventure that has Dog City howling in fear. A vampire is loose in Dog City, and Ace has to find him before everyone goes to the dogs. Chief Rosie O'Gravy, Ace and Eddie each work in their own inimitable way to solve the mystery of the "Bloodhound". Ace, skeptical puts his nose to the ground to pick up every clue but Eddie's belief in the vampire begins to cloud his judgement. Can they find the fiend before he bites another dog? Ace, Eddie and Rosie race against time to solve this Ace Hart mystery.moreless
  • Radio Daze
    Episode 6
    Eliot Shag's inspiration for his next Ace Hart adventure comes from his television repair man who's nostalgic for the good ole days for radio. Ace Hart's latest case is to solve the murders at WFIDO radio before the soap opera " It's a Dog's Life" loses all of it's stars. Little does Ace suspect that the clues to catching the dastardly criminal lie in the "sound of radio". Stay tuned dear listeners as we uncover together the "whodunnit."moreless
  • The Dog Pound
    Episode 5
    Eliot is accused of having chewed Bruno's favorite slipper and he's placed under dog house arrest in his very own home. Being stuck with no way out, Eliot uses his situation to come up with his next Ace Hart story. Ace gets framed for a crime he didn't commit - stealing "The Sultan's Slipper". But from behind bars, he can't absolve himself from his crime. Ace has to depend on Rosie O'Gravy, chief of Detectives, to help him out of his predicament. However, when Rosie's disguise is discovered, they are both trapped in the paws of Bugsy Vile and his gang.moreless
  • 10/17/92
    Eliot is trying to help his friend Artie cope with starting a new school year at a brand new school. Artie is worried that he won't be able to make friends or fit in. This gives Eliot a bright idea for his nest Ace Hart adventure. Ace and Rosie have to rescue Eddie from a school that's being run by Bugsy the Mob boss and his henchdogs. Bugsy and his bad brood are trying to recruit young pups to join them in their life of senseless crime. The pups are taught to be mean, conniving, cheating, bad dogs. Eliot helps Ace into a disguise so he can get into the school unnoticed. Unfortunately, on his way to rescue Eddie, Ace is discovered by Bugsy’s goons and captured. Thank Dog! Rosie O' Gravy, chief of detectives is at the school undercover. But now that they are all trapped in Bugsy's dog house, who is going to rescue our hero and Eddie? Back in Eliot's muppet world, Artie discovers that it isn't so bad at a new school because school is whatever you make it.moreless
  • Meat, the Butcher
    Episode 3
    Eliot has been ordered by his boss to animate a story with a lot of violence in it. Unfortunately, this goes against Eliot's personal belief that violence is unnecessary. He wants to do the story his way, without having to resort to violence to make the story good or to get ratings. Unfortunately, Ace agrees with Eliot's boss and not Eliot. Ace is drooling to get his paws on the meanest, biggest, vilest criminal that Eliot can dream up. Ace convinces Eliot to go with the violence, and has Meat the Butcher unleashed on him. Meat has a mind of his own and quickly takes over the entire story, running completely out of Eliot's control. This puts Ace into a really tight spot - hanging over a meat grinder as Eliot scrambles to come up with a way to rescue Ace and rid Dog City of Meat the menace. Eliot decides that he can't do the story any way but on his own terms because he abhors violence, so he paints Ace into some funny situations. In the end Eliot's boss thinks the story is the best he's ever done and Eliot is glad he didn't have to resort to using violence.moreless
  • 10/3/92
    A loose screw in Eliot's animation desk causes him great aggravation but it also becomes the inspiration for another adventure with Ace Hart, Private Eye Dog. Eliot's story pits Ace Hart against a criminal known only as Screwie Louie. Screwie Louie let’s one of life's little aggravations get to him and now he's gone over the edge. He's out to take every single screw out of Dog City. While Ace tries to save Dog City from Screwie Louie he discovers that Bugsy, the Dog city mob don has other plans for poor Louie. Bugsy is out to recruit Louie to join his team of specialized henchdogs. Can Ace, with Eliot's help, reach Screwy Louie before Bugsy's gang does? Stay tuned to another adventure of Ace Hart, Private Eye Dog to find out.moreless
  • The Big Squeak
    Episode 1
    The Big Squeak introduces us to the residents of Dog City and to Eliot's muppet world with high adventure. We meet our hero, Private Eye Dog, Ace Hart who with the help of Rosie O'Gravy, chief of police and Eddie, the wet-nosed news pup are out to sniff out clues to the mystery of the disappearing squeaky toys. Dog City is up in arms (paws, actually). Every dog's squeaky toy is disappearing. What dastardly criminal is stealing a dog's best friend - the squeaky toy? Who could be behind this heinous crime? And with what purpose? Ace, Rosie and Eddie have their paws full as they try to stop Bugsy, the Dogfather of the mob in Dog City and to return every squeaky toy to it's rightful owner, proving crime doesn't really pay.moreless