Dog the Bounty Hunter - Season 6

A&E (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Jump Start
    Episode 24
    Dog the Bounty Hunter lets a young fugitive enter drug treatment instead of heading to jail, but his kindness backfires when the criminal makes escapes before check-in at the rehab center. Now the expert bondsman must relocate the addict or risk his reputation. This episode features the song "Hell of a Place" by AutoVaughn.

  • Rain Check
    Episode 23

    In Rain Check, Beth has to put her plans for a romantic anniversary dinner on hold as Dog puts business before pleasure. One of his friends and fellow bondsmen is chasing down a criminal in the jungles of the Big Island. When Dog gets the call, Beth knows that she's going to take a back seat.

  • Love on the Run
    Episode 22

    In the Love on the Run episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog chases after a female bail jumper who has upgraded her criminal profile by teaming up with another female fugitive who has a high profile in the media. While the two may have found love, it will likely prove to be a short-lived romance as Dog closes in on the pair.

  • Bounty Baby
    Episode 21

    In Bounty Baby, Dog pits one deadline against another. His daughter, Lyssa, is eight months pregnant and about ready to give birth, but nonetheless she insists on joining Dog on his next manhunt. Meanwhile Dog is chasing down a self-destructive teenager who may end up hurting himself if Dog doesn't get to him first. Dog has to catch the suspect while making sure that Lyssa stays safe, healthy, and close to the hospital.

  • 2/14/06
    The hunt for an elusive and clever criminal takes Dog through the world of a bantam fighting cock, a pregnant daughter, and a jungle safe house go together. And don't forget the mopeds as well as a group of hostile squatters on government land!
  • All My Children
    Episode 19

    In the All My Children episode of the Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog hunts for a fugitive who knows his estranged son, Tucker, while also searching for the perfect birthday present for this daughter Cecily's 16th birthday. After a hard day on the road, the evening ends with a joyous celebration as family and friends gather for Cecily's sweet 16 party.

  • Scared Straight
    Episode 18
    Scared Straight from the show Dog the Bounty Hunter is the 18th episode of the 6th season of this reality series. Dog and his team are hunting down a fugitive whose life is in turmoil. After Dog learns that the man is a first time offender, he decides that he must do his best to advise him on taking the straight and narrow path in life in order to avoid drastic consequences.moreless
  • Bait & Snitch
    Episode 17

    In Dog's world, things are usually not as they seem. This time, Dog has to chase his fugitive through a maze full of illusions. Dog knows that even though the fugitive's girlfriend is offering to help trap him, some deception is involved. The only question is, who is being deceived?

  • Mister Mom
    Episode 16

    Dog calls his old friend Tim Chapman for help with a difficult felon, even though Tim retired from the bounty hunting to become the primary caregiver to his young family. Tim happily puts his bulletproof vest back on to return to the action. This episode features the song "Push the River" by Novadriver.

  • Menehune Mischief
    Episode 15

    In the Menehune Mischief episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth arrives back at the family home to find her SUV damaged. Though she suspects that either Dog or Justin is responsible for the damage, she agrees to play along when they claim that the legendary Menuhune are the real culprits. What follows is a wild tour of Hawaii as they search for these mythical beings.

  • Match Point
    Episode 14

    Match Point opens with Leland and Duane Lee competing on the tennis court for bragging rights and the title of "Chapman Champ." Before the champ can be decided, the brothers head off to hunt with Dog. The fugitive they chase has seemed to disappear and has no known address. If the team is able to catch her, she will be facing a different court entirely.

  • Secrets and Lies
    Episode 13
    Mary Ellen calls on Dog to help her hunt a fugitive and give him hope of turning his life around. Will Dog be able to help this fugitive see the light?
  • True Identity
    Episode 12
    Never judge a book by its cover is the motto for today's hunt. The fugitive is dynamite in a small package. Will Dog and the gang catch this femme fatale before she slips away?
  • Bait and Switch
    Episode 11
    We all know people deceive one another, and in the world of bounty hunting this all too true. When a fugitives girlfriend offers to help, Dog is skeptical and for good reason.
  • One for the Road
    Episode 10
    Dog and the team join up with Mary Ellen to track a fugitive. Dog is proving that he is a big-hearted fella by helping out Mary Ellen, giving Justin another chance and then stopping by to lift the spirts of a young boy who is ill.
  • Back in the Hood
    Episode 9
    The latest fugitive will have Dog walking down more than streets. With every lead Dog gets he walks further and further down memory lane. Old-fashioned detective work and a little "garbology" are the tricks Dog uses to catch his man.
  • Ghost Rider
    Episode 8
    Dog and the gang always put safety first. This fugitive has a violent past and an anger management problem. On their toes and aware of the dangers Dog and the gang are still in for a surprise.
  • Easy Does It
    Episode 7
    Dog and the gang sets out to help fellow bounty hunter Bobby Brown. Every time it's supposed to be an 'easy one', they end up always being more than they bargained for.
  • Kid Stuff
    Episode 6

    Dog and the gang are hunting a fugitive who has left his last known address. Dog turns to the girlfriend for help bringing this guy in. Dog gets a tip from local kids; do they have the information Dog needs?

  • Call Waiting
    Episode 5
    Dog and the gang saddle up to bring down a fugitive who has been against the law since he was a juvenile. Not willing to go back to jail this guy uses one trick after another to escape Dog.
  • The Hunt for Santa
    Episode 4
    In this episode Dog and Beth invite the viewers into their home for the holiday season. Dog then decides that since his son Garry doesn't believe in Santa, Dog gathers a new gang to hunt for Santa himself.
  • Easy Rider
    Episode 3
    At first glance this case will be a easy pick up. What Dog and the gang don't know as this fugitive has lots of contacts, that keep him off Dog's radar.
  • Midnight Run
    Episode 2
    This fugitive is known for running from the law, but Dog vows to get his man. Chasing leads is made difficult as they are false; they keep their eye on the target convinced this guy needs to be behind bars.
  • Wrong Turn
    Episode 1
    The anniversary of Dog's daughters' tragic death looms as they face a fugitive hell bent on getting away. As Dog and the team hunt this fugitive in a speeding SUV, the team wonders if the same fate awaits this fugitive.