Dog the Bounty Hunter

Season 1 Episode 1

Meet the Chapmans

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Aug 31, 2004 on A&E

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  • well i just started watching the show...and i love it! i think its very exciting and educational in a lot of ways... they are a cool family and i hope they keep strong and dont stop what they are doing. be happy and be safe chapman family.

    great show...want to see more of it!!!!! i like the way he helps others even after they are hte whole family coems together and get invlove ....of course thats why its called a family business. most of the criminals they catch should be lucky its that family that caught them and not any other bounty hunter... their ass would be up crap creek without even a second thought if it was someone else catching them... but i like the way they handle things and makes u wanna be a criminal just to be caught by just kidding guys!
  • The episode that started it all, the series premier.

    This is the very first episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter. We get some great info into the life of Dog Chapman, while he is on the trail of Floyd Chapman. Dog is less than pleased that he has to hunt a Chapman.

    With some fighting between Beth and Dog, they lay the foundation of what is to come in the series. There is always a hunt and a chase, but Dog always gets his man. Dog is always trying to help the fugitive come out better then when he went in. I have to wonder how much good it will do.

    Overall a good episode.
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