Dog the Bounty Hunter

Season 1 Episode 18

Second Chances

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2005 on A&E

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  • The birth of the Lelandisms (Tombstones don't talk back)

    I loved this episode. My favorite scene was at the end after they catch Paul, and when they get back to the office, Dog is so happy about Leland's Lelandism, that he even put it on the Whiteboard. I loved it when Dog said he was more proud of that then he was of the capture.
  • A second chance, is he worth it?

    A sick puppy and a fugitive, what more can a family ask for. They get the dog to the vet and a fugitive into rehab.

    Overall I liked this episode, a rough take down is better than one that someone walks right into. Sick dog made sick by toads, and the complete history if Dog. A good episode, which shows the emotion of a real family with pets. This is always a good thing! I think Dog is a lot nicer than I would be! Good episode worth the time to watch!
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