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  • wolf hybrid

    I have a wolf hybrid that I am having to get rid off because I cannot have it in the city limits and am needing some advice on how or where I could relocate him. I have a 5 and a 11 mnth old and he is very good and gentle with them. just wondering if you had any ideas. my email is
  • Great for dog owners and dog lovers!

    Always a very interesting programme especially if you own dogs or are a dog lover. Cesar is very charismatic and is great with the dogs and is always able to find the solution to the problem which makes him very special. I sometimes get a bit lost when he starts talking about why things work, I am not sure he is really making any sense. But when it came to the hands-on part Cesar is always spot on with what the solution was. I don't go out of my way to watch this programme, but if its on it never fails to entertain.
  • Help a Bleeding Heart!

    I love your show, Cesar, and your techniques are those that I can really apply to my large-sized dogs. Thank you! One concern, though: I belong to the Pit Bulls Facebook page, as well as many other dog rescue pages. How do you stop your heart from wanting to save each poor, abandoned dog that is on "death row?" (especially pit bulls, which are numerous in the kill shelters here in Florida) My heart cannot take it, and I wish I could do everything in my might to save as many dogs as possible. (I already adopted 5 dogs, mostly pit bulls, who were either homeless or from the Animal Control or Humane Problem is, I know that is not possible to save all or even most dogs, as being a teacher prohibits and creates very limited financial resources. I wish there was more I could do. Any suggestions? I try to advocate for pit bulls often on my FB page by sharing the Pit Bulls on FB page's posts. Anything else?

  • Lilli's bite

    Dear Cesar, i have a problem with two of six of my dogs. I really don't want to get rid of her but that is what it is coming down to. so what happens is Lilli and Cyclone will be out and play outside but when all of them are inside and I'm petting them or my husband are petting them they break out into a fight. It scares the other dogs and it also upsets me. Another time was Lilli was on the floor chewing on a bone and cyclone was trying to gett up on the bed and Lilli lounged after her and they broke out in to another fight . i do not like when they fight cause they are pitbulls and everyone thinks pitbullls are a mean and viscous dogs, and they really are not mean they love people its just Lilli does not love Cyclone and for me and the other dogs thats a big problem i would really appreciate it if u would contact me and tell me how to control this i have an email
  • Cesar Millan

    I want to thank you for what you have done in training me to train my dog. All I have to do is be calm and assertive. It is so simple. I have train my dog from a rescue. I have had other dogs from rescue and never had any trouble with them. I did have 1 dog that crawled under my fence that was a bait dog for dog fights as I would not let her go back. there were threats, however no one is was going to take her. She was just a puppy. which was a xochlo. I lost her to a rescue because I became sick and my children did not know if I would live. I hope she and my other three dogs got a good home. I cry so much. However, I cannot thank you enought for what you do for people like us that love our pets to the max. I watch your show just in case I may get another dog in my life that I may need to rescue. Thank you so much of what you do for the dogs and for all of us that love DOGS.
  • A clever title goes here!

    Dear Cesar. You did a TV comm. with so of your dogs you where getting in SUV you have a dog that look part german shepard and lab mix the dog was riding in the front sit. I had a dog named lovey, she was very smart she know when I was feeling bad, she stay with me when I had a sesure she never left my side. I raised her from birth along with 17 other puppie. But inthe long run she was shoot with high power rifle killing her the police didn't do anything to the man But when I seen that dog it made me cry. Because I lost my best freind Lovey. But I love your show please don't stop makeing your show people need you so much . I use some of you tricks with Max we weight 100 pds. Part black Lab, Pit bull. He a hand full to sleep with he trys to take up my twin bed. I have been 30 times from dogs And I still not scared of dogs.

    Please don't stop your shows I need you
  • Dog whisperer!

    Love, love, love this show! Not only do I learn new ways to deal with my dogs, I have also changed the way I look at life! I live in the now and try to achieve a calm outlook! Love the show! Cesar is fabulous!
  • Dog Whisper

    I love Cesar Millan, he is so great with dogs and I love how he can walk in a home and in mins have that dog doing what he wants and the people have tried everything else and couldnt do what Cesar dose. I have told every body I know to watch The Dog Whisper. I want to learn how I can do what he does with dogs. I have taught my dogs a lot from watching Cesar. Please never take The Dog Whisper off the air.
  • Dogs and more dogs.

