Dog the Bounty Hunter - Season 2

A&E (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • 2/14/06
    One Hour Special Bounty Hunter Dog and his team remember some of their more exciting captures while taking part in a traditional Hawaiian luau.
  • Dog is Smokin'
    Episode 24
    Dog tries to cut down on his smoking, but it's not so easy with such a high-stress job. Today, Dog has to track down Walter, a fugitive who believes that the Canadian military planted a chip in his tooth that allows him to communicate with his van, which is just an old piece of junk.moreless
  • 1/3/06
    When a mother made the decision to bail out her daughter…her daughter made a promise. Since the daughter is not holding up her end of the bargain…the mother makes a hard decision. Beth remembers when she was young and hopes this girl will one day change her ways.
  • Suga on my Cuffs
    Episode 22
    Dog is on the hunt for a stripper named Kandice, AKA: Candy, AKA: Suga who failed to appear. With the help of a friend will they capture Kandice or will Dog be charmed by her?
  • Jonah is Missing
    Episode 21
    With Jonah looking at 20 years in prison Dog and the gang will have to pull out all the stops to find him. With the trail goes cold when Dog runs into some family that is less than willing to help. Dog discovers another woman in the picture…will she has the clue he needs to find the fugitive?moreless
  • 11/1/05
    Dog goes to a very small town on the Big Island of Hawaii to catch his most recent fugitive. In this small town everyone knows everyone and Dog is having trouble laying low. With everyone, including the locals, working against Dog will he be able to catch his Big Island prey?moreless
  • Double Trouble
    Episode 19
    Feeling lucky? Dog is. One Dog, two women means one awesome episode. Dog decides to take down two women Moani and Jade. Will the women leave Dog and the team in the dog kennel? Or will Dog take them to the big dog kennel…downtown?
  • If You Knew Nunu
    Episode 18
    Dog faces off with a suspect named Nunu, who is a convicted felon. Nunu’s father is revoking bail; the family warns Dog and the team that Nunu is out of control. It is up to Dog and his team to bring Nunu in. What kind of antics will Nunu put Dog and the team through? Will they ever catch this guy?moreless
  • Destiny Love
    Episode 17
    Chantal arrives at Da Kine Bail Bonds with her young infant daughter. Chantal is willing to revoke the bail of her estranged boyfriend Jonaven. Once she posted his bail he skipped out on their baby, but jumped right back into his drug habit! Now shacked up with another woman, Dog has heard enough. Dog learns that he is running in the wrong crowd, and does not know his own child’s middle name. After some heart wrenching conversation, Dog decides he must bring Jonaven in. Will Jonaven see his child before he goes to jail? Tune in to find out…moreless
  • Cats & Dogs
    Episode 16
    This episode we find out who rules, Cats or Dogs. Dog is after a woman who goes by “Cats.” Dog must bring her in or Beth loses her $10,000 bond. Adding to the problems they face, “Cats” is pregnant. Will Dog be able to talk her into giving up? Or will one of them be left chasing their tails?moreless
  • Big Bags and Boxers
    Episode 15
    In this episode, we have two fugitives, on two islands, and one day to catch them. Part of the team heads to Kona, while the others hunt a fugitive named Patrick on the big island. Adding to the dangers of Bounty Hunting this fugitive is an Extreme Fighter. This fight is taking place in a steel cage. Will Dog be kenneled up or will Dog take the cage to be his new Dog House. Tune in to find out…moreless
  • The Lost Dog Pilot
    Episode 14
    A 2003 profile of Dog from the reality series "Take This Job". This is how Dog got is start in TV. Dog’s own series followed not far behind. This episode focuses on how Dog chooses to make a living, dangerously.
