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  • why does anyone watch this show???

    I used to watch this show on a regular basis, until the dog ran like a puppy from the law himself, it was then that i realized that he is no better than the people he chases for a living, how can anybody call themselves a fan of someone who is so two faced? I for one can only hope that this shows ratings fall from the charts and put the dogman back where he belongs, in the pound. Looking back i wonder why i ever even watched this show, i have no logical answer other than i guess it was better than watching reruns of lawrence welk. Just dressing up like a 60's rock star and acting all bad does not make a man, a real man does not act like this fool. I am sure there a plenty of bounty hunters that are actual upstanding citizens, that would be better role models than the dog, to bad the tv network did not interview other and make a better choice.. Bottom line---there are no dogs allowed in my house...
  • Dog and his crew are dumb

    especially in the one episode when Lisa was on the streets and she finds the man they're looking for and everyone else is in another area. Lisa tries to arrest the man and here she is attacking him, and then he throws her down in self-defense and runs. Didn't anyone tell Lisa NEVER to arrest someone alone without assistance with you? And then stupid Lisa chases after the man, when she should've just stayed put and waited for the rest of the group. If she was really smart, she should've acted like a regular person in front of the man until the rest of the crew came to her. And Dog was wrong for not just calling the man "white trash", but not getting onto Lisa about that mess. And what were they thinking having Lisa doing Bounty Hunting work while pregnant? Were they not worried about something going wrong with the baby or her? Lisa's husband was smart when he told her not to go bounty hunting when she was almost due, but the rest of the crew didn't listen.
  • Dog the bounty hunter rocks!

    honestly nobody can say this show sucks or theres something wrong because when it comes down to it YOU couldn't do what they'd probably run and hide if a fugative ever came near you. I give them credit. they are amazing. The fact that they put it into a show is amazing because the itr shows you what it's like to be them...chasing after criminals who jumped bail or missed their court dates or whatever. So it comes down to do you think you could take their place? do you think you can do a better job then them? I don't think so... but hey it is your opinion and you are entitled to it. just remember you couldn't be like them if you tryed!
  • It passes the time.

    Dog the Bounty Hunter is far from the best show on T.V., but there's nothing else really on Wednesday nights so we watch it. The chase for the fugitive is pretty interesting and you get to see parts of Hawaii/Denver, but most of the time is spent mocking the show, not being engrossed. You watch some out of shape guy who really needs to discover the top four buttons on his shirt hunt bad guys along with his giant mouth of a wife and his assortment of kids. I take his son's more seriously, though. The comical part comes when they catch up to the fugitive, yell and cuss them out to kingdom come, and afterwards tell them to change their lives. Really? Five minutes ago it sounded like you wanted to rip the their heads off and now you're like their family/friends? I mean, Dog and company looks kind of cool and serious until the real police show up and then you see how goofy they really are.
    I don't hate the show. I don't hate Dog, but it's nothing but a time filler.
  • Watch them overpower and bust people with outstanding traffic tickets. It's a joke...right???

    Dog is an egomaniacal bounty hunter who carries "God" on one side, and a humongous pepper spray pellet gun on the other. It can be rather funny watching Dog and team of aspiring bounty hunter relatives "suit up" for their daily catch, usually some poor procrastinating traffic offender that has missed a few of their court dates. Generally, the people they chase are far from dangerous. However, that doesn't stop Dog and crew from breaking doors and physically assaulting the "suspect" while taking him/her into custody. I'm really surprised that they haven't been busted themselves on assault charges. After the suspect is taken into custody, Dog & his wife Beth start preaching in the hopes of converting the person from a "life of crime" while in transit from bust to jail.

    The show can be absolutely hysterical, although I'm not sure "funny" is its intent. If you're in the mood for some serious white trash TV, then DTBH is for you!
  • Baby Lyssa is so HOT!

    I love this show! It made me mad when Beth told Baby Lyssa that she couldn't dress slutty. I think Baby Lyssa needs to put out a calendar of her in slutty clothes! I love the black vinyl pants she is wearing in the intro to the show. Other than that great show! Dog keeps the show crazy, Duane Lee is the guy I can most relate to, he gives the show some down to earth feel, Tim is the strong silent type and Leland is kinda like me - just an all around chick magnet! Keep up the good work!
  • Dog and his crew of merciless bounty hunters (his family!) will have you on the edge of your seat, as they track down fudgitives and restore justice with an iron fist of authority...

