Dog the Bounty Hunter - Season 7

A&E (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Mister Mom
    Mister Mom
    Episode 21
    It's been quite a while since Tim Chapman put down his mace can and bulletproof vest to care for his growing family. When his old friend Dog calls asking for help tracking an elusive felon Tim jumps into action.
  • Cap and Gown
    Episode 20

    In the Cap and Gown episode of the Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog takes a break from his everyday schedule to teach a young man how to be an effective bounty hunter. Family friend, Kili, joins Dog as they search Maui for a bail jumper. The search must be a quick one, however, or Kili risks being late for his college graduation.

  • 3/30/11

    Dog the Bounty Hunter finds the trail running cold on a violent, hardened criminal. He tries to strong-arm the fugitive's brother and sister into helping him find the criminal, but may find that his dogged technique will backfire on his case. This episode features the song "Bad Ass Rising" by Roadsaw.

  • 3/23/11
    In the conclusion of a special four-part episode, The Montrose Files, Dog the Bounty Hunter and his team need to complete their mission to save a friend's failing Colorado bond business. With time running out, they make the risky decision to hunt for four bail jumpers at their homes as night falls.

  • 3/15/11

    In the third part of this special Dog the Bounty Hunter four-part episode, The Montrose Files, the expert bondsman finds himself in the High Sierras of Colorado. Dog and his team must search down a rogues' gallery of bail jumpers to save a friend's business in a dangerous and isolated small town.

  • 3/9/11

    In the second part of the season 7 opener, Dog the Bounty Hunter arrives in small town Montrose, Colorado on the trail of a million dollar fugitive from the law. He realizes the bondsman he wants to help has endangered his entire business by trusting bail jumpers, so Dog and his wife, Beth, give the young man a lesson in bondmanship.

  • 3/1/11

    In this opener to season 7 of this reality program, Dog the Bounty Hunter heads to western Colorado to help a small town bondsman in financial peril. Dog must track down a gun-carrying survivalist in the isolated mountain landscape. This episode features songs by All Time High and The Brought Low.

  • Dead of Night
    Episode 14

    Dead of Night is the 200th episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, and in this special show Dog goes chasing after a man who is using a woman's name. He's helping a fellow bounty hunter, Chris, chase down a case that might just help Chris keep his business open. Dog has to work his way around unhelpful neighbors and some real canines to catch his prey.

  • Tent City
    Episode 13

    The expert bondsman Dog the Bounty Hunter goes in search of a missing woman in the island paradise of Hawaii. Dog scours the tent cities on the big island of Oahu looking for clues to a woman on the run, without family, home or hope, and with nothing left to lose.

  • The Comeback Kid
    Episode 12

    In the Comeback Kid episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog enlists the aid of a bail jumper's family in an effort to catch the fugitive. While the family initially seems willing to go along with the plot, Dog begins to worry that their loyalties to their son will ultimately spoil the trap.

  • 12/29/10

    In this extended episode, Dog the Bounty Hunter and the entire family travel across America to promote Dog's second biography, "Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given." Soon, the entire Chapman family discovers how their lives have touched thousands of fans and become an inspiration to those facing life's most difficult challenges.

  • After releasing the second part of his autobiography, Dog and his family traveled across America, and this very special episode offers an intimate portrait of both the public and private moments of that journey. The plan was to promote the new book, but the trip soon turned into something much more for the Chapman family and their fans.moreless
  • Mano-a-Mano
    Episode 10

    In Mano-a-Mano, Dog returns to Colorado to hunt down a criminal on the run. However, this time the friends and family create a shield around the suspect that keeps him hidden. Dog is going to have to play one family member against another in the hopes of stirring up enough conflict to get someone to crack.

  • Facebooked
    Episode 9

    In the Facebooked episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog heads to Denver to help his friend Bobby Brown track down a persistent bail jumper. Despite not having a recent photo of the fugitive, Dog and Bobby decide to try and use his girlfriend's Facebook updates to track him down.

  • The Great Debate
    Episode 8
    Leland and the family disagree on a bounty, sparking a debate between the family. Do they put the fugitive in jail or give him the chance to prove himself.?
  • Surface Scratches
    Episode 7
    Dog Sets tries to set up an appointment for his fugitive, but he gets more then he expects.
  • Special Delivery
    Episode 6
    Dog and the posse help Leland with a problem case, The fugitive keeps giving excuses after excuses which Leland has grown tired of.
  • Family Ties
    Episode 5

    Dog is operating with a partial team and is up against a fugitive who has a record of committing criminal assaults. However, the criminal's ex girlfriend tells Dog that she doesn't think he is a danger. While the team moves closer to the target, Dog doubts her opinion more. When Dog finds the fugitive, will he face a violent man or someone needing guidance instead of a jail sentence?

  • Prodigal Son
    Episode 4

    In the Prodigal Son episode, Dog, Tim, Sonny, and Lucy are after a man accused of terrorist threatening, a man who admits it "might get crazy" as they pursue him. This chase takes them to land, sea, and even biking as the suspect takes flight in any way that he can.

  • Girl Power
    Episode 3
    The girls take control of the bounty today, Leland and Duane Lee are out sick and Dog decides to spend the day taking care of his granddaughter. Can the girls handle the bounty without the male muscle?
  • 10/13/10

    Dog and the gang go back to the Big Island to track a dangerous criminal through the jungle. The fugitive is receiving protection from his family and friends. Dog must come up against this group to bring the dangerous fugitive in. Eventually, a tip leads Dog and his team to the volcano by moonlight and a late night raid.

  • The Ice Man
    Episode 1

    In the Ice Man episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog pursues a bail jumper through Colorado who was recently arrested for carrying almost a pound of methamphetamine. Since the fugitive is on the run with his pregnant wife, Dog and his crew must be particularly careful when apprehending him.