  • This Dog Can Hunt
    This Dog Can Hunt
    Episode 13
    This is an hour long special. In this episode Dog is back in Colorado hunting his game. This time he is after Harry, a long time criminal. Dog has to seek help from the fugitive’s family to get answers. They find out he has been in a high speed chase and has eluded the cops. Now the chase has turned into a foot pursuit. The cops give up, but Dog doesn’t. Dog, Tim and Leland have to use all their skills to find this guy! After tracking the fugitive for what seems like an eternity. Will they finally get their guy, or will the cops come back and get him? We will have to wait and see?moreless
  • 7/5/05
    In a personal struggle Dog must, hunt down his good friend Ili. Ili has helped Dog track down fugitives in previous episodes. Ili has been charged with burning down her home, following a fight with her husband. Dog bailed her out, she failed to appear. Now she is on the other side of the law, and Dog is on her trail. Will Dog catch her or look the other way? Tune in to find out!moreless
  • 6/28/05
    Which will be more elusive: the driver's license for Dog or the fugitive? Dog has to get a new driver's license and he waits until the last minute. He has 2 hours to get a new social security card and pass the eye test. Can he do it? The fugitive today is Lucy, a female from the wrong side of the track. She has failed to appear and Tim has to bring her in or pay the bond. While tracking down a homeless Lucy they guys are distracted by the sunbathing babes! Once the hot tip comes in, they refocus. Can they catch her?moreless
  • Coaching Day
    Episode 10
    Dog is feeling under the weather and decides to let the boys handle things. Dog sets Leland and Tim loose on fugitive Emmanuel. Dog has no idea the hunt the boys will be on with this one. We learn that Emmanuel has terminal cancer. What does he have to lose? Not a lot. With Dog calling every 5 minutes, will Leland crack under the pressure? Or can Tim and Leland prove Dog and Beth wrong, and catch their guy?moreless
  • Lost in Paradise
    Episode 9
    This episode starts with Dog making a pit stop at a high school, to give a lecture on drugs. Dog then hits the streets after a fugitive named Joseph. After some searching Dog gets directions from a UPS man to find the street that is proving to be pretty illusive.
  • Mama's Boys
    Episode 8
    This episode Dog is hunting Frankie, and gets help from his mother. An emotional stop in Hilo is first on the list for these mama’s boys.
  • Brother's Keeper
    Episode 7
    Leland runs the Kona branch of Da Kine Bail Bonds; the whole family is flying over to help Leland with some of his fugitives. Clifford has a nasty habit of slapping his wife around, Virginia. She is the co-signer and decides to revoke his bail. Will Dog catch Clifford, or will Clifford get the upper hand?moreless
  • Bosco the Clown
    Episode 6
    Dog and the gang are on the trail of Bosco, a methaphedimine addict. With a good plan and a little dog, will the big Dog get his man?
  • Son of Dog
    Son of Dog
    Episode 5
    Dog and his team hunt two fugitives: Stuart, a drug user, and Josephine, a drug seller. Meanwhile, Dog's oldest son joins the team.
  • Fathers In Law
    Episode 4
    In this episode Dog is on the trail of fugitive named Bozo. Dog looks to the fugitive’s father-in-law for help. Elsewhere Beth’s father comes to Hawaii for a visit.
  • No Ice In Paradise
    Episode 3
    Dog has pledged to fight the war on ICE till it ends, and today he is taking part in a special Anti-Drug parade. We hunt a drug dealing fugitive. With the parade over and Pana behind bars, Dog heads to City Hall. The City Council is rewarding Dog for his efforts in the war on ICE.moreless
  • 4/12/05
    Heroin addict Eugene is the fugitive of the day. Eugene and Beth share a heart to heart about Beth’s first husband. But will she be able to talk some sense into him? Meanwhile it is Leland’s birthday and he is not in the best of moods. His fear of a “birthday surprise” practical joke fades when Dog and Beth present him with a piece of banana cake. Could this be just another one of Dog’s plans?moreless
  • 4/5/05
    Lyssa, Dog’s second oldest daughter, is returning to Hawaii after spending 6 years in Alaska. Wayne is the fugitive of the day, and Dog decides to call him up. With the plan in place Lyssa is called to help out in the family business. With darkness coming and a fugitive to catch, the gang has to door to door to find their guy. Will they find him or will they be left out in the cold?moreless