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  • A and Repeats

    All we see is repeats of the show , Why cant , " A and Repeats " show new shows , It was a good show then " A and repeats" decided not to run any new episodes , and now History is running Repeats . Only thing I don't like about this show , is the Christian BS , Atheists pagans and others don't want to hear about YHYW . If your going to gear the show towards Zionists , then air it on CTS or some religious channel I don't watch . And Beth should keep her mouth shut unless she is willing to prove how tough she is .

    I am sick of repeats , air some new fing episodes ( edit out the Christian BS ) for 2015 , Repeats suck , and we are sick of them

    I rated it a one because of the damn Repeats
  • no bad guys

    What is with all these bad reviews? I hate television. I should be leaving bad reviews. I only see 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' because someone else has the television on while I am working here. Anyway, what I think is so great about the show is the family's faith, not only in God, but also in people. They always have hope for the people whom they go after, and want the best for them. They are compassionate about addictions and the behavior that goes along with addiction. There is no such thing as a bad guy here. As much as I hate television, and I hate reality shows even more, I think this show ROX! Those who disagree with me should change the channel.
  • Real men rather see women dress sexy, NOT SLUTTY

    When did Beth ever think she was all that. Her mouth is what caught my attention at first, and she has a big mouth. then i saw her. as many kids she runs up too cause adult are not afraid of her, she really needs to put some cloths on around those kids... quit putting lies into peoples ears and and disguest into their eyes...
  • Shirtless Really

    This Dog is really stuck up on himself. No impress with show, and why would a right person take his shirt off to go through woods. Never watch again. Got issues with himself.
  • Really? Why is this bluecollar nonsense on tv?

    Where's the rest of the family? I think that tv producers should not be showing tough ass Beth calling fellow bonds people "b----". NOT ATTRACTIVE. Everyone knows that Beth is a control freak, dog's family

    has made that clear. Where's Leyland's name on the show? Shame on Dog for turning his back on family

    so he and Beth can maintain stardom. On a positive nice to see Beth wearing clothes for a change. The clothes are still way too she not know she's too big of a woman to dress like that? The jewelled eyebrows look ridiculous and those fake nails poking through the gloves are absurd.

    I laughed when I saw her holding a she's shooting anybody. Right.
  • triple digit IQ's need not apply

    Ever wonder what it would be like to wander into a house full of idiots? Just tune in to this show. These people, aside from other problems, are just plain old STUPID. That said, my favorite episode was when two black SUVs full of costumed men dog-piled (no pun intended) onto what had to be a sixty-seven-year-old woman. Once in that back of their car she wryly said, "Tough day?" She had a point. It's a bunch of narcissistic crappola.
  • It deserves a lot more reviews

    It is a very interesting show I would watch a marathon. *winks* Do not let every one show go down. My cute and hot guy duane dog Chapman. :XD *winks* But, yeah watch the show and rate them.
  • awsome

    Dog the bounty hunter is a really great show.
  • unbelievable

    Its amazing that this is on the air unless you put it in the comedy have known some real bounty hunters, the ones that dont carry paintball guns and have the scars to prove it. This show is a joke.
  • why is this show still on the air

    I think the show should be taken off of television because of the way they treat the peoples family they are looking for an then they have the nerve to pray to Jesus after using all that bad lauguage I really hate this show an wish I could tell them how I feel face to face
  • A show with a difference

    What makes this show hardass is the kind of people Dog and his crew go after, one episode he may be hunting down a meth head the other an arsonist. The viewer is kept entertained and has a front row seat in Dog from start to finish hunting down the criminal and for the most part capturing them.
  • in the Dog we Trust

    I know here at our house we watch the Dog on A&E from 7 am to 9 am everyday Monday through Friday . It is a ritual in our home (if u must call it that) but my children enjoy watching before they go to school. It is just a clean show that I can allow my children to watch & to also educate them to show what could happen to you if u do bad things. You never hear cussing or arguing amongst the chapman's. Overall it is awesome show to watch. They all are family oriented which I am very proud to allow my children to idolize the Chapman's. We all wanna wish u all Happy Holidays!!!!!!!
  • Really people?

    come on this shows trash and so is dog, hes just a douche bag with a stereotypical 80s character who has nothing better to do with his life then to run around saying idiotic things and arresting people with crappy charges that no one really cares about. don't be ignorant people and just realize its a cheep show with cheap bs drama to draw in viewers who are as dumb as the show is.
  • Can't he bounty hunt a new hairstyle?

