Dog the Bounty Hunter - Season 1

A&E (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • 8/6/03
    Dog and his team pursue a 345-pound cocaine dealer and a young vandal who brings out Dog's soft side.
  • Meet the Chapmans
    Episode 1
    We join the wild and dangerous life of Duane Dog Chapman, a bounty hunter keeping the streets safe in Hawaii. In this episode Dog and the gang are on the trail of a “Chapman gone awry”, when then hunt Floyd Chapman (no relation to Dog). We learn the story of Dog and how a prison sentence changed his life. Tune in to watch the wacky world of Dog, Beth and the gang.moreless
  • Father and Son
    Episode 2
    Dog and the gang are off to Kona to help Leland with some fugitives. Beth ops to say behind with the kids we have a father and son day. First on the list is a trip to the local gym to for a quick sparring session. Dog tells us the story of how he had to fight for Leland’s love. At the office Dog goes into action to bring down a fugitive. With a trip to the beach we learn what Dog taught Leland is not only how to be a good bounty hunter but also how to be a great dad.moreless
  • The Competition
    Episode 3
    In a competitive spirit Dog splits the gang into teams for today’s hunt for. The veterans (himself and Beth) and the rookies (Leland and Justin) compete to see who can bring their fugitive to justice first. Dog claims to be the best bounty hunter in the world, will he keep his title or have to surrender it to Leland and Justin?moreless
  • A Walk on the Wild Side
    A fugitive and Tim’s birthday makes for a great episode. The gang is on the tail of Josh who is strung out on drugs. With a search that seems never ending they get a location from an unlikely source. Meanwhile it is Tim’s birthday and Dog is on the hunt…for a clown.moreless
  • 9/14/04
    Dog and the team search for Chrissy in Honolulu’s Chinatown. The team searches for a day, but are having no luck. Meanwhile Beth is a home getting their 11-year-old daughter ready for a school play. The next day Dog calls Ili Suka for help capturing Chrissy.
  • 9/21/04
    While hunting an elusive deep sea fisherman, who turns out to spending a few days out on the ocean, Dog tries to plan a great Mother's Day for Beth, but he has trouble finding the kind of flowers she likes.
  • 9/28/04
    With more than just money on the line, Dog must bring Lilo in. Lilo is known as “The Godfather of Waikiki”, him and Dog go way back. With Lilo refusing to go to jail, he leaves few options for Dog and the gang.
  • 10/5/04
    With the gang on the hunt for Patty, all the skills of tested. The team has to hunt during the night to try to find their fugitive. With luck not on their side they decide to raid a house and bust another fugitive. This gives the team a much needed adrenaline rush. Night closes in and they are back on the hunt. Will they prevail?moreless
  • 10/5/04
    With fugitive Patty still loose, Dog’s patience is getting tested. With tips that go no where and too many near misses, Patty makes it to Dog’s most elusive prey list. At home Dog does some vacuuming and Beth breaks a nail. An emergency trip to the salon is in order.
  • Justin's Big Day
    Episode 10
    Justin is the ‘new guy’ and he gets the typical ‘grunt work’, but today is his day to shine. Justin was to be a full-fledged member of Dog’s team, and Dog has the perfect case. Justin’s skills will be put to the test. After a long hunt and a vote will Justin become a member?moreless
  • 10/26/04
    Dog and his team return to Denver, Colorado, where they used to live. Dog and Tim appear on an early morning radio show, where a listener calls in with a tip on one of the fugitives they're hunting.
  • 11/9/04
    Dog and the gang are still in Denver, and Dog decides to take a walk down memory lane. With 3 fugitives to catch witch will be harder, catching the fugitives or seeing the past? Dog is moved to tears as he recalls his fathers dying words…
  • A Family Feud
    Episode 13
    With the visit to Denver almost over, Dog goes to work for an old friend and local bondswoman Mary Ellen. We start with one fugitive and end up with three. Elsewhere Tim’s son is graduating from high school, and the gang takes time out to attend.
  • Sons & Daughters
    Episode 14
    Dog is on the trail of Virginia, she is proving hard to find. A tip comes in and the gang has to be super secret to find this hard-to-find lawbreaker. Will they find Virginia or will Dog and the gang be left out in the cold?
  • The Sweep
    Episode 15
    Dog is on a mission to rid Hawaii of as many fugitives as fast as he can. Three fugitives make the list and they are off to catch a bad guy. But will Dog get what he wants? And will he get the satisfaction of making his community and family proud?moreless
  • Stress Management
    Episode 16
    Dog is on the trail of a fugitive who lives at a homeless shelter. But with the staff not willing to cooperate, an angry fight breaks out. Dog backs off but the next guys goes down with a fight. Dog and Beth decide to have a romantic dinner to relax.
  • 1/11/05
    With Robert, a low-level drug dealer, on Dog’s radar the search is on. We get a lesson in marijuana and Justin burns a whole in the dash of Beth’s car. With tempers flaring Dog and Beth, threaten Justin…with his job.
  • Second Chances
    Episode 18
    The Chapman family is distraught when a puppy has been attacked and needs to be rushed to the vet hospital. Elsewhere Dog is after a fugitive named Paul. It is Paul’s luck day as Dog offers him a second chance. How will the puppy turn out…will Paul accept his second chance?moreless