Dog the Bounty Hunter

Season 1 Episode 3

The Competition

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Sep 07, 2004 on A&E

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  • liked it is kept me laughing ..the way they bust on the guys is funny..wish Leland and Justin would have won hands down.

    I really like it when Dog and Leland go at it they are a great team and that is why I watch everyweek. I enjoy the fun stuff to break up the overwhelming heart Dog shows the very men he is hunting..I see Leland following his path to kindness..I love Lelands smile. Justin is hot headed but very funny.
  • Let the games begin!

    Another great installment! In this episode Dog decides to split into teams Team 1: Dog and Beth Team 2: Leland and Justin. A little competition is good for everybody. Dog and Beth are taking on fugitive Alfredo; Leland and Justin get Toni.

    Dog and Beth, head out for Alfredo. The fugitive is brought down by his co-signer on his bond. The co-signer led Dog and Beth right to him. They find Alfredo lounging on the beach with a female friend. The take down was quick and easy.

    Leland and Justin are on the trail of Toni. They have to search all day to find her. Leland calls Dog and Beth; he knows his dad will want to take part in the capture. Dog and Beth assist in the capture.

    It is back to the office to determine who the winner is! You will have to watch to find out who won!

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