Dog the Bounty Hunter - Season 3

A&E (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Year Of The Dog
    Episode 33
    This one-hour special recaps 2006 for Dog and the gang. Featured events are the death of Beth’s father, the tragic death of Dog’s daughter Barbara, the joyous wedding of Dog and Beth and then the surprising arrest of Dog, Leland and Tim. Lisa captured a fugitive and Dog her father have her, her badge and welcomed her to the team. This special includes new scenes and commentary from Dog and the gang.moreless
  • 12/19/06
    When Dog’s housekeeper comes to him with news that her granddaughter has vanished, he springs into action. Using his knowledge of having 12 children of his own, he realizes a woman’s touch is needed and puts Beth in charge. Once a straight-A student this young woman has run off; Dog soon learns there is a boy involved.moreless
  • Inside Out
    Episode 31
    Dog gets a call from a friend asking him to help run down a fugitive who has skipped out on a $10,000 bond. Dog soon learns that this fugitive is not just any fugitive he is a fugitive with felony arrests, weighs in at 240 pounds and is a towering six feet tall. Dog and the gang spring into action to track this fugitive…what they find will be a shock to Dog and the gang.moreless
  • Running on Empty
    Episode 30
    Dog and the gang have been in Denver for a month. With time running out his bails bonds friend has one last capture for Dog. With nothing more than a future in-laws address Dog must track his fugitive to make the bust. When Dog has to leave he leaves Leland and Duane Lee behind to set the trap and bring him in.moreless
  • Baby Lyssa Steps Up
    Episode 29
    Dog and the gang are still hunting fugitives in Colorado. They start the day going for a horseback ride. Ana is the bounty for the day and Dog is sent to bring her in. Lyssa takes charge during the take down and Dog has a reward for his daughter.
  • This One's for You
    Episode 28
    Still in Denver Dog and the gang hunt Robert. Robert is an address hopper which makes it difficult to track him down. Dog is determined to catch this guy and finally manages to locate him. Meanwhile, Beth’s father is sick and is not getting better, so Dog dedicates this hunt to him.moreless
  • 10/17/06
    Dog and the gang are back in Colorado helping out their friend and fellow bail bondsman Bobby Brown. Today's fugitive is particularly dangerous so the guys invest in some pepper ball guns. Family, friends and local police are helping out with this chase. Can they get their man?
  • Irons in the Fire
    Episode 26
    Dog and the gang have went back to Denver to chase fugitives. Dog decides to invest in pepper-ball guns. Their fugitive is Clyde and he is hiding in the Black Forest. How long before Dog sniffs him out?
  • Mother Knows Best
    Episode 25
    Two moms revoke their children’s bail…sending Dog and the gang on the hunt. Ginger is selling drugs and running wild, Brandon has a nasty ice habit and both of their moms think they are safer in jail.
  • Dog: The Family Speaks
    On September 14, 2006 Dog, Leland and Tim were arrested by US Marshall’s in Hawaii. A&E Television was on scene filming for the new season when the arrest of Dog happened. This Special One Hour feature provides an inside look at the events leading up to the arrests along with exclusive interviews. The arrests stem from the dramatic capture of Andrew Luster in Mexico over three years ago.moreless
  • Ticket to Ride
    Episode 23
    Dog sets out to find Jasmine, a woman who has a long criminal record. She has 37 arrests to her name which range from drugs to assault. Dog realizes she has disappeared and he will have to pull tricks out of his sleeve to capture this girl. Dog and the team also get new SUV’s.moreless
  • Rainy Day Woman
    Episode 22
    Rain, rain, go away…time for Dog and the gang to hunt their prey. With a bad case of cabin fever…the hunt for Maui will prove to be a cure all. Silence, dead ends, car parts…are just a few of the obstacles in the way.
  • Playing Possum
    Episode 21
    Tim has thirty thousand reasons to catch Owen, who has failed to appear on drug charges. With time running out Tim gets Dog to help and the hunt starts with a missing in action co-signer. With only the family left to help locate their fugitive…will the family give up their secret?moreless
  • Vegas or Bust
    Episode 20
    Dog is being honored as speaker for the Professional Bail Agents convention in Las Vegas. Before he can head to sin city he has a few fugitives to run down. Both women one who has failed to appear…the other a fugitive with a long criminal history.
