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A&E Network profiles bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman and his crew in beautiful Hawaii. This season is full of fugitives and family. Dog and his pack make some outrageous captures all while trying to maintain a business and personal life. Fugitives beware the Dog is back! Broadcast History: August 31, 2004 - October 23, 2007 Tuesday, 9:00 (CST) A&E July 16, 2008 - ?? Wednesday, 8:00 (CST) A&E


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    News Briefs: A&E Cancels Dog the Bounty Hunter

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    Fan Reviews (173)

    • A and Repeats

      All we see is repeats of the show , Why cant , " A and Repeats " show new shows , It was a good show then " A and repeats" decided not to run any new episodes , and now History is running Repeats . Only thing I don't like about this show , is the Christian BS , Atheists pagans and others don't want to hear about YHYW . If your going to gear the show towards Zionists , then air it on CTS or some religious channel I don't watch . And Beth should keep her mouth shut unless she is willing to prove how tough she is .

      I am sick of repeats , air some new fing episodes ( edit out the Christian BS ) for 2015 , Repeats suck , and we are sick of them

      I rated it a one because of the damn Repeatsmoreless
    • no bad guys

      What is with all these bad reviews? I hate television. I should be leaving bad reviews. I only see 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' because someone else has the television on while I am working here. Anyway, what I think is so great about the show is the family's faith, not only in God, but also in people. They always have hope for the people whom they go after, and want the best for them. They are compassionate about addictions and the behavior that goes along with addiction. There is no such thing as a bad guy here. As much as I hate television, and I hate reality shows even more, I think this show ROX! Those who disagree with me should change the channel.moreless
    • Real men rather see women dress sexy, NOT SLUTTY

      When did Beth ever think she was all that. Her mouth is what caught my attention at first, and she has a big mouth. then i saw her. as many kids she runs up too cause adult are not afraid of her, she really needs to put some cloths on around those kids... quit putting lies into peoples ears and and disguest into their eyes...
    • Shirtless Really

      This Dog is really stuck up on himself. No impress with show, and why would a right person take his shirt off to go through woods. Never watch again. Got issues with himself.
    • Really? Why is this bluecollar nonsense on tv?

      Where's the rest of the family? I think that tv producers should not be showing tough ass Beth calling fellow bonds people "b----". NOT ATTRACTIVE. Everyone knows that Beth is a control freak, dog's family

      has made that clear. Where's Leyland's name on the show? Shame on Dog for turning his back on family

      so he and Beth can maintain stardom. On a positive nice to see Beth wearing clothes for a change. The clothes are still way too she not know she's too big of a woman to dress like that? The jewelled eyebrows look ridiculous and those fake nails poking through the gloves are absurd.

      I laughed when I saw her holding a she's shooting anybody. Right.moreless
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    • Scott Gries © 2006 A&E Network

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