Dog Whisperer

National Geographic Wild (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Season 9
    • Not-So-Sweet Snickers
    • Cesars Worst Bite
      Cesars Worst Bite
      Episode 12

      Kelly and Hyrum adopted a lab puppy named Holly, but her food aggression is a concern with an 18 month old son in the house. Pregnant and homeless Lenie Pictou has found a women's shelter that will take her and her pit bull in. However since Tucker and his owner have been living in the river bottom, he is very protective of her.

    • Hollywood Hounds
      Episode 11

      Cesar returns to help Jillian Michaels now that she moved to a beach community for her dogs to run off leash. Her chihuahua named Richard is terrorizing the area and she is concerned he will be aggressive with the daughter she is adopting. Kelsey Grammer and wife Kayte need their two dogs George and Elvis from eliminating in the house when they come in from outside.

    • Daytona Dogs
      Episode 10

      Cesar travels to Florida to help NASCAR drivers with their dogs: Brian Sacks' possessive pekingese, Gizmo; Greg Biffle grant recipient, Halifax Humane Society; and Kevin Harvick's snappy chihuahua.

    • Fear Factor
      Episode 9

      Daisy, a whippet mix who is blind and deaf is fearful of other normal sensed dogs. A Labradoodle is fearful of the ocean even though it lives on a boat and Piper is scared of humans, even her owners.

    • 8/18/12

      Standup comedians get help from Cesar this week: Paul Rodriguez's three chihuahuas, Skyler Stone's two mixes, Ralphie May and Lahna Turner's boxer and bulldog.

    • 8/11/12

      Three playmates need help this week. Miss Nov 2010, Shera Bechard's dog Willa is bullying Hugh Hefner's Charlie. Miss Feb 2010, Heather Rae Young's Brandy is attacking other dogs and Miss Sept 2011, Tiffany Toth's Marley is over chewing.

    • Anger Management
      Episode 6

      Sandy, a dog aggressive pit bull, owned by Robert Schwartzman of the band Rooney needs help so she can be cared for while Rob is on tour. Misty Lee and Paul have aggressive Bostons, Deuce and Mugsy, who Paul wants to join a dog boot camp.

    • 7/28/12

      Cesar helps three families on the Jersey boardwalk: Four Chinese Crested dogs creating chaos, energetic mastiff mix and two out of control miniature dachshunds.

    • 7/21/12

      The final UK episode has Kimba, a Klee Kai with dog aggression issues; Ellie, a Collie mix scared to go on walks; and Jack, an overly energetic lab.

    • 7/14/12

      Manners are a must in the UK, whether it is a Jack Russell terrier who acts up with visiting guests or two relocated Africa born pooches having trouble adjusting to English life. Finally, a dog walker's own Patterdale terrier cross won't listen to it's owner.

    • London Calling!
      Episode 2

      London dog walker Sally needs prosecuted Herbie to curb his biting, while actresses Harriet and Matilda have littermate German Shepherds with leash issues. Country Cocker Spaniel, Paddy, fights to be put in the car but not ride in it.

    • 7/7/12

      The first of Cesar's United Kingdom episodes, helping Jack Russels: Tyson and Jesse stay calm on walks and around people. Then, rescued Molly needs it's protection tamed and Dalmation Cooper needs to be controlled.

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