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G. Hannelius and Blake Michael star in Dog with A Blog. Step siblings Avery and Tyler are complete opposites and don't like each other, but they must join together when they discover their dog Stan can not only talk but has a blog too.


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    • Best Show ever!!!!!!!!!!

      Dog with a Blog is such an amazing, family friendly, clean, hilarious family comedy/Television Sitcom. I was and still am so sad to see it go. In my opinion, it is by far the best show on Disney Channel, and maybe even all of the shows that are currently on air. I love Dog with a Blog so much, and am so very unhappy and disappointed that it was discontinued. In my opinion, It should not have Dog with a Blog that was discontinued. It should have been a different show on Disney Channel (not going to name Please please please please please please PLEASE bring Dog with a Blog back!!!!!! It is truly an amazing show. I know there will be people out there who don't want it to come back, but I also know there are some people still out there like me who want it back. In my opinion, if some people want it, and some people don't, we should definitely do everything we can to bring it back. Because even if some people don't like the show, lots of people do. Disney or even another TV Network should revive it, that way, the people who love it are thrilled and can enjoy it longer, and all the people who don't like it, this is not that hard, just don't watch it!!!! I would give Dog with a Blog 3 million stars below if the limit wasn't only 10. I enjoy Dog with a Blog because it's fun for the whole family. There are adults and kids in the show, so we don't have to be afraid that there is going to be something violent or immoral on this show. Which sadly, today, lots of shows are that way and are not good. I don't know what all I can do to get this point across, but I am going to try everything. The last episode really touched me. I LOVED how much the cast acted with love and joy, and how they really acted like a real life family. I started watching Dog with a Blog while season 2 was first airing. And in my opinion, throughout all 3 seasons, and really every episode, it got better and better!!!! So, if it got so much better in 3 seasons, think about how good it will be if it does revive and do even 3 MORE seasons!!!! I feel like the people who don't like it haven't really given it a chance. Try watching season 1 episode 1, and season 3 episode 24. The first and last episodes so far! See how much the show has progressed, and the characters too, but one thing I really love about the characters, is through the whole series, they stayed true to who you are. I don't know if any of you are familiar with the show called "Full House" or not, but Full House was on from 1987-1995. They made 8 seasons. And I also think that Full House got better and better as the seasons went on. And in my opinion, if they had just made the first 3 seasons, I would like it, but not near as much as I would if they made the 8 seasons. What if that could be Dog with a Blog's case? All you fans out there, Think about how amazing Dog with a Blog would become if they brought it back and made 5 more seasons! In the beginning of Full House, the show got really bad reviews, and was on the verge of being cancelled. Dog with a Blog could be like that too. I ask that Dog with a Blog would come back. Just like I always have, and just like I always will.moreless
    • Awesome show!

      Dog with a blog is a really good show! The characters and dog always make the show interesting to watch and the mum is really funny! Well actually ALL the characters are funny! The show is awesome and I don't understand why everybody hates it! I would recommend this show in a heartbeat!
    • Please find away to keep this show

      Is this show rocket science? Will it solve the worlds' energy problems, global warming, stop wars? Of course not. It is, however, a fun distraction from a hard day. I don't mind at all saying I'm a fan and look forward to watching every new episode.

      Please Disney, find a way to fix the contract dispute and keep the original dog.

      By the way, I think the actress who plays Avery is very talented and her timing is great.moreless
    • I dont kiket I LOVEIT

      iv love this show and is you don't you have to go whit a cicologist its a talkin DOG andits the best show ever and if you disagree you suck
    • This is cancelling!

      I read online a short time ago that this show is ending pretty soon and I was SO EXCITED. This show SUCKS! It is RARE for it to be funny. The mom is SO ANNOYING and the daughter is so stupid.

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