Dog the Bounty Hunter - Season 5

A&E (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Father of the Bride
    Episode 21
    Baby Lyssa is making wedding plans but Dog get a hot tip on a fugitive. Beth and Lyssa object to the mount up, but Dog persists.
  • Secret Places
    Episode 20
    A client has lost her co-signer and might be ready to bolt. The team hops a plane to the big island to find their girl. Hunting the junk-filled compound they find their girl and a dark secret.
  • Stip Search
    Episode 19
    Dog and the gang are on the hunt for a stripper. Lady Luck is on the side of the gang tonight, making this catch just another day.
  • Three's Company
    Episode 18
    Dog and the gang are on the trail of a fugitive in downtown Honolulu. This fugitive is staying one step ahead of Dog by constantly moving locations. As the team searches they quickly discover this isn’t the only family member the law is after.
  • Buddha's Delight
    Episode 17
    With a modern day Bonnie & Clyde on the Big Island, Dog and the gang head to help Leland with the hunt. With a laundry list of problems for the couple, they have more problems than being on Dog’s list.
  • The Searchers
    Episode 16
    Still on the trail of Marco, Dog has made three additional arrests along his hunt. A hot tip comes in and Dog and the team head to Pueblo where their man is said to be hiding. Can they actually kennel this fugitive up this time?
  • The Set-Up
    Episode 15
    Still on the trail of Marco, Dog and the gang are still working this big case. Dog decides to try to bait the guy in using Elizabeth. There are more players in this game than Dog cares to have...and all of them are wanted.
  • 6/10/09
    Dog and the gang set out to track a fugitive on the run for ten months. Dog has a fellow bondsman who is about to lose his business, if this guy isn't caught.
  • 6/3/09
    Dog and the gang take a newbie under their wing and prepare to get down to business. They take their tag along and start kicking in doors and letting the mace fly...all to catch their man.
  • Mother Courage
    Episode 12
    Often times the family of criminals are the ones that truly suffer. Drugs and crime destroy families and often leave kids in the cross fire. Dog knows this well and these two fugitives have left women and kids to deal with their mess.
  • All in the Family
    Episode 11
    Working in beautiful Hawaii is both intriguing and dangerous. A mother and daughter team of fugitives have Dog and the team on the hunt.
  • Family Man
    Episode 10
    Dog celebrates his birthday by tracking down a fugitive. Not only has this con skipped on bail, but his family has the all too common story about drug addiction and the troubles it causes.
  • Back Behind Bars
    Episode 9
    Dog and the team are on the trail of a fugitive. This fugitive is dangerous and looking at prison time. Meanwhile, Leland is working on getting back in the fighting ring. Will Dog and Leland make big wins?
  • Save the Dogs
    Episode 8
    Dog and Beth have bought the kids new bunnies, their family time is interrupted by a felon accused of cruelty to animals. This drug addict had an innocent victim, a kitten...which angers the Dog and fuels the teams determination.
  • 3/25/09
    Dog and the team are always learning it is a constantly changing business, you have to be on your toes and on top of your game. When Duane Lee gets sloppy on a bond, it takes man hours of looking and Duane Lee listening to Beth...
  • Mission of Mercy
    Episode 6
    A fellow bondsman asks for Dog's help in tracking and catching a fugitive. The bondsman is still grieving over their spouses recent death. While checking out the file on the target, Dog notices a connection in lost loved ones.
  • Teaching Moment
    Episode 5
    The bail bonds business can he ruthless and new trainee Travis, leans this the hard way. After a bond is signed off on the fugitive must be brought in. Dog teaches him the hard way that doing a job right the first time makes your job much easier.
  • No Fly Zone
    Episode 4
    Typically flying from Hawaii to Florida would not be a huge issue. That is unless the Dog has you on bond with $140,000 riding on you. With a flight boarding and Dog and the gang still trying to ID their guy, stress levels and anxiety start to rise.
  • 2/18/09
    Dog and the team are helping a fellow bondsman catch a fugitive that has jumped bail. Since Dog didn't write the bond he does not know the fugitive, therefore he does not know what he is up against. Can they catch him before he vanishes?
  • Island Hopper
    Episode 2
    Dog works daily to keep the fugitives in Hawaii down, when a fugitive from the mainland decides to bail jump to sunny Hawaii Dog is none to happy. A fellow bondsman calls from the state of Washington needing Dog's help to track a fugitive hiding out in Hawaii.
  • Jack & Jill
    Episode 1
    A brother and sister duo are on bail and charged with drug related violations. Having had a run in with the brother before, Dog is on high alert as the team heads out.