    Duane Chapman, the Dog, is back and he's better than ever, in his show Dog the Bounty Hunter. A few points to keep in mind (for more sensitive veiwers) is that alot of potent violence takes place and much "rough" language is exchanged as the guys take down criminals. Although no blood is shed and the majority of the "dirty" words are censored out, it's always, as I've said before, good to remember these things before tuning in. Other than that, this show is phenomenal and a sure-fire hit for anyone looking to add a little danger and excitement into thier life. I especially give props to Dog when he gathers his family to huddle up for prayer before they venture off on a mission. To me, that's just a breath of fresh air in a media-world that's been engulfed in a pall of explicit, vile, and rather disturbing content.
  • Going and catching felons, awesome action plus its total real life, and these people are off the streets.

    I love Dog the bounty hunter, he does good things for people even when they don't deserve a chance. I bet he has touched so many peoples lives that somewhere he has changed them and gave them hope. Now Beth on the other hand she has this intimidating personality and confidence that i wish i had, she is someone i definately don't want to run into in a dark alley. The fact the whole family works together and protects one another is how family should be. I recommend people of all ages to watch cause its real and its truth of the world.
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter explains some real life issues, tracks them down and sometimes makes them forget about problems and settles them down in prison, better than those High Speed Pursuit programmes that seem to be on the rage right now.

    Dog the Bounty Hunter has Dog and his family searching for people doing drugs, either murder or selling illegal stuff. They use different strategies to overcome them, and some are more smarter than what you think.

    For example, in one of the episodes they try to catch a guy in a "big white truck" (I can't remember episode name, but it's a noticeable one, starts out at the beach), and when they are waiting around his mothers house, hoping for his return, they notice that all the people are watching Dog and the crew in the vans, and then decide to call the "suspect" and say that the bounty hunters (being Dog and the crew obviously) are there. This ruins their plans, as everyone in the village knows everyone because of it being so small.

    They do have real weapons, like pepper sprays and rifles, you get to see them carrying them around, but you never ever see them use the equipment to either injure the suspect or just to slow them down, instead they act more like detectives. They get the files on them, and some episodes show how much the suspects are actually worth too! This shows the importance of the capture, and makes you eager to see what will happen next. It can get a bit repeptitive at times, like some shows like this, but this is a good thing. I know some people hate repeptitive stuff, but this will give out signals like "don't smoke" or "don't do the time if you can't do the crime" basically warning you not to do anything bad in your life, as you'll ruin it. The suspects realise this too!

    There are a few funny moments, whern trying to capture one suspect, Dog's wife breaks a nail (fake one) and she says it like 3 times, I mean when your in a flat with a suspect who isn't going down without a fight, you don't really complain about a nail getting broke do you?

    Overall Dog the Bounty Hunter is a great show, and even though it is shown afternoon or even in the evening, I highly recommend you either record it with Sky+ or anything else, and I forgot that the song at the beginning is played by the one and only Ozzy Osbourne (one of the legends of Metal I think). Check it out and see what I mean.
  • Full of action.

    Well i live the show and I was totally demolished when dog got arrested =[..But I've been watching the new season and its amazing! just as good as it used to be,All the same people doing the same thing,And Im expecting more seasons,Though its been around long I still want more >.> A show about bounty hunters,how can it get cooler?!?! So amazing they can actually get recorded doing this.It must be very difficult nd Thats what i like in a show,Something difficult makes it all so good =]. Well wrapping it up i hope to see more of this show and im off to watch it right now =]
  • great show shows how bounty hunters do works and what they do. Dog and his family are great, they have their ups and downs and have a dangerouse job getting crimminals and drug users off the streets, and Dog is quite a good guy really, and so is his wife

    This is a brillient programme about a family of modern day bountry hunters Duanne Dog Chapman and his family, This proves that the crimminals can have a second chance. Dog is a nice guy who beleves that every one has a chance to redeem themselves. No one is safe when the Dog is around, this show can be funny and also shows a side to the Dog when it comes to his close family, and regrets what he did when he was younger. So keep up the good works Dog and we hope you come back to UK tv with a new series
  • Watching a Bounty Hunter in action, along with his family who are in on it too.

    I wasn't sure what I thought of this, first ep that I watch Dog seemed like a hard man, but you do see later that he is a big ol' softy too. Which is what makes this show so refreshing, he loves his family and when he hunts the fugitives; it depends what the fugatives have done. A lot of the time he'll tell them that if they needs any help to call him, which I'm betting not a lot of bounty hunters do, much less give the caputred fugitive a ciggie and a phone call to their family member before being sent in to the police. It also shows you his family; or at lest the family that are working along side him, and just making it a family business.
    A drastic change to what reality TV used to be like.
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter rounds up the worst of the worst in Hawaii.