    We all know that the mullet is one of the most revered hairstyles and that it takes a gentleman of true class to wear one. I admire the fact that Dog (should I call him Mr Dog?) has enforced a no nonsense mandatory mullet rule with each member of his household, women and children included (probably their dog as well but I will have to confirm this).
  • Great show

    Great entertainment. Is there anything else you can really say? It serves the purpose it was meant to and I love it for that. I'd also quite like Dog as a drinking buddy...
  • Jealous

    The people on here bashing this show and the Chapman family seem to be suffering from a case of the green eyed monster! Saying rude and hateful things only makes you look jealous and in most cases uneducated! Be happy for people. The Chapmans do a lot of good for the community and most of the people they arrest. Do something to improve your own life and then you may be able to be happy for other peoples successes!!
  • Crap!

    I am not going to waste my time commenting on this crap show with scummy people!
  • Beth is ridiculous

    I don't particularly mind e show, especially if what they are doing is legit. A few things bug me: 1) their lack of correct grammar, 2) their attempts to have some sort of accent (Beth and Leland) 3) the fact that Beth talks down to her husband. Obviously he is the reason they have a house in Hawaii and Colorado, yet she treats him like he's stupid. It isn't 'Beth, the Bounty Hunter'
  • Supportive - The Bounty Hunters

    This show has come a long way. With all it's follies what they do is fanominal. They hold hands as a family and pray; they curse out the bad guys as they get them off our streets; they give them hope, help and hugs before they leave them. I don't know of any other entertainment show on any network that does so much to help our country. No one is perfect and they don't make any claims to be...could you do what they do? I know I couldn't, but I am glad that they are out there doing what we can't do. I'm going to miss them. I hate to see them go and I know I'm not alone. Love and God bless Chapman family.
  • dog the Bounty

    i love your show and i think they should put it back on air and i think people need quitting running their mouth about you less you care about people real cop don't help you like you do so i am all the way for you dog the Bounty
  • Poor Camera Men!!!!

    I'm betting that their is a HIGH turnover rate in camera men for this show, I mean the camera men probably can't shoot Dog from certin angles so no one sees his big bald spot on the top of his head and i'm betting the camera men take allot of garbage from that trailer trash B1tch Beth!!! It's funny that sometimes the camera men catch Leyland, Duane Lee or Lisa rolling their eyes when Beth is talking to the camera, those guys seem pretty cool and they should have the show maybe with Dog, but that FAT FAKE TITTY B1TCH Beth needs to be booted, hell I'm betting she's why Duane Lee and Leyland almost quit the show!! Also look at the criminals that Big Bad Dog is bringing in, bottom of the barrel criminals like DUI's and low level drug users, hell if Dog went after a REAL criminal they might just pull out his hair extentions(a dude wearing HAIR EXTENTIONS...WTF?) or one of the hard core ladies would probably shut that FAT B1TCH Beth up as soon as she started talking tough!!!! Hey Dog quit calling your self a bounty hunter unless your going to go after some real criminals, I mean you talk and act toughhow about backing that up by going after someone tough and BETH please do all of us a favor and STFU AND QUIT THE SHOW YOU FAT B1TCH!!!!!!
  • Racist Dog the LOSER Bounty Hunter

