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Dog Whisperer helps the Ghost Whisperer!!! Watch it this Friday (March 30th)!!!

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    This Friday (March 30th) at 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT, The Dog Whisperer (also
    known as Cesar Millan) is making a guest appearance on the show "The
    Ghost Whisperer"
    on CBS!!

    Don't miss out on this! He's a true miracle
    worker ... He has a regular show on the National Geographic Channel and he
    works to help dogs with behavior problems and helps improve their relationship
    with their human families. Cesar describes his approach as "rehabilitating
    dogs and training people." He teaches dog owners ways to establish a
    balanced relationship with their dogs which will help prevent these behavioral
    problems. He also empowers the owners to become the calm assertive pack

    Cesar has brought hope and more awareness to
    owners who have dogs with "very dangerous habits". He has convinced
    people that there are alternative choices to euthanasia. Cesar can transform
    dogs that are trying to kill each other and make them best pals in matter of
    minutes. I know that it may seem impossible to believe, but you just have to
    watch enough episodes of the Dog Whisperer to start believing. I'm starting to
    really believe that Cesar must have some canine in his DNA! He really does
    understand how dogs naturally behave-- and there have been several times on the
    show where he actually imitates a dog!

    This is a show that is not only entertaining but insightful. I have developed
    more respect for dogs as Cesar explains what makes a dog and why they are the
    way they are. I sometimes use some of his tips to help calm down my two
    stubborn dogs when they misbehave. I find his philosophy on the show to be
    empowering - it may seem to many viewers that it's only about fixing the dog’s
    problems, but actually I find a lot of things that he says to be relevant to
    life as a human being. It's actually more, if not all, focused on the human
    owner learning to adopt a more balanced and happy lifes.tyle.

    I am very interested in watching this Friday
    episode with the real Dog Whisperer as he offers Melinda real guidance in
    helping this “ghost dog” cross into the light. I’m very interested in learning
    about Cesar’s perspective on troubled ghost dogs.

    Do you think that Cesar is going to use his
    usual techniques on dogs that are ghosts? Do you think that dogs behave differently
    as ghosts?

    Oh yeah, you must also catch the special, new episode of The Dog Whisperer
    on National Geographic at 9PM
    happening on the same night!


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