Dog Eat Dog

Saturday 3:00 PM on GSN - Game Show Network Premiered Jun 17, 2002 In Season





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  • Pretty people act pretty awful to win money. Guess that's why it's a pretty awful show.

    I don't get it. Here is a show that is saturated with much that is terrible with modern soceity. No "regular people", just a bunch of young, athletic, model-wannabes that are willing to stoop to any level to make a quick cash. The premise of the show is pretty lame, and I can honestly say that rarely have I seen such absurdity. The host is about as flat as a pancake that has been steamrolled. It is simply too painful for me to watch more than about five minutes of it. I do tune in every blue moon or so, but only if there is absolutely nothing else on, I am not motivated to get out of my seat, and always with the hope that I'll catch the show on a good day. I'm always disappointed.