    Alright I confess. I have watched this show numerous times. Not only watched it but ADORED it as well. A&E has suspended the show for Dog's use of the "N" word. His own son taped this word and sold it for lots of money. Most people are mad. Yet, just last night on Entertainment Tonight the 4 Tops (all African American) and Dog were cutting up and having a good time. So I think the Dog got tired of the show and this was a set up from the beginning. I loved the Hawaiian atmosphere, Dog, his wife, his family and how they chased the worst Hawaii had to offer and captured them. Dog was always compassionate with those he captured and always offered a word or two of encouragement. I hope A&E reverses their decision and puts the show back on the air. I hope if anything it shows Dog's son and family carrying on Dog's mission.
  • A good show above other realities

    Dog The Bounty Hunter is a reality TV show which follows the activities of Dog the bounty hunter and his family crew of bounty hunters.

    The show is focused on dog and his crew catching fugitives which at times can be gripping chases, violent and exciting. After catching each fugitive dog tries his hand at attempting to "fix" these criminals, by giving them words of wisdom and helpfulness.

    On the other hand some episode can be boring at times but overall each show is paced with some excitement. The viewer of the show will always be affected by it in a way that you feel on dogs side, against the criminals, almost as if you are involved in the crew.

    Dog the bounty hunter is a very good show but there are other better shows out there.
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  • Why I feel you should keep Dog the Bounty Hunter on the air. What is wrong with the whole issue of thaking him off the air.

    Dog and his family are good people. The whole show is on how a bad person went good and is given a second chance in life. It shows that there is a second chanse for people who took the wrong street. He does good for people. The whole family does more than bring bad into jail. They pray and try to help them. They are kind to the people. They don't use bruital force. And when they take the people in male or female, they give them a huge. I'm not a person who hugs, but it is warm to see how wonderful that family is to people. I feel it also teaches young kids a lot. There is people out there who cares.
    I didn't read the whole thing about what happened in Dog's family. But I feel he isn't ratcis. Not once did any one show predadictics in the show. What happened in thier house is thier buisness. I know when you are in the eyes of the people you don't have a personal life. But what happened in there happened in there. He talked out of anger, and people who talk out of anger, may say things they didn't mean. But you don't kill a person for saying what they feel. You don't know what started the issue, so it has nothing to do with the public. That's why I don't read the tabloids. Some times it's blown out of praportion.
    Thank you for your time.
    They are good people and I feel the kids learn from them. I don't get to see the show all that much, but I do love watching them. My work has been keeping on different days off. Please bring them back to tv.
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter appeals to the masses. And that's good, they need something to watch on late night TV. He has been in a bit of trouble lately and this link below expains it all quite clearly.

    Dog the Bounty Hunter appeals to the masses. And that's good, they need something to watch on late night TV. Its a popular show and after the trouble dies down I bet this show will resurface on another channel. He has been in a bit of trouble lately and this link below expains it all quite clearly. It covers all sides of the issue. "Is Dog the Bounty Hunter a racist?". It has been alleged that Dwayne "Dog" Chapman was talking on the phone to his son and in a moment of anger he used the "N" word a number of times. He is in the spotlight for speaking his mind and uttering some racial profanities while in a phone conversation that was recorded. Now this conversation has been posted on the internet at this link.

    The problem with this incident is to determine if Dog the Bounty Hunter is a raciest or just ignorant. Could it be that he is an individual unable to cope with situations needing emotional emphasis? Or if when he is faced with a need to express himself with some personal, emotional relevance he degenerates into using profanity? Or is he a real raciest? It falls upon each individual to make the personal judgment.
  • What a big phony

    Well I guess this dog showed his true spots. Its sad to see the real Dog. It's funny how a guy that portrays someone who acts so helpful is no more then a racist A-hole. I know his son is trying to stay clean and walk the strait and narrow after getting out of jail him self, but his dads racist beliefs are down right shameful. It is funny how those who judge are then judged them self in the end. The guy chases dirt bags all day, and turns out to be one in real life. What a phony.
  • The Dog is a National Hero, a generally all around Good Guy. There's nothing more to say!

    This episode is like most, low life scum bags don't want to be a productive member of society, instead they are takers. Fortunately we have people like the Dog to round these people up and force them to submit to societies rules. These people need to learn that Life Sucks and then you die. The Dog and his team of brave me and women, help keep our streets clean of human trash. Not complaining, but Where was he when my daughter needed to be cleaned up. k Now she's did because no one could find her before her life style and boyfriend killed her.

    Dog, Keep up the great work.
  • Hes the dog, the big bad dog, the bounty hunter

    Hes the dog, the big bad dog, the bounty hunter. I love this show loads its so cool, respect to the dog. Hes a cool family aswell, rough as anything as catching the thug but once they have there person there cool at calming the bad guys down.
    Cool theme tune aswell by ozzy on this show. I got hooked on it from the very first one i watched and i hate missing it now, so catch it all the time.
    Dog always looks like he could have been a wrestler lol he has that wrestler look about him. his wife likes to catch the crooks with not much on though lol. LOVE IT
  • Pretty cool.

