Dog the Bounty Hunter

Season 1 Episode 10

Justin's Big Day

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on A&E

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  • Justin get his first chance to catch someone!

    I love this show! I think Leland is really HOT! But this episode was really good. Justin, Dog's nephew, got his first chance to catch someone, and he did, of course with help. Justin was taken in by his uncle, and he works for him, as the "lunch boy." He would go and get lunch or do the dirty work. But why I really liked this episode was they all were really happy for him. Beth was not sure he caught him by himself. So they took a vote, if they thought Justin should receive his badge. At the end Justin got his badge, and the paper with the guy's photo saying "CAPTURED," he was in tears. AWWW!