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Why does he never cure a dog of the most common problem..house breaking

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    [1]Mar 6, 2007
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    I have noticed, from watching all of the shows, that Cesar never helps people with problems with dogs going potty all over the house. Several friends of mine and family has had dogs that refuse to get house broken and just destroy carpeting even when they are well beyond puppyhood. And a lot of people get rid of their dogs because of this problem. why does Cesar never touch on this problem. Also, on one episode he was introducing some of the dogs at his camp, like Daddy the pit bull, who i love, these dogs belong to someone else. Why? If your dogs lives 24 hours a day with someone else, he is NOT YOUR DOG!!
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    [2]Mar 23, 2007
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    Actually a good many of the dogs are his dogs that he keeps. 

    Daddy actually was given to Cesar and now is frequently featured not only in his show but also in Cesar's dogster site!  http://www.dogster.com/dogs/456424 

    I have to admit that I would be star struck silly if I had the chance to spend a little time with Daddy (sigh - he is such a cuddly bunny I would have to gush all over him!!! - vbg)

    The reason that Cesar doesnt deal with housebreaking is that is under the classification of dog training, which Cesar leaves to other  trainers to do.

    What Cesar works with is problem behaviors which are not solveable by traditional training methods.  particularly Agression issues, lunging, jumping, claiming the space, charging the door, pulling...

    if I could suggest there is lots of web information about crate training.

    I also love the doggie door, once one dog is trained to use it, they have always taught my new dogs to use it as well!

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    [3]Sep 27, 2007
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    I wondered that at first, too, but he does address it indirectly in season one (I think). There is a little girl who writes to Cesar about her pit bull, and one of the problems she complains about is the dog using the bathroom in the house. I was looking for that, because my dog had a lot of problems with that. He told the family they needed to get her more work, really wear her out, that kind of thing. It worked for my dog. I started jogging with him, instead of just long walks, and it did the trick right away.
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