Dog the Bounty Hunter - Season 4

A&E (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Tricks of the Trade
    Episode 38
    Dog's target for today will prove to be a difficult to kennel. When this abusive criminal is discovered working for an escort service, the Dog makes an appointment.
  • 10/29/08
    Back hunting in Denver, Dog and the gang set up to find and capture a criminal with a long record. He missed his day in court; Dog pulls out his Ace in the hole with Beth. He gives Beth the job of convincing this guy to meet her. Can she do it?moreless
  • Seeing the Light
    Episode 36
    Dog and the gang are hunting a cracked out woman who is known for her temper. Facing charges and aggravated by drugs, who knows what will come from this hunt? Before Dog heads out, he and Leland stop at the supply store…for bounty hunting goodies.
  • Girl Trouble
    Episode 35
    Dog and the team are in Colorado hunting for Krystal, their latest target. She is on the run with her co-signer Carrie, she heads into the suburbs to hide from Dog. Everything is not what it seems in this neck of the woods, Dog see's the truth behind the "burbs".
  • Trick or Treat
    Episode 34
    It's Halloween, Dog and the gang put the trick-or-treating on hold while they go door to door in search of a fugitive. This fugitive has a collection of missed court dates and guns. Where can he be and does he have a gun on him?
  • New Dog in Town
    Episode 33
    It's Beth's birthday and Dog has the perfect gift in mind. The Big Dog hands over a Little Dog named Delilah. Delilah joins Beth and Dog on the hunt for the next fugitive Joshua. The pup gets introduced to pepper spray along the way.
  • Prayers and Mace
    Episode 32
    Dog helps Tim and a fellow bondsman hunt for fugitives. Up for grabs are two Ice heads, that have rap sheets a mile long and families left in the dust. With Dog and the gang on their heels they will have no where left to run.
  • No Piece of Cake
    Episode 31
    When a fugitive misses his court date he does everything he can to hide from Dog and the gang. Having nothing more than family to go by, the search is on. After searching family member after family members home, they get one last shot. Is Dog right?! Or will this be the one that got away...moreless
  • Reality Check
    Episode 30
    Dog and the gang get down and dirty in Colorado Springs hunting for a fugitive. They check out sleazy motels and bars looking for this fugitive. Dog catches a break and gets the fugitive on the phone, but she taunts Dog...can he fetch her in time or will she be the one that got away?moreless
  • One for the Money
    Episode 29
    A member of law enforcement goes from enforcing the law to breaking the law. Can Dog bring him in and with the support of his family turn him back into a law abiding citizen? Dog is also on the tail of another fugitive who's family plays a vital role.
  • Stormy Weather
    Episode 28
    Dog and the gang are chasing fugitives and storms in Colorado. Two bounties on the line, one a convict with a 25 year long rap sheet the other a vet just home from Iraq. Neither want to go back to jail so the hunt is on leaving the weather to be the least of their concerns.moreless
  • Burn & Return
    Episode 27
    It's called "burn & return" on the streets, and this fugitive is supposed to be one of the best. He is hard to track, and Dog must track this homeless fugitive through the trenches in Colorado. Also, a female fugitive that will give Dog a run for his money.
  • Rush from Judgment
    Episode 26
    This fugitive has some serious back bone when she vanishes while at the courthouse. Dog and the gang help her bondsman out but joining the hunt. What boils down to game of hide-n-seek, who will be crowned top dog?
  • Let It Snow
    Episode 25
    While on the hunt for a young fugitive, Dog and the gang get caught up in a freak snow storm. Dealing with family and friends that don't want to help, only makes the dismal weather worse. Will someone finally light a fire and warm the trail up?
  • Felons Interrupted
    Episode 24
    Back at home in Hawaii, two felons are letting their addiction to drugs lead them into more trouble while out on bond. When the families come to Dog asking for help, he sets out to find them. Will Dog's "find 'em and fix 'em" attitude work this time?
  • Family Business
    Episode 23
    It's a family affair as the Chapman's help out fellow bounty hunter Chris and his bounty hunting family in tracking down a fugitive with multiple identities. Then Bobby needs their help in getting family man Alfredo before Dog heads to Chicago for some charity work.
  • Up on the Roof
    Episode 22
    In Colorado, an exciting hunt and capture are underway for Dog and the gang. A long hunt through felons, shotguns, drugs and an informant will finally help bring this felon to justice. It's a family take down, where everyone is pumped and ready.
  • Time to Cry
    Episode 21
    In this hour long episode, Dog and the gang hunt Kimo. Come court day there is no trace of him, Dog sets out to find him with little to go on. With the girlfriends help, can Dog and the team find their fugitive before it's too late?
  • Day of the Dog
    Episode 20
    Back in Colorado the team is on the hunt. Today's catch is known for packing heat, with a rap sheet to match. With little to go on Dog and the team head out, to the only address they have. No answer on the door but Dog hears a puppy, figures the owners won't be long.moreless
  • No Luv Still
    Episode 19
    A 19 year old fugitive is on Dog’s radar today. This hunt will be full of twists, turns, and surprises leading to a show down with the fugitives family. As the hunt goes on Dog and the team learn things are not always as they appear.
  • 9/4/07
    Dog and the gang are back in Colorado, and Garry is headed to camp while the rest of the teams hunts Robin. After a failure to appear, this case will lead from the mountains to the prairie and every where in between.
  • Twisted Love
    Episode 17
    Dog and the team are on the trail of Cecilia, who is leaving no trail for Dog to sniff out. A friend ups the ante when they call and give Dog and the team a tip. Before long the cosigner is covering her tracks and looking for a Dog fight.
  • Crime Don't Pay
    Episode 16
    One of Tim’s bonds is the fugitive of the day. A car thief by nature this girl, may give the team a real hard time. With nothing more than a photo Tim is excited when an informant calls, but does he really have the girl in his sights?
  • A Man Called Dog
    A Man Called Dog
    Episode 15
    In this one-hour special, we dive into the inner parts of Dog’s life. We travel with Dog and the gang on a road that will stretch from Colorado to Texas. Each stop will mark an event in Dog’s life that have sculpted the man we see today.
  • Your Lying Eyes
    Episode 14

