Dog Eat Dog

Saturday 3:00 PM on GSN - Game Show Network Premiered Jun 17, 2002 In Season





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  • i love this show

    i really like this show
  • more dog eat dog

    the show is great fun to watch .if you do not like the stripping game then leave the room .it is really funny to watch there reaction when they are picked for this the there tacks or great the keep the stripping game in the show .
  • Questions and answers

    Dog eat Dog show needs to make the questions a little bit harder for the dog pound people, the questions are too easy
  • Is it really necessary to have stipping segments on this show? Nobody watching tv can see anything. Only Brooke Burns, the audience, contestants, and people that make the show can see anything. What's the point? I thought GSN was wholesome family tv.

    Is it really necessary to have stipping segments on this show? Nobody watching tv can see anything. Only Brooke Burns, the audience, contestants, and people that make the show can see anything. What\\\'s the point? I thought GSN was a wholesome family network, but I guess not, when they show men and women stripping their clothes off to earn money. If the people that can see this want to see this, they should go to the local strip club, not a supposedly whole family tv game show network. You can have a show be sexy to get ratings without having strip shows. I cannot believe people accept this nonsense.
  • this one didnt last long! lol:p

    this sucks compared tot in fear factor. thats just my opinion. now sinse i have to put in 80 more words im just gonna say ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha ha a hahahahahaha ha ha ha ahahaha ah ahah ah ah ah ah ah aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aah there you go.
  • Best show ever

    Dog Eat Dog is by far the best in game shows and reality TV. It was a big mistake and a sad day when they discontinued this show. If I can find where one can buy the complete season I am buying it. Bring it back, bring it back bring it back. There should be a lot more shows like this. It shows how far people will go for money and really shows how stupid some people are. One more time Bring It Back. The hostess was great, the competitions were great, the way each episode ended was great, everything about this show was great or even awsome.
  • Pretty people act pretty awful to win money. Guess that's why it's a pretty awful show.

    I don't get it. Here is a show that is saturated with much that is terrible with modern soceity. No "regular people", just a bunch of young, athletic, model-wannabes that are willing to stoop to any level to make a quick cash. The premise of the show is pretty lame, and I can honestly say that rarely have I seen such absurdity. The host is about as flat as a pancake that has been steamrolled. It is simply too painful for me to watch more than about five minutes of it. I do tune in every blue moon or so, but only if there is absolutely nothing else on, I am not motivated to get out of my seat, and always with the hope that I'll catch the show on a good day. I'm always disappointed.
  • This is a great game show, better than some other ones!

    This game show is much better than some of the other ones floating around on television today. One thing I really like about this show is that there are different types of challenges. Some game shows are all pysical challenges; others are all mental chalenges. This show has them all, and sometimes, they combine them both! Some people think the whole Dog Pound thing is kind of stupid, but I think its pretty cool. The whole thing is actually a new, unique concept. I mean, other game shows are ripping each other off daily. But this show invented its own concept/idea... and that's something you don't see everyday. The contestants on this show are all diverse... one episode there was an actor, plumber, and a brain researcher all in the same episode! The host, Brooke Burns, can be rather flirty at times, but since I'm a girl, that doesn't distract me from the show. So, overall this show is pretty amusing, and something fun and different to tune into from time to time.
  • What a great game show.

    This is one game show, that is extremely exciting, and very funny, and filled with suspense. This is one game that never gets old, and it's an excellent addition to the Game Show Network line-up. The contestents are usually pretty good, and the host is good too. The games are very diverse, and are always packed with action.
  • a great reality show.

    This was a pretty good reality television series. As is normal with good television shows, this one did not last long enough. This is a show that I would suggest watching if you get the chance. Check the bargain bins at Wal-Mart, the online movies sites ( and such) and all of the cable channels that run old shows. Nick at Nite and TV Land are great for theses kind of shows. They will even do a week long spot for shows that only had 6 or so episodes. Then you have your super stations. They run a bunch of old shows too. All in all a pretty good show that did not get a good enough chance. Sometimes it is a simple as the show it is up against. Look at Law & Order. It is one of the longest running shows on TV. They moved it to go up against Lost. After about 2 weeks of getting pounded in the ratings it was moved back to it's original time slot. Shows like this should be given more of an opportunity.
  • Array

    Oh come on now, this is one entertaining show. It is simple, not gross as Fear Factor eating whatever, and you have a beautiful and very entertaining host Brook Burns. The guests are just as excited to play the game as the host is in giving you a play by play. Oh, can any tell us how Brook Burns is doing? My unerstanding is she is in the hospital recoveing from a neck injury.
  • It\'s the Most Uncalled for Show ever.

    Based on the BBC-TV Game Show of the same name. Brooke Burns from \"BAYWATCH\" is the Hostess and No Announcer aren\'t used to budding in. Anyone who\'s doing the stunt can be easy & hard will be sorry for what they been humilated by the night\'s 6 contestants around the USA. The Human Contestants are trained for the reward of $25,000 cash either the Top Dog or the Dog Pound. That\'s the Greatest Embarassing Show Ever. It\'s Pure Insult and disgusting and vulgar & obscene when the woman took off the Bikini Bra Top that way. They Know what unusual people will do such a thing that way.
  • this show has suspense, thrills, back stabbing, and really cool challenges. The show is no longer live but the re-runs can be seen on game show network (GSN).

    This show is the best game show that I have ever seen because it is really dog eating dog. When the game show dog eat dog was taken off the air as a live show I was devastated because I watched this show like every time that it was on. I think that the reason I like this show so much is because it has a weakest link and surviver feel to it. Where you vote of someone to see if they succed or not. I just really love this show. I wish that the would bring the show back to a live status so I could enjoy dog eat dog again.
  • I love this show

    I love everything about this show. It\'s fun to watch people do all those crazy things. Dog Eat Dog should come back. Why did they cancel it? It only started in 2002, and already ended. I think a show should run for at least 5 years, not less than 3. I loved it! And it should be on more often instead of those game shows that I don't like.
  • A great game show!

    Dog Eat Dog is probably one of my favorite game shows around. It is a mixture of trivia (of any subject) and some really cool games that remind me of American Gladiators and Fear Factor. This show has six contestents that must perform different tasks and when they loose they must go to "The Dog Pound". Eventually five of the six are in the dog pound and they then compete against the remaining contestent with trivia questions. This show was not only fun to watch for the cool games but it also had some very hot women on it, including the host. If you ever come across this show on the Game Show Network you should check it out. I would be thrilled if this show ever came back but I think it is probably dead for good.
  • Good show with decent games

    I really liked this show. Six contestants had to do various games/stunts. The stunts were a lot harder than they looked and much of the time the contestants could not complete them. Brooke Burns was the host and she seemed to be having fun too. I do think the contestants were encouraged to be egotistical because that's the way most of them came off. The nicest contestant ever was Marty West, who not only won but later went on to be on Guiding Light. He was a good example of how nice guys somtimes finish first.
  • IT was GOOD

    I miss dog eat dog. It was a great gameshow and it was fun to watch. Plus the host of this particular game show in question was really hot. i still need twenty words but i have just basically sumerized the show: hot host+good game show=a show that was quickly cancelled but goooooooooooooooooooooood.
  • A decent game reality show

    I like Dog eat Dog because it is one of the few action reality shows that are not gross to watch. The stunts are fun to watch and brings you in to root for your favorite each episode. To many of the reality/game shows do to many disqusting things on them that they are hard if not impossible to tolerate and watch. Its refreshing to see a competetion that doesn't involve eating something gross or doing something that is horrific to watch. It is a shame the show got canceled as it is one of the very few reality shows I watch.