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Dog Whisperer follows well-respected animal behaviorist Cesar Millan as he works to help dogs with behavior problems, and their human families. These problems range from excessive barking to behavior, that if not corrected, could leave the owners little choice but to euthanize the dog. Mr. Millan describes his work as "rehabilitating dogs", and training people." Dog owners can learn from him ways to establish a balanced relationship with their dogs that will help to prevent these problems.


    America's Got Cable: Animal Planet vs. National Geographic

    This week's AGC showdown just got SAVAGE.

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    It's No Secret: I Love Dog Whisperer

    If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you indulge in at least one guilty-pleasure reality show. Stefanie Lee's is Dog Whisperer.

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    • wolf hybrid

      I have a wolf hybrid that I am having to get rid off because I cannot have it in the city limits and am needing some advice on how or where I could relocate him. I have a 5 and a 11 mnth old and he is very good and gentle with them. just wondering if you had any ideas. my email is
    • Great for dog owners and dog lovers!

      Always a very interesting programme especially if you own dogs or are a dog lover. Cesar is very charismatic and is great with the dogs and is always able to find the solution to the problem which makes him very special. I sometimes get a bit lost when he starts talking about why things work, I am not sure he is really making any sense. But when it came to the hands-on part Cesar is always spot on with what the solution was. I don't go out of my way to watch this programme, but if its on it never fails to entertain.moreless
    • Help a Bleeding Heart!

      I love your show, Cesar, and your techniques are those that I can really apply to my large-sized dogs. Thank you! One concern, though: I belong to the Pit Bulls Facebook page, as well as many other dog rescue pages. How do you stop your heart from wanting to save each poor, abandoned dog that is on "death row?" (especially pit bulls, which are numerous in the kill shelters here in Florida) My heart cannot take it, and I wish I could do everything in my might to save as many dogs as possible. (I already adopted 5 dogs, mostly pit bulls, who were either homeless or from the Animal Control or Humane Problem is, I know that is not possible to save all or even most dogs, as being a teacher prohibits and creates very limited financial resources. I wish there was more I could do. Any suggestions? I try to advocate for pit bulls often on my FB page by sharing the Pit Bulls on FB page's posts. Anything else?

    • Lilli's bite

      Dear Cesar, i have a problem with two of six of my dogs. I really don't want to get rid of her but that is what it is coming down to. so what happens is Lilli and Cyclone will be out and play outside but when all of them are inside and I'm petting them or my husband are petting them they break out into a fight. It scares the other dogs and it also upsets me. Another time was Lilli was on the floor chewing on a bone and cyclone was trying to gett up on the bed and Lilli lounged after her and they broke out in to another fight . i do not like when they fight cause they are pitbulls and everyone thinks pitbullls are a mean and viscous dogs, and they really are not mean they love people its just Lilli does not love Cyclone and for me and the other dogs thats a big problem i would really appreciate it if u would contact me and tell me how to control this i have an emailmoreless
    • Cesar Millan

      I want to thank you for what you have done in training me to train my dog. All I have to do is be calm and assertive. It is so simple. I have train my dog from a rescue. I have had other dogs from rescue and never had any trouble with them. I did have 1 dog that crawled under my fence that was a bait dog for dog fights as I would not let her go back. there were threats, however no one is was going to take her. She was just a puppy. which was a xochlo. I lost her to a rescue because I became sick and my children did not know if I would live. I hope she and my other three dogs got a good home. I cry so much. However, I cannot thank you enought for what you do for people like us that love our pets to the max. I watch your show just in case I may get another dog in my life that I may need to rescue. Thank you so much of what you do for the dogs and for all of us that love DOGS.moreless

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