    In the Your Lying Eyes episode of the Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog chases a bail jumper who has abandoned his wife and four children. Dog tries to draw out the fugitive by resorting to the standard technique of tempting him with beautiful women and fast cars. Ultimately, though, Dog looks to the heart for the proper solution.

  • A Friend in Need
    Episode 13
    A close community harbors a fugitive that has a rap sheet detailing 27 arrests. This fugitive has no desire to go back to prison so he hides in his close community. Dog and the team jump hurdle after hurdle to locate this fugitive.
  • 7/24/07
    A pregnant co-signer has been threatened by the man she bailed out. She goes to Dog to revoke the man’s bail and get him off the streets. Dog and the team devise a plan, but things go drastically wrong leaving a member of the team vulnerable.
  • The Last Call
    Episode 11
    Dog and the team face many challenges with this hunt. They are forced to revoke the bond of a woman who’s co-signer which is her ex-boyfriend has just committed suicide. She turns herself in but when the deceased man’s mom comes to console her…sparks erupt.
  • The Good Fight
    Episode 10
    Dog and Beth fight the war on ICE everyday in Hawaii and they are being recognized for their efforts in the state capitol. They start their hunt for Shanna an ICE user with $80,000 in bonds on the line. Working with informants Dog finally locates Shanna, but can he keep her from selecting a graveyard as her permanent home?moreless
  • Guns & Ice
    Episode 9
    Three fugitives are sought: a woman whose family wants her back in jail, a former choirboy whose family roots run deep and a firearms criminal whom Dog hunts on his birthday. Dog and the gang must use their instincts to track these criminals…will their instincts lead them down the right path?moreless
  • Fly Boy
    Episode 8
    When a fugitive skips bail and heads to Oregon, Dog must wait for him to try to return to Hawaii. When the tip comes in, they need someone low profile to track him through the airport. Baby Lyssa is called in to track this criminal, wearing a wig and sunglasses.
  • You Can Bet On It
    Episode 7
    Dog is after Kristine, who has a gambling habit. She decided to jump bail on Dog's $10,000 and he is not happy about it. Using informants and old fashioned bounty hunting he tracks Kristin through the guts of Hawaii.
  • The Big Wipe-Out
    Episode 6
    Dog is on the heels of a fugitive named “Buttons” a local surfing hero. Dog’s search leads him into poverty and tragedy. Will Dog be able to pluck him from the grips of certain death?
  • Suprise Ending
    Episode 5
    The guys start out the day by playing football with the kids in the parking lot. They then need to find Timothy Rippe who's left them with a half million dollar bond.
  • Tough Love
    Episode 4
    When Michael decides to fail to appear for court Dog and the team start to hunt. Their sources are limited to his co-signer and girlfriend. When Dog gets word that Michael is abuse he steps up the search, to protect the girlfriend.
  • Make A Wish
    Episode 3
    First Dog and the crew entertain some kids from the Make a Wish Foundation. Then they look for Jacob Falenofoa, a Samoan whose family is eager to help find him.
  • Rusty Cuffs
    Episode 2
    Hour Long Episode In this episode we find Dog struggling with two great enemies: the law and his demons within. The capture of rapist Andrew Luster in 2003 has set Dog on a path to fight for his freedom. Dog is plagued by his recent arrest and must ask himself his continuing the hunt for bounties is worthwhile…will he continue the fight for the greater good?moreless
  • 4/10/07

    The Mystery of the Mona Lisa is a tearful and sentimental episode in which Dog and Beth deal with memories of the loss of their daughter, Barbara. They pursue a young woman who shares the same birthday as Barbara, and at the same time a friend sends a picture of Barbara in the mail as a gift. Dog sets out to find this young woman and set her straight.