Dog the Bounty Hunter

Season 4 Episode 2

Rusty Cuffs

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2007 on A&E
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Hour Long Episode In this episode we find Dog struggling with two great enemies: the law and his demons within. The capture of rapist Andrew Luster in 2003 has set Dog on a path to fight for his freedom. Dog is plagued by his recent arrest and must ask himself his continuing the hunt for bounties is worthwhile…will he continue the fight for the greater good?moreless

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  • Ahhh Poor Things.

    Gosh what an episode this has proved to be, filmed just after their release from the prison, this episode follows the team though those first few weeks, from being bailed to being fitted with ankle bracelets, until their first capture.

    The sheer anticipation on their faces as they waited to capture their first one is so sad to see, to watch the people we have all grown to love looking so nervous at what the outcome will be.

    Beth is her usual charismatic self, she made me laugh numerous times with her larger than life wit, she is a pleasure to watch and can certainly turn a rainy day into a sunnier one.

    As the tension mounts through this episode we watch as each one of them tell the viewers how they are feeling, to be honest as you're watching them unless you are completely heartless you can not help but to feel for them too.

    Duane-Lee has to be the star of this episode, as his humour is second to none and certainly kept everyone's chins up.

    Season 4 is proving to possibly be the best season yet.moreless
  • Good to have you back Dog.

    It's been good to see Dog and the family back taking care of business again. I know Dog has been out of sorts as to say but who can blame him. Dog and the whole family were hit wrongly and I'm sure that turned their lives upside down. Their lives might have been shook up but you can tell their faith and commitment to do what their called to do is still strong. As long as there is a need for bounty hunting Dog and his family will be on the job.

    Dog and Beth haven't been their usual selves as far as arguing either. You know they say that when something traumatic happens in a couple's life, that it either brings you closer together or tears you apart. It looks like they have been trying to help each other through this and comfort each other. They are definitely good for each other. I'm sure when they get through this we'll get to see our old Dog and old Beth again maybe even sooner since they're back in the saddle again doing bounty hunting. I'm sure it won't be long before the whole family is more like their old selves again.moreless
  • The Dog is back..sort of..

    This episode was weird and kind of depressing. I felt bad for them watching them them walk around with ankle bracelets on, could only imagine how much worse they felt. Give them credit for filming this, how embarrassing it must've been to be walking around with those things like they're the bounty criminals they hunt!

    Even after that none of them were themselves. They were all just quiet and down and depressed about it. But at least they're trying to get back to bounty hunting and get past it and hopefully it's not too long before the dog is back!!moreless
  • I was great to see but weird.

    Dog just wasn't Dog. Justifiably so he was definitely rusty, even hesitant at times. He seemed to lack confidence which is not like the Dog we grown to know and understand. Even Leland and Tim where off. Beth and Dog didn't even argue, not once. That's definitely weird. It's definitely going to take some time till we see the old Dog and team back. They still have the case hanging over their heads. It's great that they can go back to doing what they do best which is being Bounty Hunters but are they back? And for how long? We'll have to wait and see and hope for the best.moreless

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