    I actually think that many of these kind of dog shows are tired. But not the Dog Whisperer. I think that the show is very interesting and also very informative. This is a good show for those who have annoying, unruly, disobedient dogs. I think it's comical to see the dog lose his or her power over the owner. I also think it is just as funny to see the owner being controlled by their dog. I think that this show has been very good for the length of time it has been on and should be on for quite some time after. Thank you.
  • Brilliant.

    This guy is amazing. Is there a dog he can't handle? He takes psychotic, abnormal, aggressive, traumatized, or just plain weird dogs and rehabilitates them. Throughout his career he teaches dog owners what to do and what not to do when it comes to dogs. We learn by watching this series that most of the time it's not the dog, no, it's the people that own them. He shows you how to reclaim you stuff, take the role as pack leader, and run a healthy pack. Overall this is truly one of the best shows to watch if you are a pet owner or just straight up love animals. It's my new best friend.
  • Dog behaviorist Cesar Milan helps dog owners correct their pooch's bad behavior.

    The Dog Whisperer features dogs of all shapes and sizes with myriad problems - anything from constant spinning to aggressive behavior. Dog owners contact Cesar Milan, a dog behavior specialist, and he comes to their homes to try to correct the dog's bheavior issue. It is interesting and very informative, and having a dog myself, I can honestly say that Cesar's techniques work. If you have a dog, you should definitely watch this show. Even if your dog is a perfect angel (which mine certainly is not), the show is fun to watch and teaches you a lot about dog behavior and training. And if your pooch gives you grief, call Cesar and if you're lucky, maybe one day he'll be striding up your driveway like an overzealous cowboy and coming to your rescue.
  • great show....

    Cesar Milan goes to houses with problem dogs. Mainly the problem is with the owner, not the dog. Cesar trains to dog, as well as the owner, so that the dog and the owner can have a better, safer relationship. There are a lot of helpful facts and hints that Cesar gives and it really helps with training your own animals. Also, Cesar is very entertaining. He is funny and he brings a lot to the show. I really like this show because it is very informative and funny and entertaining at the same time. I love dogs and I love learning how to train them. Great Show!
  • Great Teacher

    If your having troubles with your dog he does it in away that not other dog trainer I have seen or red..This is a must show to watch.
    Some one you can learn from with trouble dogs.
    He doesn't hit them but teach you and your pet in a gental way. He is firm with the teaching but doesn't let the dog feel your fears. A dog can feel anything you put out on his leash in your hand. If your scared he can sence that. If your upset he can feel that as well. To teach your dog you have to be happy.
  • Cool!

    I watched this few times on a DVD when I was between dogs.

    Man visits family with bad dog man fixes dog & people, ho hum.

    I have recently gotten a Pitbull/Chow/Sheperd mix & he was quite a handful. Yelling & the discipline you would use on a human had no effect.

    He would run at you and body slam ya & then run by nipping as German Shepherds do to live stock.

    After watching just a few episodes I got the gist of pack leadership & it has turned my somewhat crazy dog into a calm submissive member of our pack.

    It is amazing to watch him take snarling, biting, bucking, leash crazy rotties & in a matter of minutes get them under control & save them from the pound (and death).

    One of my favorites episodes had a women whose parents died within a few weeks of each other & then she suffered 4-5 miscarriages in a row. She subsequently developed a panic disorder & the dog she was trying to train as some sort of Aid Dog (that helped her with her panic attacks) began to suffer emotional problems also.

    He was able to help the women get mastery of her fears & help her dog also, it was truly a tear jerking beautiful thing.

    Even if your dog is wonderful I heartily recommend this show, it truly is the best thing on television.
  • Heartwarming entertainment, but seriously, don't try this at home.