    I cannot believe that this garbage show still comes on. I wonder if he said all of those things about GAYS or JEWS if he would still be on TV hell no ask Mel Gibson. He is a caveman and his wife is the epitome of disgusting they are the lowest form of human. If they are still on TV what does that say about A & E and who runs it? GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE!
  • To dogthebountyhunter the real dogthebountyhunter

    dear dog im having a problem here in waco texas there are these black guys robing every1 and im getting sick of it nobody did anything to them for them torob them and about 8or9 weeks ago my husband and his friend get robed buy gun point then 3 weeks later another guy gets robed then just wednesday are smoke shop got robed the thursday are food stamp office gets robed then yesturday evening the same black guys came back to rob are ppl upstairs from us and the cops aint doing there jobs and catching these ppl and I watch ur show all the time and I see how u catch them and talk to them and tell them they need to turn there life around and if any1 knows how to get a hold of the dog the bounty hunter pls tell him to read my review and tell him to write me on here and we are all scared here and dont know what to do nomore sincerly soundra so pls dog I need ur help here k
  • Sal,de la cerda

    this is all a tv show man. Dog and the rest of them are all just a load of fake's! cant believe you people are falling for this Fake Show ?? they are just acting ok for their ''TV'' show.I would like to see them put on their fake bounty crap here in my town Chicago,ill ..... I'm Sorry Man but I'm not stupid enough to believe that these guys do this for a liveing!? and what a better place to put on a fake bounty ''TV''show then Hawaii I'm willing to bet not alot of Bad guys carry Guns! Hey Dog : why dont you get that Fat overgrown Bitch to stop eatting like a pig!
  • dog rules

    I love your show. Your wife is so beautiful, she's funny. I watch your show every saturday. I think dog you are inspiring, i love it your always trying to help even the bad guy after you capture them. your awesome.
  • Unreal no other word for it..

    Please get me a job as a supposed law enforcer where I can phone the brother or the mum and say "Im coming round to pick them up.." what a load of bs..

    If a fugitive is really worth shouting at a walkie talkie non stop and making out as if every collar is life and death then send the swat team with actual guns and not a hair spray can from the 7-11..

  • This show is proof that there are people out there who will watch anything.

    What has happened to the A&E network? A&E stands for "Arts and Entertainment" and at one time they used to have a higher standard of programming. I guess they decided that in order to reach the masses they had to start filling their schedule with white-trash reality shows about over-the-hill rock star families, tatoo shops, with their flagship show being about a family of seriously white-trash bounty hunters who run a bail bonds operation in Hawaii. The worst thing about this group is that they look worse than most of the people they are hunting down. If I were to see them on the street, I'd think they were a bunch of meth freaks looking for a sleazy bar to hang out at. Seriously, if these people were to show up at my door, they had better come armed and ready for a fight because there is NO way I'd ever believe they were legitimate bounty hunters and certainly no way I'd allow them to take me into custody. But, their appearance aside, this show proves that there are people who will sit in front of a TV and mindlessly watch anything that is on. I just thank God that the writers strike is finally over and that some decent programs will be returning to TV soon...except on A&E.
  • Awful

    Good God, Dog the Bounty Hunter is terrible.
  • hope the worst on this waste of skin show...

    tried watchin this stupid show, but can't watch a group of racist ugly scum.....I think the ratings will skyrocket if Dog or his ugly dog cow of a wife were (fill in the blank)
  • Can Reality TV sink any lower than this?

    If you are looking for a perfect example of Reality TV at its nadir, look no further than Dog The Bounty Hunter.

    This show which has sullied the Arts & Entertainment channel since its infamous inception back in 2004 is nothing more than a carnival geek show in which some lowlife bounty hunter & his fellow slack-jawed yokels go a-huntin for criminal varmints, or something like it.

    I for one fail to see the appeal of this chewing tobacco for the eyes of a show, but then again this show was definitely for those who consider watching NASCAR races on TV to be the cultural highlight of their lives.

    Do yourself a favor & avoid this cerebral roadkill.