    This show is pretty cool. It's fun to see them catch the people all the time. It's also kinda funny at moments. It's good to see that someone who used to do bad things could turn his life around and do the world some good by capturing those who wish to ruin our world. I haven't seen a lot of this show, but the few episodes that I watch tell me its an interesting show and worth watching when you feel like watching drug abusers get locked up for doing illegal things. So, yep, this is a pretty good show. Not bad.
  • somewhat entertaing

    i like this show mainly for the reason of the hunting its intresting to see in the criminals mind and the lengths ther go to not be put in jail i find it sort of funny and in a odd way intresting but on the other hand it lacks any plot or story and is basically just repetitive the same thing over and over just in different ways. they try and find some one on the run and basically kind of boring. so in the end this show is pretty much in the middle fun to watch but not really that intresting and hard to get fully into it.
  • thsi is a very interesting

    this very original show is about a family that is bounty hunter they have been seen in almost every tv in the united states it is also very interesting and original what it makes it original is all the drama involved in this show Dog the bounty hunter is the leader of the family , he makes all the big calls and plans to catch the fugitives on the island of hawaii Beth wich is the lady in the bounty hunting that always gets mad at every one for not doing the right thing agents all fugitives in hawaii.
  • Dog and crew should do more so we can keep watching it and there funny when not working on cases.

    I think that Leland and Duane Lee should have there own show so we can see what happens behind the sences when there are not working and i hope leland and the crew fight the extrodation charges against them in mexico and i hope the win and would not to mexico so they can do more show in beautiful hawaii and that leland get a new girlfriend in time and that the hole family is safe and sound and that no one will ever have to go through mexico again and again and that they fight hard as niles
  • This show Rock!

    When first watch this show, I was thinking that i did not like it.
    Than upon watching it, I like it so badly.
    It was my most favorite show of all time.
    It is my 2nd favorite after "Ghost Hunters".
    Two show with film teams following them on the case.
    I like show that have film teams following them.
    It remind me about my show in 1980 that was film at my school when i was 5 years old.
    Great Shows Ever!
  • A new and interesting way to look into simple crimes going bad. Go Dog.

    The characters in this show are so interesting and the stories behind them are great. Like how Dog was once a convict himself and how his family is saddened by this and some other history that I can't recall. I love the characteres themselves. like Beth is such a caring person and Leland is really hot and I love his name. But I love the plot of this show. Showing the simple life of crime and people getting busted. Some episodes are really interesting like the one coming up about that eprson comitting suicide. I really enjoy watching this show thoroughly.
  • Beware Of The Dog!

    Dog the bounty hunter is about a family of Bounty Hunters who goes around Hawihi capturing criminals, but it also shows you there daily activities, although they realy preffer not to do this, they all seem to enjoy protecting the areas, Leland is the best in the show (Dog's Son) he's stroung, Fast and thinks like a pro though very young. He may not be the brightest out of the lot.

    Its a show that i whatch ALL the time, i have it recorded on my Sky+ so i dont miss an episode.
    ~DS-man Review / / / / / / /
  • Interesting idea!

    I can't believe this show has been on as long as it has. I seriously don't understand how it can be on television still, who really want's to watch criminals being caught. "Great, justice has been served." But if you have a huge network with major money behind it, then why wouldn't they put this guy on something really important like finding kids who have been kidnapped. That would certainly be a win win situation. I just get so disgusted how they go all out on these reality shows when so much more productive help is needed elsewhere. Maybe "Big brother isn't such a bad idea!" At least, we can track down the criminals and we know we would be in a safe world. Bounty hunter, who would have figured?
  • Awesome show

    I love this show! "Dog" and his family are bounty hunters in Hawaii and they catch up bad guys and bring them to justice. "Dog" always sends the criminals away with some kind of lession. This show is very interesting I can tell Dog and his family love their job and they like helping make the streets of Hawaii safer by getting the bad guys off the street. In this show the whole family helps out, he has his wife, brothers, sons, etc help out in the show. I suggest watching this show if you like those crime shows .
  • Dog is the man!

    Dog & his crew are awesome! I think what they are doing is awesome! I love to watch him in action! And his wife Beth...she flat tells it how it is and keeps the Dog in line! This an amazing group of people! Duane Lee, Tim and Leland are right there with him through it all! The way they go in and get these people...Wow! They are so amazing @ their job! I would recommend this show to anyone to watch it really is a good show! And I am soooo happy he is out of jail, doin what he does best!!!!!!
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