    Dog Whisperer is probably my favorite reality show. I enjoy seeing these problem dogs being rehabilitated, as well as owners learning more about their relationship with their dogs. Cesar Millan is charismatic, passionate, and enthusiastic, making him an ideal host for this type of series. Dog Whisperer is rich with entertainment value, but many animal professionals denounce his techniques. Some of his methods are indeed risky, like when he forces dogs to face their fears (toasters, shiny floors, etc.) rather than more gradual processes (which wouldn't go over so well on television). In addition, his presupposition that domestic dogs function just like a wolf pack, with one dog as the pack leader, is scientifically inaccurate--and wolves rarely engage in dominance behavior, since they are usually small family groups. Still, most of his techniques are empirically sound, as long as viewers heed the disclaimer--leave it to the professionals.
  • Dog Whisperer is the perfect show for global dog lovers. I like watching this show because it's so informative too.

    Dog Whisperer is a brilliant show. I don't know why it took so long for someone to develop a show like this because it's genius! It teaches all the dog owners in the world how to teach your dog and discipline it, and it also teaches dog owners how to love and care for your pet too. The Dog Whisperer (Cesar Millan) is an educated man, and I would trust my dog's life in his hands. He's a brilliant dog trainer, and it really shows it when you watch this show.

    I recommend this show to anyone who owns a dog. And even if you don't own a dog, I'd still recommend it because it teaches you a lot about animal behavior. It's definetly very interesting to watch this show because of how Cesar Millan will face every challenge that is presented to him.

    A very good show indeed!
  • This show is amazing and has so many ways of making you say wow!

    It has may thing that you just have too watch. First of it is every kind of dog from a poodle to pet bull and he manages to get them all. The dogs that would have been biting people one truly become mans best friend in a week. It is also very emotional to watch all of those how Cesar handles them he becomes the dominate leader and can make the dogs do what he wants when before the dogs were in control. He also made it to an episode of southpark when he treated cartman like a dog and fixed him up
  • This is the reality show for dog lovers!

    I am a lover of dogs, and have always maintained that if they live with you, *you* must be the alpha dog in your pack; your four-legged friend will follow suit. Well, this show and the expertise of Cesar Millian prove this to be true!

    I am always amazed at the crap we let our animals get away with, as well as the crap we put them through by not understanding their true nature—expecting them to be little humans—and being sorely disappointed in the dogs when they are not behaving properly. The Dog Whisperer shows the situations and behaviors of dogs and their owners, up close and personal, that incubate the bad behaviors. Almost without fail, Cesar, master of all that is doggie, is able to assess the cause of the behavior in the dog, as well as the supporting/enabling behavior of the humans involved. He never ceases to amaze me (as well as the families of the dogs involved) when he targets a behavior, and successfully counteracts it with a behavior of his own.

    We learn that dogs are pretty simple creatures, in the 'cause and effect' arena, and that by modifying our own behavior and interaction with the dog, we encourage and demand reciprocal 'good' behavior in our dogs. Perhaps the most important thing I've gleaned from watching this show is that dogs need something to do—especially those which were bred as working dogs—in order to be mentally happy and stable. We too often allow them (and ourselves) to just lay about, doing nothing specific, and in a dog, this can lead to many strange behaviors. You'll observe this to be true of humans as well.

    Any person who has a dog, is considering living with a dog, or lives next door to a dog, will gain lots of information from watching this show.
  • The Dog Whisperer is a reality TV show starring Cesar Millan. Cesar goes to houses with misbehaving dogs, and "rehabilitates the dogs, and trains the people".

    This show is truly the best in its genre. I have never quite seen a reality show that's so interesting. Sometimes, my dogs misbehave, and I use tips from this show to calm them down. It's amazing what he can do. Cesar can take dogs that are trying to kill each other, and make them best pals. I've never seen a show like this, and it is definitely a show worthy of attention.
  • Show about a man who has an amazing knowledge of the nature of dogs. He goes around to people who have hired him to help cure their dogs of their bad habits.

    This man is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! He knows so much about dogs! He can cure and dog of it's bad habit within a very short amount of time. And his teaching methods are always very safe for the dogs. But realy, how does he know the solution for every problem? HE's a dog genius. Just wondering, how does one become a dog genius? Like, what did he study to know so much.

    I was slightly dissappointed by the fact that he doesn't actually WHISPER to them.
  • A great show that is funny and helps people learn about dogs.