  • Run Fugitive, Run
    Episode 19
    The hunt is on for Steven, who has a history of domestic abuse. The team will seek help from on of his victims. Elsewhere, a 5K race is going to happen to help raise awareness for domestic abuse…so Beth is in training. The boys don’t seem to think she will make it to the finish line…can she prove them wrong?moreless
  • Bustin' With Justin
    Episode 18
    Misleading informants, belligerent boaters, and angry drunks are what Dog and team run into while hunting Kimberly. To make matters worse Duane Lee is sick, and a substitute hunter must be called in. They call in Justin to help with the hunt… but Tim and Leland fear Justin isn’t playing with the rest of the team.moreless
  • 8/8/06
    With the wedding on everyone’s mind they head to the Big Island for the big event. Once there Leland has one last fugitive to capture despite the lack of time. Sadly Dog loses a daughter the day of his wedding and must decide what to do in the face of death. With the help of their preacher they will decide together…life or death.moreless
  • Bonds of Love
    Episode 16
    Dog and Beth have been together for more than a decade…finally they are going to tie the knot! With a wedding to plan, dress and tux fittings, and a bridal shower to attend this leaves little time for catching fugitives. The show must go on and Brice is up for grabs!moreless
  • Cupid in Cuffs
    Episode 15
    Valentine’s Day is upon Dog and the gang. Dog will use the lure of love to bring this fugitive to justice. To do Beth justice Dog calls a jeweler friend to help with the perfect gift for his mate.
  • Out of Sight
    Episode 14
    Assault and restraining orders litter this fugitives’ past. With nothing more than a photo and a parents address Dog must turn to the victims for help. With a plan in place Dog waits for him to show up…a call comes in. The fugitive is at the airport getting ready to board a plane.moreless
  • Cops and Criminals
    Episode 13
    Dog starts his day at a local elementary school for Career Day. He delivers a speech to grade-schoolers then catches up with an old friend. The fugitive for today is anything but ordinary and catching her will help with FBI with drug related activities. Will Dog catch her or will he be left to sit in shame?moreless
  • Father-Hood
    Episode 12
    As the proud father he is Tim always takes time for his daughter. Today it is a spin around the yard…in the wagon. The stress of a new hunt looms, Tim must find the fugitive or pay the bond.
  • Rock-a-Bye Bounty
    Episode 11
    When the family housekeeper decides to jump bond on Dog, he has no choice but to hunt her for the fugitive she is. With a new family member in the area he is quickly used as the bait. A failed attempt at a quick get away will hamper this fugitive's night.moreless
  • 5/30/06
    Dog is in the holiday spirit and decides to hunt for a fugitive Christmas Day. Dog’s idea of a Christmas gift is not what this criminal is looking for this Christmas, shiny handcuffs.
  • 5/16/06
    A repeat felon with a bad habit, failing to appear, is the target of this hunt. With a tearful goodbye a child touches Beth’s heart. Beth buys Dog a shirt.
  • 5/9/06
    Dog is sick but still hunts for a fugitive named James. A surprise in the fugitive’s bedroom will lead someone away in cuffs.
  • 5/2/06
    Wayne is the fugitive of the day, and Lyssa is hot on his trail. With a stakeout getting them nowhere the switch up and finally close in on him.
  • A Helping Hand
    Episode 6
    When a woman is being threatened by her abusive husband, Leland steps in to help protect her. Dog has made a promise to visit a young woman who is dying of cancer, Dog is very emotional and we learn something new about Dog.
  • Moms & Dads
    Episode 5
    When drugs get involved the ruin the lives of the addict. First on the list is Mae who had a loving family but gave it all up for an Ice Pipe. Not far behind is Jude, Dog decides to send him to jail and Beth is left to talk to the girlfriend.moreless
  • Do Unto Others
    Episode 4
    These two cases will show Dog wearing his heart on his sleeve. With Frankie trying to make a change Dog promises to help him out of jail. Next on the list is Christy with 87 prior arrests how nice will Dog be?
  • Judgment Day
    Episode 3
    Dog and the gang start the day by judging an elementary school talent contest. Later they move onto Bobby who is a parolee and the girlfriend is revoking bail. After a tense standoff Bobby reveals that he is both good and bad.
  • 3/28/06
    Federico is on Dog’s mind and not the remodel Beth has done to the office. This fugitive will prove to be difficult catch…and one “click” can send things in a whole different direction.
  • California, Here Dog Comes
    With a huge bail on the line, Dog must travel across the ocean to track Samu. Samu has been leading Dog around by the collar for 3 years…now the scales have tipped and Dog is hot on his trail. Will Dog find his man or have to forfeit the $75,000?