    I love this show. It is the only show on the National Geographic channel. Ceasar is a guy that goes to peoples houses who have dogs, not just any dog, but dogs with wierd and sometimes funny problems. Ceasar is kinda like a dog psycologist. He can fix any dogs problem and makes it look extrememly easy. He does this little "TSK" thing where he pokes the dogs neck, it is supposed to simulate him being the pack leader and establishing dominance by nipping at the dogs neck. I love it when he does that. Most of the time we find out that the dog only has the problem b/c of the owner and Ceasar teaches the owner how to correct the behavior and will come back in a couple of weeks to check out on the dog and owner and everytime the problem has been fixed usually just by establishing dominance. This is a great show even if you dont own a dog. It is a must watch.
  • I love it.

    This show is good for anyone who has a dog. I teaches new teqniques to handle out of control dogs. I don't know anyone who does not have dogs that has a slight quirk to them. It shows owners that there are many answers to a problem. instead of the one answer which is to get rid of them. I find it remarkably useful in helping me teach mine to behave.
  • Really good show I love dogs.

    This was a pretty good television series. As is normal with good television shows, this one did not last long enough. This is a show that I would suggest watching if you get the chance. Check the bargain bins at Wal-Mart, the online movies sites ( and such) and all of the cable channels that run old shows. Nick at Nite and TV Land are great for theses kind of shows. They will even do a week long spot for shows that only had 6 or so episodes. Then you have your super stations. They run a bunch of old shows too. All in all a pretty good show that did not get a good enough chance. Sometimes it is a simple as the show it is up against. Look at Law & Order. It is one of the longest running shows on TV. They moved it to go up against Lost. After about 2 weeks of getting pounded in the ratings it was moved back to it's original time slot. Shows like this should be given more of an opportunity.
  • He rehabilitates dogs and trains humans, Cesar Millan is The Dog Whisperer.

    I love this show. Cesar takes a back to basics approach to coexisting with dogs and nature. First there is the animal, then the species, then the breed, and last the personality. He focuses on understanding the animal and correcting people who don't understand dog behavior. Exercise, discipline, then affection... rules, boundaries, and limitations. I attended a seminar he is currently doing and it was a great experience. I'm glad there is a third season of this show and hope there is much much more.
  • Anyone who lives with dogs should make a point to watch Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer show on National Geographic.

    A friend suggested to me that I watch this show because she knew I live for my dogs. I was hooked on the first episode! Cesar Millan teaches people how to better understand their dogs and to make them better companions by establishing proper boundaries for them and to give them sufficient exercise by taking daily walks. You see in each episode how the owner’s were contributing to the problems with their dogs. It’s amazing to watch his pack of dogs in Los Angeles, who are incredibly well-behaved even though there are pit bulls and rotties together with much smaller French bull dogs and Italian greyhounds, with no discord. For anyone who questions his methods, although few do anymore, the proof is in the pudding.
  • Ahead of the Pack

    This is among the most entertaining and informative documentary-type shows around. Animal behaviorist Cesar Millan pays house calls to families with dog issues, and retrains the humans. As someone who has adopted two older dogs (a female shep/lab who'd been abused and neglected and a male 10-year-old shep/rottie who'd never lived outside a shelter), I see that Millan's advice for taking leadership of the pack is spot on.
    Some of the individual segments have more entertainment than practical value. The most impressive segments are when Millan deals with larger dogs who have serious issues like aggression or biting - the strategy for turning the behavior around is always clearly explained and demonstrated. There is always a recommendation that no behaviors ought to be attempted without consulting a professional, but the segments provide very good insight to interpreting canine behavior.
    Too many commercials, but worth putting up with if you're a dog owner, or even if you're a fan of shows about animal behavior.
  • Love this show! Cesar is awesome!

    There was a marathon of this show while I was visiting my parents for Christmas. Cesar is so great with the dogs! I love in the beginning when they show him walking out with his thirty plus group of dogs! It's fab. I thought he was so cool and gentle (but firm) in telling owners that they need to realize that their dogs are pets, not people. He shows people how to care for and train their animals in an easy way. It makes me wish we could take my parents dog, Jesse, on his show! We've never been able to walk him on a leash, because he beomes viscious, and will go for other dogs. A+!
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